New Year, New Hopes n New Dreams

I'm double minded… being a Gemini that's second nature to me. But today, I'm double minded about a whole lot of things. I'm thinking whether I should write this post now or later, I'm thinking what I should write here or there… this or that and the list goes on…

I know… I disappeared just like that. That wasn't my plan… but as they say, you can't plan life.

Before going into the details, tell me, what's happening at your end? Hope you had a joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year with your loved ones. Did you get a chance to try anything from here? Do post your comments on the site…

Ok, I'm not here this time with a new recipe (don't worry, there's a list of some of the most read recipes below) but just to say that I'll be missing in action for a few more days. But this time, I'll at least try to reply to your comments/emails on time. During Christmas and New Year, we had a technical glitch due to heavy website traffic, so please do comment again, if you didn't hear from me – sorry if it caused any inconvenience.

Now if you're wondering where was I all this time… I was expecting… unfortunately, I also had a miscarriage. To be honest, it was a roller coaster ride, filled with happiness, uncertainty, tension and sadness one after the other. It certainly isn't easy. But we need to see the positive things in life and move on. Although this is a private matter, I think its important to share with you the personal side of being a blogger. And I hope you'll keep me in your prayers so I can quickly recover…

I never thought this little space called ‘MariasMenu' would play so much in my life. As a result of what happened, I had to undergo a minor procedure under general anesthesia. This was the first time in my life I was admitted to a hospital and I was a bit worried about the whole thing. When I was taken to the operation theater, I was searching for a nice picture of Jose and myself which I could hold dearly in my mind till I lose consciousness. While I was searching my mind for a picture, my anesthetist, Dr. Mary came and told me that they were about to give me sedation. I had half-a-mind to tell her to wait since I hadn't yet selected the “perfect” picture!

While she was giving me the injection she asked me what I do. I told her I'm a food blogger. She continued asking me about food and blogging (probably to distract me :). We discussed about ginger bread men and chocolate chip cookies etc; Just before placing the mask over my face she asked me the blog name and I remember saying MariasMenu. Suddenly, I had the perfect picture in my mind… the picture of the Christmas cake baked by me on the background of this beautiful site Jose designed for me, there wasn't a more perfect picture. Then I dozed off… and the next thing I know… I'm in the post operative room, I see Dr. Mary standing beside me, smiling and asking my site's name again and I blurted out “MariasMenu” :)

I have to take rest for some more time, so there will be some delay in posting. In the meanwhile, please check out the most read recipes of 2010.

Anyways, I know its late, but as I always say, it's better late than never. We wish you a Very Happy & Blessed year ahead! May the Almighty shower His blessings abundantly on you & your loved ones!

Love & Prayers

Maria & Jose

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125 thoughts on “New Year, New Hopes n New Dreams”

  1. Maria,
    I have been reading your blog for past 1 year and used to try one recipe on week end from your site,I had been to Kerala for vacation in december and after vacation I got into new project and got too busy in office and did not get a chance to open your site…Sorry to hear about the terrible phase you both had, at times God make us walk through tough times and then he pours out abundant happiness…..So have good faith & hope we all will pray for you….take care

    • Hi Latha,

      Thanks a bunch dear for your comforting words. It indeed was a difficult period, but with God’s help & support of our family n friends, we were able to move on. Thanks again for your prayers.


  2. Hi Maria,

    I’ve been reading your random facts. Your humour is just awesome, I could say, a transparent yet simple portrayal of innocence at it’s best. Recipes are pretty well accurate.

    You have a very positive frame of mind laced with humour, a great partner, loads of confidence, tons of well wishes, and a long way to go…..!

    So here’s wishing Maria & Jose, beautiful & blessed years of togetherness, ahead….!


    • Dear Anita,

      Thank you so much for taking time to write to us. We appreciate it very much. Thanks a bunch for your encouraging & sweet words & wishes :)

      Best wishes to you too…


  3. Hi Maria, I have been following your site over the past two years now…and was wondering what happened with the long silence….i am so sorry to hear about your loss….and i know exactly how you must be feeling…cos i have gone thru this myself not once but twice…but i always believe that there is a purpose for everything…and am sure God will give you the strength to get over this phase as well…i now have a baby boy after 6 years of my marriage. Am sure God will bless you soon…take care of yourself…
    will keep you both in our prayers…


    • Hi Sunitha

      Its really a pleasure to know that you’ve been following this space for a long time. Thank you so much for taking time to write to us.

