Kerala Beef Fry

This is one of my fav beef preparations. I like beef in any form, but this one has an edge over other beef dishes :). I've posted a similar recipe sometime back. The main change in this recipe is the use of small onions.

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Also I've been tagged by Divz ( I assume that she is referring to me “Maria” :) ) to write 25 random facts about me. Its first time am being tagged and am excited about it. Thanks a lot Divz for that :).

I will write the recipe first and then 25 random facts. Those of you who are interested & have time can read the me-me :)

Here is the recipe…

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Beef Fry & a me-me tag :)

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Author: Maria Jose


  • 1/2 kg Beef
  • 1 big Onion (sliced finely)
  • 1/2 – 3/4 cup Small onion (sliced)
  • 1/2 tbsp Chili powder
  • 1 tbsp Coriander powder
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
  • 1/2 – 1 tbsp each Crushed Ginger & garlic
  • 2 tsp Vinegar
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp Fennel seeds
  • 1 inch piece Cinnamon
  • 4-5 Cloves
  • 2 Star anis
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp Garam Masala (optional)
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup Bite size coconut pieces (thengakothu)
  • Coconut oil
  • Salt
  • Curry leaves


  • Powder aniseed, cinnamon, cloves and star anis and keep aside. Combine the powdered spices, ginger garlic, small onion, bite size coconut pieces,chilli, coriander and turmeric powder, vinegar, salt, curry leaves & beef. Make sure that beef is marinated well with the spices. Pressure cook the marinated beef till it is done. I usually dont add water while cooking, but if you want you can add 2-3 tbsp of water. If there is any water left, after pressure cooking, cook till the water is dried.
  • Heat oil in a pan and saute the onions, till it becomes golden brown. Add the cooked beef & curry leaves. If you want you can sprinkle garam masala at this stage. Mix well. Stir over a low flame, till it is roasted well.Serve with rice and kachimoru or chapathi, puttu, appam etc;


Notes: The original recipe doesnt call for garam masala, I added it since I like it to be spicy. You can be a bit generous with oil, if you want a well roasted/fried beef. Recipe adapted from: Flavours of Kerala
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The above pic is from Shyam & Suzette, based on the above recipe. Thanks friends :)

You can see other beef recipes here.

25 Random Facts About Me…

Now, we will go to the 25 random facts about me. Before you read, I would like to bail out on something. Am not good in writing, so if there are some mistakes, please bear with me :)