      So sorry to hear that you too had that unfortunate experience, that too twice. But as you said we believe there is a reason for everything. Hope it works out well.

      Thanks for your prayers dear…

      Best wishes to you too…

      Hope your little boy is doing good :)


  4. Hello maria, gud to see u back.I m also a baking lover like u ,ur blog is simply great bcse of tht. Me & my hus r great fan of urs,actually he introduced ur blog to me.
    U will be there in my prayers,God will soon bless u with a healthy child,sure.

    • Hi Reshma,

      Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment dear :) Its nice to know that you like this space. Special thanks to your husband for introducing you to this space :)

      Thanks for your prayers & wishes.


  5. Dear Maria

    Just noticed that you had resumed posting :) Go girl!
    I realise that you rock as a food blogger but just wanted to tell you that you are an excellent writer too…eyes misted when I read this post not only because of what you had to go through but the grace & truth with which you shared those helpless moments.


    • Hi Ancy,

      Thank you so much for your support dear. It means a lot to me :) Btw, sorry for the delayed reply kettoo..

      Hope you are doing good.


  6. Hi Maria

    Sorry to hear about your loss . Don’t worry … everything will be all right .. we will pray for ur speedy recovery and good health and may God give u the strength to bear it all …


  7. Hi maria we are so sorry to hear the news. In fact I used to peep to this cute space of yours everyday just to see any recipes have been posted there.
    but then after my routine to your blog,I was sad and thought you must be busy with your upcoming publicaton of cookbook. so me was dying to see your next post on cook book. but after reading this post my eyes watered .
    I really understad it. my sis underwent the same process. but now she is blessed with a cute baby boy.
    even I too had a bitter experience. after having labour for 10 hours in the laour room, baby’s heart beat went too low and lowest and I could see doctors’ hopeless faces and they in fact were consoling me. Dr being my aunt did an emergency C section and my baby got saved. but the lil one got his ear injured during the process. but now cant even see the scar left behind.
    those moments are really painful . but god has reserved something more and the best for you and Jose.
    May you both achieve whatever you wish for.
    our sincere prayers with you both

    • Dear Sumsur

      Thanks a ton for your prayers, wishes & for writing to us. It’s nice to know that you were visting this space often.

      I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to you. I’m sure it was a tough experience but with a happy ending :)

      We are also hoping for the best. I’m really glad to know that you are waiting for the cook book :)

      Best wishes to you too & May the almighty bless you & your family!


  8. maria,
    i am a regular viewer of your website.Read your new post and felt really sorry to hear the loss…hope u overcome this stage and be happy forever..god will surely bless you more happiness in time to come.
    lov and prayers

    • Hi Sruthy,

      Thanks a lot for your prayers & wishes dear. Also thanks for visiting this space often :)

      Wish you the very best in life & May God Bless you!


  9. hi maria,

    just nw i read ur newyear bloggn….am really sorry fr ur loss……god is havin a plan fr everyne nd am sure he wnt let u down…….i used to visit ur blog mostly evry day,bt bein a toddlers mom am lazy to read long topics………sorry fr tht……..wish u all sucess …….


    • Hi Manisha,

      Thanks dear for your support & prayers. I’m sure God has a beautiful plan for us :)

      Btw, I really appreciate that you take time to visit this space regularly in spite of being busy with your little one, thank you so much.


  10. Dear Maria
    I guess this is a very late response to your note above. Good that you are strong in the Lord therefore no storms are too big for you. I really enjoy your site. Being a working woman I dont get the time to comment. May God bless you for the little happiness you bring into my life by taking the time to share with me your God given gift. (Cooking!!!). Have a nice day. Trust this msg put a smile on your face.

    • Hi Bindu,

      Thank you so much for taking time to write to me, appreciate it very much. I’m really happy to know that you find this space helpful. Yes, your comment did put a smile on my face :), thanks dear.

      Best wishes & May God Bless you too…


  11. Dear Maria,
    I have commented very few times here.but do read ur blog regularly. Really sorry abt what happened with you and jose. A warm hug comes your way from Dubai. Have faith in god, enjoy your break, take rest and believe, very sooon you will bounce back with a lot of recipes… and one day with a lot of new recipes for babies too!
    By the way, You friend emi is my close friend too.
    Take care

    • Hi Geetha,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Nice to know that you visit this space regularly & that we are neighbors too ( Dubai & Bahrain :)

      Thanks again for your well wishes & I also hope for the best.

      Best wishes to you too…

      Btw, I think I’ve seen you in Emi’s friend’s list in orkut or FB :)


  12. Hi Maria,
    I have been reading your website for long and I love it. When I read about what happened to you I really felt very bad. I am very sorry for your loss as someone who is trying to conceive having had PCO I know about the roller coaster feeling I go through the constant hope and the subsequent disappointment. You are in my prayers Maria I hope you get well really soon and God blesses you with a child soon. And like you said I hope your 7th year of marriage is a totally blessed one for you. We love you Maria :-)


    • Dear Anisha,

      Thanks a lot for writing to me. I can very well understand what you are going through. I do hope & pray that things work out for you soon.

      Thanks again dear for your prayers & best wishes. Let’s hope for the best :)

      Btw, its good to know that you like this space.

      May God Bless you in all aspects of your life!


  13. Hi chechi….

    Congratulations for ur blog and its a gr8 help to newly weds like me :)

    I am sorry for wat u have gone thru… But just trust in God and He will work in your lives.
    It was really nice of you to share ur personal stuff with us… After all, we are one family ;)
    Chechi , I was born after 7 years of my parents marriage. You will be remembered in our prayers.
    Take care.


    • Divya kutti,

      First of all, wish you a very happy & beautiful married life! May God bless you!

      Thanks dear, it’s nice to know that this site helps you :)

      Also thanks a lot dear for your prayers.

      Btw, we completed 6 years of marriage this Jan, so hopefully 7th year will be a blessed one for us :)

      Best wishes to you too dear…


  14. Hi Maria,

    Sorry to hear abt your loss. I know how it feels coz I too went through the same last week.

    Everyone keeps reminding me and my husband that it was part of God’s plan. We may not understand it now but it might make a lot more sense years later.

    My prayers with you and your whole family. May all of you have the strength to pass such painful times.

    Rohini & Jessil

    • Dear Rohini,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you also had the same unfortunate experience. But as you said it’s part of God’s plan to give us something more beautiful. Let’s hope for the best.

      Thank you so much for your prayers & we will also keep you in our prayers.

      Best wishes & May God Bless you!


  15. You have a great food blog going! I want to congratulate you on this work that you do. I have only recently found this blog, but honestly, I found it very well organised and well written. Plus the recipes are not that complicated.
    Wishing you a very good year ahead,

    • Hi Shalet,

      Welcome to MariasMenu!

      Thank you so much for the wishes & encouragement. The credit for site design goes to Jose, my husband :)

      Wish you too a great year ahead!


  16. hey maria
    i’m laxmi 4rm london..
    i have been following u 4 quiet a long time..dis is the second time i’m writing 2 u…
    really sorry 2 hear abt ur miscarriage…but will pray that u have a cute lil healthy baby very soon…i did wonder y y dint blog 4 a while…and me an my lil girl shreyah(shez 6 an we call her ammukutty at hme) baked the five minute cake…it came out really good…it was our first attempt at baking…ammu was really excited when the cake came outta the oven!!!!
    anyways u take good care of ur self an god bless…

    • Hi Laxmi

      Thanks for your prayers dear.

      Thank you so much for trying the 5 min cake & I’m glad you liked it.

      A special hi to Ammukutty from Maria aunty :)


  17. Hey Maria

    Very sorry to hear about your loss. Like many other readers, I am a regular follower of your blog but have never left a comment until now. I can imagine that this is a very difficult time for you and for Jose. God works in strange ways which we can’t always understand but we can be sure that he has something beautiful planned for you, which may perhaps not be obvious now. I am sure there are very happy times ahead for you both.

    You are both in my prayers.

    With love,

    • Hi Simi,

      Thanks a lot for your good wishes & prayers & also for writing to us. I know though it may seem difficult now, God has greater plans for us. We are hoping & praying for the best.

      Great to know that you visit this space often, thank you :)

      May God Bless you n your family! Best wishes!


  18. Hi,

    My condolences. I too had a miscarriage during my second pregnancy. Since it all happened too fast(6 weeks) n i already had a baby, the impact was less. I got preg 8 mnths later(dr had adviced for 3 mnths gap). Now my li’l one is 6 mnths… So cheer up…u will hav a baby soon..There is always a second time….


    • Hi Tinu

      Thanks for your wishes dear. We are also hoping for the best :)

      Congrats on your little one! May God bless you n your family!


  19. Hi dear,

    Indeed it was a hard time for both of u…But life has to move on, rite?
    C’mon cheer up…We all like ur smiling pretty face Maria… :)

    I was really upset to know this… No words would be enough to console u, i know….
    But with so many prayers and God’s special blessings on a sweet blogger, I’m sure your life will be filled with lots of cuties soon……… :)

    You take good care of urself and Jose…. Can understand what he might be going through as well…………May God bless u both….
    Take good rest and keep blogging dear!! [I kno that’s what will help u recover soon ;) ]


    • Hi Kavita

      Thank you so much for your good wishes. As you said, I’m blessed with so many wonderful people in my life, through my blog. Your prayers and comforting words are a great support for us.

      I do hope to get back to blogging soon & I’m sure that will definitely cheer me up :)

      Thanks again dear…

      Best wishes to you too…


  20. Hi Maria,
    last 2 to 3 days i was just going thru this article… i was just so worried.. i didnt noe hw 2 console u. even i m trying 2 conceive. v hav been trying 4 an yr nw. running frm 1 doc 2 another.
    v never used 2 do our daily prayer in de initial times of marriage. nw v never miss our daily prayers. n i believe God ll surely help us. Maria pray hard. God can do wonders.
    This article.. n de comments u got.. nt nly helped many others who hav gone thru de same situation. n u hav helped many, vth ur wonderful recipes too. u helped us 2 bring happiness in our fly. wen my husband s angry vth me. after dinner, he ll b rly happy. he comes 2 me n say..nice dinner n giv me tight hug. nw wen i cal sme of my relatives hme. i dont worry much. as i ll think i ll cook smethng frm Marias menu.. n i no dat they ll luv it. so i shud say u r a great blogger..
    wen v pray… ur face comes 2 our mind automatically… u r so close 2 our heart, Maria… Get well soon… come bck vth mre recipes… complete ur book… v al r waiting 4 ur book….
    with lots of hugs n kisses

    • Hi Priyanka

      Thank you so much for your comforting words n prayers. It means a lot to us. I do know exactly how you feel, because we went through the same situation. We’ve been married for six years now. But let me tell you something….please dont get upset n worried, it will only make things difficult. I know its easy to say, but as someone who went through the same situation, I learnt with time… that worrying cant help us & it only harm us. The only thing we can do is pray & hope for the best. Take each day as it comes & enjoy each other’s company. I’ll also keep you in our prayers & may God gives you the strength to go through this trying times. I hope it didnt sound rude or intruding…

      Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you said about the blog, I’m really happy to hear that :)

      Thanks again dear for all the wishes & wishing you the best!


      • hey Maria,

        not at al…. thanks alot 4 ur reply…hw r u?n m sure u ll cme bck vth de good news soon. b positive. thanks 4 al dat u hav said. it means alot 2 me too… n v r taking each day as it cmes…bt smetimes!!!!!!!!!!!. n v hav gone 2 5 doctors. 5 doctors said 5 diff cud b cos of this. it cud b cos dat. at de same al r saying everythng s normal. n de doc who i used 2 visit frm starting says she s nt a magician. dats also true…. nyways… take care Maria…hoping 4 de best…


  21. Hey Maria,

    Though I’ve been following your blog for over a year, this is my first comment here.

    I am really sorry about what happened.
    Like everyone else said before, “God has a plan”.
    God had a plan when he allowed Job of the old testament to be tested. When we think of Job today, we remember him as someone who was doubly blessed. His trials were great, but the blessings he received later were even greater.
    May god bless Jose and you as you brave this trail. And may He prove to you in the years to come, that His plan is always for your good, and way above your expectations.
    About your blog Maria, I cant begin to describe how much I depend on it.I’ve never found any recipe of your that I’ve tried going wrong. To say the least, I blindly trust every recipe you post. I dont mind even if your posts arent too frequent, coz whatever you post can be trusted completely.
    God bless you girl.
    Jose n U are definitely in my prayers.


    • Hi Simi

      Thank you so much dear for taking time to write to us & also for your prayers. I do believe that God has a beautiful plan for each one of us & waiting for it to happen in his time. Like you, Jose also tells me about Job’s story whenever I feel down and it strengthens me.

      I’m overjoyed to hear your lovely feedback about the site. It’s a great honor :)

      May God Bless you n your family abundantly!

      Best wishes!


  22. Hii Maria,
    I am a silent follower of ur recipes, first time im commenting on a post.. i know itz hard, still keep the positive spirit, time heals.. im also walking in the same shoes, God will surely bless u.. will keep u in our prayers….

    • Hi Priya

      Thanks dear for your prayers & for writing to us. Sorry to know that you also had same experience. I do hope & pray that God bless you & strengthen you.

      Our prayers for you too…


  23. Dear Maria,

    Sorry to know about loss.. take good care of ur health and get well soon.
    Have a great year ahead !
    God bless you!


  24. Dear Maria,

    This is the first time I am commenting on your blog and I actually opened it to tell you that we had tried your pasta salad and it was delicious
    I am very sorry to hear about your loss, it takes a brave heart to share it with us, your virtual friends

    You and Jose will be remembered in our prayers

    Take care!


  25. I am really sorry about what happened, Maria..We will definitely keep you both in our prayers. Hope to see you back soon. Take care..

  26. Hey Maria…

    First of all let me congratulate you for your website.You have been doing a great job on it.I have tried many of the recipes you have posted and all of them are yummy!!
    Keep up the great work.
    Sorry to hear about loss and heres wishing you a speedy recovery.Praying that God gives you the healing you need.
    Get all the rest you need and remember “Health is Wealth”.
    Take care.
    God Bless!!


    • Hi Sarah

      Thank you dear for your prayers & wishes.

      Great to know that you like this site & also try the recipes posted here, thanks a lot.


  27. Dear Maria….

    I love your blog…very very good job indeed!

    like the way u are… I appreciate it…

    Dnt know what to say after reading this post…

    ” God will never leave you empty. He will replace everything you lost. If He asks you to put something down, because He wants you to pick up something greater”.

    Take good care of ur health….

    Be happpy….

    Have a great year ahead !

    God bless!

    Love & Prayers,


    • Hi Jesline

      Thank you for taking time to write to us & also for your prayers, appreciate it very much. We also think that God wants us to have only the best & hoping for the same.

      May God bless you too!


  28. hi Maria,

    i am sure u must be a stronger person now,after this happening to you…such stuff change us a lot….i am sure this will have brought u and jose closer too…i will always be remembering u guys in prayer…take care…


    • Hi Bins

      Thank you so much for your prayers dear. Yes, this incident made both of us more stronger & more closer to God & to each other also. As it is said everything happens for a good reason, so hoping for the best.

      Thanks again for your support.

      Best wishes!


  29. Hi Maria,

    Really sorry for your loss, but as you said you need to think positive and bounce back from this. I just joined this site a couple of weeks back, but reading through your writings has somehow made me feel as though you are an old friend.

    Take care!!!

    Waiting to see you back here!!

    Love & God Bless..


  30. Hi Maria

    Its a nice feeling to know that you think of us close enough to share your joys and sorrows. Will definitely remember You and Jose in our prayers.

    Be blessed always…


    • Hi Sujitha

      Thanks dear for your prayers & yes you are a special part of our life :) This place & the support & encouragement that we get from you means a lot to us.

      Hope you are doing good.


  31. Hi Maria,

    I’d just stumbled over your site and so im pretty new to you and your lovely recipes which explains my ignorance at not knowing you were inactive for a while…just wanted you to know that i probably have an idea of the extent of pain and disappointment you are feeling right now because i went through the same a while ago. But allow me to tell you, as so many others have said in the same blog, its all for a reason. God does have a better plan for you.

    Munchkins, the best is yet to come!!! So here’s a hug to you and jose and i pray that our good Lord leads you and keeps you in the days to come. Take good care of yourself. You’ll need all of your strength back when you come back to us with a whole load of new recipes (just kidding!!)

    And yes, thanks for making us (your readers) feel as a part of your life by letting us know about the acute pain you are going through in your personal life. We are here for you and praying for you….

    Love and hugs…

    • Hi Suni

      Thank you so much for your prayers & comforting words. I’m so sorry that you also had an experience like that, but as you said the best is yet to come :)

      Thanks again for your sweet words & taking time to share your experience also. Hope & pray that Gob bless you abundantly in all aspects of your life!

      Best wishes!


      • Hey Maria,

        Its good to see you taking time to reply to your well-wishers in the midst of your trauma. I’m sure you’re feeling better and you have hopes of a brighter, better future in His hands. Keep your eyes focused on Him as you always have and he will pave the way to an abundance in your life in every area, dear!

        You’re continually in my prayers, take good care of yourself for you are blessed highly favoured by God. Once again, thanks for your lovely thoughts and encouragement on my loss and as one who’s been through this, I can assure you, it’s always for the best that God has in store for you….

        You are a blessing to many around you and you have all of our prayers and support. May God bless you immensely……


  32. hi maria,
    its really sad to hear this and i can completely understand ur loss coz even i had to go thru the same thing almost 3 yrs back..its was during those bad days of my life when i started blogging!! and i knew deep in my heart that everything happens for good and here iam with a lovely angel in my hands be positive and keep smiling and bounce back to life as fast as possible..
    for now take good care of urself..

    • Hi Divya

      Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. I’m sorry that you also had a similar experience, but I’m so happy that you are blessed with a cute little one now. She is a lovely angel, I remember seeing her snaps in Orkut :)

      I do hope to get back to blogging soon…

      Wish you a beautiful year ahead!


  33. Hai maria….sad to hear abt the news but i also gne thru the same situation n 2007 but after that i gt conceived and now 3 yr old boy so dont worry abt it u ll be happy with in few months….

    love to hear from you..prayingt hat u ll recover sooooon


  34. Dear Maria,
    I am so sorry to hear what you have gone through and no words to console you… Tight hugs dear and take care of your self Maria… All my prayers are with your dear…..God bless you and Jose abundantly…

  35. Same happened for me Maria… After 21/2 years of my marriage life, 2010 December i had a great news that i am 2 weeks pregnant. but the very next day i had miscarriage… i was happy for just 13 hours…. When i went for checkup i came to know that i am having viral infection in blood and it will be more complication if i was pregnant with that……Life is full of ups and downs… i was feeling more lovable by my hubby and was more cared by him.. I am just waiting to recover from my viral infection and then prepare for mother….All my prayers are with your dear… God Bless you very soon.

    • Hi Emie,

      Thanks dear for your prayers. I’m so sorry to hear that it happened to you too. But I’m sure God has planned something beautiful for you & you will be blessed again soon :)

      Thanks again for your wishes.


  36. hi maria,

    am sorry to hear abt ur sad news but God has plans for everything. frm the posts i can make out u r a strong lady. not everyone got the courage to share tis on their blog. soon we wil b hearing sme good news frm u. God bless u both.

    keep posting new recipes & ur updates. tk cr.

    luv n prayers,

  37. Hi Maria,

    This is Julee (Saramma Aunty’s daughter). Sorry to hear u’r news. Take good rest and get well soon.Though I check u’r blog regularly, I am lazy to write comments. This time is different.

    God has a better plan for you,think positively and get more engaged.
    Looking forward many more recipes from your Kitchen and in future I am hoping video demos you.

    Take care

    • Hi Julee

      Thanks a lot for your support & for leaving a comment here. I’m at Cochin now, will be here for sometime.

      Hope things are going great with you. Wish you a wonderful year ahead! Please do convey my regards to uncle & aunty.

      I’ll keep the video demos suggestion in mind, though I’m not at all sure about it :)


  38. hi maria,

    sorry to hear tht…but it all part of life…i too went thru the same last march i too had a d n c procedure…hmm now im carryin again….so its all gods wish..jus think god has kept somethin better for u…so dnt think of the past jus move on..i am sure hapinesss is close to u..soon…
    i made up myself every ones life hav up and down…so my bad part is over and good part is soon to come…okkk..take care of urself…..god blesss….i think i told too much…:)

    • Hi Sharika

      Thanks for your wishes and also for sharing your experience with us. I’m sorry to hear that you also had a similar experience but very happy to know that you are carrying now.

      Congrats & May God Bless you with a healthy & beautiful baby!

      Take good rest n care…


  39. Sorry to hear ur news..Bt dont worry…our God almighty has his own plans for us and those are only for our good…I know its not that easy as I wrote….loss is always a loss….but May God almighty strengthen you both to face life as it comes……for now just sit back and take rest…thank you for sharing ur life’s lil joys and sadness with us….you are in our prayers….GOD BLESS U

    • Hi Jemy

      Thank you so much dear for your kind words n support n prayers. As you said, I also believe that God has a plan for each one of us & he will give us only the best.

      Best wishes to you too…


  40. Dear Maria,Jose,

    Sending you two a big HUG,we will be saying a special prayer for you tonight. The darkest time is over and it is dawn. Love you,take good rest,and come back soon when you are feeling up for it. Your blog is precious,so are you.

  41. Hi Maria,

    I have come across your blog only a month back and a sort of addicted to your site.
    All recipes are well written and easy to follow, even for beginners.
    The following are the dishes that I have tried and the outcome was superb.My family and friends enjoyed it.

    Oatmeal, Dates & Raisin Cookies, Butter Cake, Cinnamon Teacake, Jam Roll/Jelly Roll, White Chocolate Mud Cake, Carrot Cake, Egg less Cinnamon Cake, Simple Chocolate Cake, Five Minute Cake, gobi manchurian, alu-gobi masala, chicken biriyani, veg pulav, mixed fried rice, stuffed bun
    veg stew, chicken mappas, palappam, kozhikotta, vattayappam, meat cutlet, beef fry, chicken-curry-awards, kachimoru
    Thank you very much for the good job.

    Get well soon.
    Take care,

    • Hi Siji

      Thanks for your wishes.

      I’ve no words to describe how happy I’m to see the list of items that you mentioned here, it means a lot to me :) Thanks a million for trying all these recipes…

      All the best!!


  42. Hey Maria
    Missed ur presence..
    I used to check ur blog daily….
    My condolences on what happened..
    Whatever happens , happens for good..
    U can take a long break its fine…our prayers are always with!!

  43. Hi maria..
    Was vry sad to hear abt wht u were going thru. All this while i ws under the impression tht u r on vacation… I hope tht u r alrite nw. Take ample rest. Dnt b sad for all those thngs tht hapnd to you. God definetely has some better plans for u…
    So take care.. and be happy.

    sincerely praying for you

    • Hi Joycey

      Thanks a ton dear for your prayers.

      I remember replying to your comment saying that I’m on vacation, I didnt know what to say at that time….Anyways now I’m kinda having my vacation at my parents place.

      Thanks again for your support.


  44. Aww ,sorry to read abt it . These incidents make you stronger . My better half had undergone a major surgery right after we celebrated our first wedding anniversary . For someone who was obsessed with work ,he changed a lot after it .But now again the threat of the surgery is looming in the horizon & i wonder why – us again ?Iam sure we will pass this situation again sucessfully . Taking life each day as it comes & praying that when time comes , we both become strong to overcome it . Will add you surely to my prayer list .God bless you & Jose with all the happiness ,love, good health & lots of babies !!

    • Hi Anupama,

      Thank you so much. I’m so sorry to hear about the difficult time you had & I do hope & pray that your husband feels better soon & that he recovers without a surgery. From the very little experience that I’ve, let me tell you something…I always considered myself a very weak person who cannot withstand any tension, but somehow I managed this difficult situation. May be because of the prayers n support that I received from many good people like you. I’m sure that this difficult period will get over soon. May God bless you both & protect you with his precious blood!

      Best wishes & prayers!


  45. Dear Maria
    Your blog is what got me hooked on to blogging sites and also creating a blog of my own though for truly personal jotting. my first cake was made from your site and i did wonder y u weren’t around.
    nothing anyone says is going to change anything but im sure jose and u will get closer and as shelley said if winter comes will spring be far behind.
    i can also make out from your post that you are one strong lady or you wouldnt have been able to share this with us.
    remembering you in my prayers. take rest and take good care of urself

    • Hi Manju

      Thanks dear for your prayers. I’m so happy to know that our site played a small role in starting your own blog. All the best for your venture!

      Thanks again for all the comforting words n support.


  46. Hello maria!
    I like your website a lot and look fwrd to trying out some recipes soon!
    But today in ur email update i was sorry to hear about your recent surgery.
    It’s hard to comfort someone who is going thru a difficult time but pls know
    we are thinking of you.
    TIme heals and hopefully soon u will be back to your kitchen again in the true Gemini
    style with new recipes!!!
    Your friend in North Carolina!

    • Hi Lata

      Thanks a lot for your prayers and encouraging words. Great to know that you like our site :) Hope you get a chance to try some recipes from here…

      Best wishes to you too…

      Take care…


  47. Hey Maria, u r a sweet champ! God bless you and ur loved ones..luv ur blog tho i havent commented much. GOD makes everything perfect in HIS TIME..u will have a wonderful blogfilled bloghappy and super duper year with loved ones i pray! Take care …

  48. Hi Maria,

    No need to worry.Everything happens in life for a reason.God will be having a better plan for you & your family.

    I have tried your chicken biriyani,prawns biriyani,fish biriyani , malabar chicken curry,thattukada style beef curry,egg peas masala,egg sandwich, semiya payasam etc etc.
    Eveything came very good.Now if i prepare anything nice my husband will ask “marias menu”.

    Keep up your good work:)

    Take care

    • Hi Lilly

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment & wishes. It’s such a pleasure to see the long list of items that you prepared from here :) I’m so happy that you like the recipes posted here and special thanks to your husband also.

      Best wishes!


  49. Maria,
    My mom and I were wondering why weren’t getting any updates from your blog. You weren’t forgotten for sure, coz Christmas was complete with appams and your chicken mappas (it is a family favorite now). Now I’m busy planning lunch for a gettogether this sunday, and i’ve turned to Mariasmenus again!

    I’m sorry you had to undergo so much recently. From your blog it is evident that you are strong and will rise above all these trials. I hope you get well soon, physically and emotionally. We will continue to look for your recipes, that have become part of our homes and our lives.
    Take care! We are rooting for you.

    • Hi Roopa,

      Thanks dear for your wishes. Your comment did lift up my mood :) I’m so happy that we were also a part of your Christmas celebrations.

      Thanks again for the support n encouraging words.


  50. Hi Maria,

    Really sorry to hear that you had to go through all the trauma that you did and also very heartening to see that you are purposefully bouncing back to keep your cheer and smile, and even ask your readers how they are!

    I pray that you recover soon and you meet with much much more joys and dreams come true soon :) Take care and take enough rest. We’ll be ready to read your lovely blog any time you are!


    • Hi Asha

      Thanks a ton dear for your comforting words n prayers. Appreciate it very much.

      Hope things are going great at your end. Take care…


  51. Hi Maria,
    I was eagerly waiting for a recipe and was wondering what had happened to you.I’m truly sorry for what you had to endure.I’am at loss for words to console you.Hope you come back soon as all your fans(me too)are eagerly waiting to hear from you.

    (p.s, tried your xmas cake, was a Hit)

    • Hi Tara,

      Thank you for your wishes. I’m feeling better these days & I do hope to get back to blogging soon.

      Thanks for trying the Xmas cake dear, I’m so happy that it came out well for you :)


  52. Maria, I did wonder about the sudden quiet on your blog. I hope you are feeling better now. Just wanted to let you know that you will be in my prayers.

  53. Maria… I was sitting in the office alone… being a Friday.. And was feeling a bit depressed. Then I thought let me check out Mariasmenu to see if there is interesting.. Though i didnt see a recipe, I could see some posting.. I read your write-up… Im really sorry about what happened.. But never loose hope.. And things will brighten up for u. I am sure.. It s really sweet of you to share your personal things with us.. Thats why i guess we r also so attached to your blog..
    I was so disappointed not seeing any recipes for such a long time.. So the reason was this.. Take good rest.. We can wait on for good food after a while also..And recover soon… May God bless you.. I am sure you will be sharing the good news with us soooonn…

    • Hi Jincy

      Thank you so much dear for your wishes.

      I do hope that you are also feeling better now. Btw, dont work so hard, take rest on Fridays, ok :) I’m feeling better now & hope to get back to blogging sometime soon…


  54. Hi Maria,

    Happy New Year to you!Was indeed wondering where u disappeared!

    I am sure it was indeed a roller coaster of emotions for you! N so so sweet of u to take time out n share the details of ur life!

    Praying the Lord blesses u abundantly in His time!


      • Hey Maria

        92 comments on this post ..u have a lotta ppl who care for u!even if its virtual;)

        A friend of mine had twins few months ago and 2 weeks ago i went to visit them and guess what her hubby and u are related…Renu & Deepu…we discussed u and ur blog!

        its such a small world !
        Renu was my classmate during MBA! any ways just wanted to say hi;)

        Take Care

        • Hi Saritha,

          It’s indeed a small world :) Nice to know that you & Renu were classmates. Deepu was there in Bahrain few years ago & we had a great time.

          About the number of comments…it includes my reply also. However I received so many mails & messages also in addition to the comments. I really feel blessed to receive prayers & support from so many people…

          You too take care…


  55. Dear Maria,

    Sorry to know abt ur Miscarriage, God is grt n he will surely bless u with a cute little healthy baby very soon.Will surely pray for u. Take care.



  56. Hi Maria,

    This is the first time I’m posting a comment on your website though I have been reading it for over a year. I was in Bahrain for 16 years of my life. I had gone to Indian school and we have stayed in Gudaibiya, Mina Sulman and Manama. This was what initially triggered my interest for your site.

    Honestly, I did think you might be expecting coz I know an avid blogger cannot stay away from their readers for a very long time.

    I am extremely sorry to hear of your loss and I really appreciate the courage you took to write this down for the world to know.. You have my prayers and heartfelt sincere wish to get back on track.


    • Hi Hilda

      Thanks a lot for your prayers dear. Nice to know that you were in Bahrain & Shilpa’s friend. Jose is also an ISB product :)

      Thanks for visiting our site.

      Best wishes!


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