  1. If you put me on an extrovert-introvert scale, I will be slightly pointing towards the introvert one.
  2. I don't like the idea of a full time job. The thought of sitting in an office for a full day for n number of years drives me crazy. Luckily for me I had to do a full time job only for six months and then Jose came riding on a horse and rescued me ;).
  3. I like to sing and dance but my talents in both equals the numerical value of zero, hhmmm. I even attended some music class but one day after listening to my soulful singing, my music sir suddenly became philosophical. He told me” Maria, God has blessed different people with different talents, I think God has blessed you so much with some other talent and that is dominating over your music talent”!! That was like shooting my future in music at point blank :( The only place I can sing freely is in church and I utilize that opportunity to the fullest (I do pity those people standing next to me). Knowing this my mom never stands next to me when we go for mass in Kerala, she makes sure that she is standing 10 feet away from me :). After marriage, I've a loyal listener, Jose :). I think he is just standing it because he doesn’t want to break the marriage vows of being with me in good and bad times ;)
  4. I've an irrational fear of dogs and cats and for that matter almost any animal. Somehow I've got the talent of sensing a dog and cat within a radius of 1 km (may be that's my dominating talent!). I refuse to take a step further if I see a dog and cat. I don't hate them, but am too scared of them. This is something I really want to overcome, but I fail every time miserably :((. When I was in Bangalore, where the roads belong to the street dogs (thanks to Maneka Gandhi), I used to have nightmares daily of being bitten by a dog. In Bangalore I used to walk on roads like a Z category (security) person, surrounded by my friends. Once I was going for dinner with my friends and a dog started following us, though my friends were protecting me, I was scared to the core and started running and finally I got into an auto. The dog followed me and stood there barking. The driver asked me where I wanted to go, I said I just want to get rid of that dog, so he wanted me to get out of that auto immediately. On one side my friends are standing and asking me what’s happening, on the other side the dog is standing and barking, on the front the driver is shouting at me. On top of that, two of our classmates passed by, they were surprised to see me in auto alone at that time and they were like “hey Maria, where are you going now, meeting any boyfriends” I was like GOOOOOOOOOOD SAVE ME!!!!! My adventures with dogs and cats are never ending…
  5. I am very much an impulsive buyer and a first class shopaholic. Retail therapy can do wonders for me :) I miss my shopping trips with my Amma. On all Saturday afternoons, after her office hours, we used to go window shopping. Really miss those days :((
  6. I like reading, discussing and debating about politics, be it Kerala, India or International. I've a soft corner for Kerala politics because that's almost like watching a pucca masala/commercial movie. I love discussing/debating politics with my Appa and even now I call him once in a while just for that :)
  7. The first thing I want to do in the mornings is to read Malayala Manorama Newspaper with a cup of coffee/tea. That’s the habit I've from my primary school days :) I really missed that during my 2.5 years of stay in Banglore. If I dont read Manorama in the mornings, I feel something’s missing.
  8. I've a very strong reflex. At times I scare people with my reflex :(. For example when am sitting in the car, and if I see a low-lying branch of a tree, I automatically duck. Jose has warned me to relax; otherwise I will be shifted to the back seat
  9. I am very weak in Hindi. Am always confused with ka, ke, ki or ha, hein, hoom etc; It takes me 5-10 minutes to construct a simple sentence in Hindi :(.
  10. Sports and me do not get along. But there is slight improvement recently, Jose has started teaching me swimming and table tennis, dont know when he too will become philosophical like my music teacher ;)
  11. I miss being bugged by my bro. I think I've written before that he calls my blog internet cooking fraud :) and nowadays he is coaching his 3 year old son, in bugging me and I think he will overtake his dad pretty soon.
  12. I had a strong aversion to computer. I went to 3,4 different places to learn computer and everywhere it started and ended with Charles Babbage being the father and binary being the language of computer. I didnt go beyond that stage, I was stuck in the Charles Babbage era of comp. I didnt even know how to chat 4 years ago!!! Now my days starts and ends with chatting and on top of all those things, I've a blog!!! All credit goes to Jose, thank you my dearest for having the patience to fast forward me from Charles Babbage era to Mac era :)
  13. I treasure my friends a lot. I try my best to keep in touch with them and be there for them.
  14. This is something, I've written before. I dont eat fruits in raw form.
  15. I strongly believe in the concept of guardian angel. It's something my grandparents taught me during my childhood days.
  16. The first words I write with a new pen/pencil are Jesus Mary Joseph. My Amma taught me that.
  17. Am embarrassed to write this one, I dont know to ride a bicycle. I drive car but bicycle :((. My bro tried teaching me to ride two-wheeler, but that time I was more interested in showing off than learning. Whenever I was riding two wheeler, instead of looking straight I looked side ways to see whether people are seeing my riding capabilities and that made my bro crazy, so my two wheeler driving lessons came to an end :(
  18. I like to live in a noisy place rather than a calm place. I can enjoy the serenity for 3-4 hours max after that the calmness scares me.
  19. Cochin and Bombay are my all time fav places.
  20. I find it really hard not to honk while driving :). My bro makes fun of me by saying ‘Maria will drive even f there is no brake and clutch, but if horn is not there, she will be in a fix ;) It was really difficult for me to not to honk in Bahrain. Jose had a hard time convincing me that am driving ok, even if am not honking :)
  21. I love watching movies, especially romantic comedies. I can watch 3-4 movies a day ;)
  22. I love rains and I really miss it living in Bahrain. These days we try to go to India during monsoon season to enjoy the rain :)
  23. When I learnt driving initially, I was scared to drive on busy roads. But, I find a solution for that. Start driving when the roads are practically empty, gain confidence and then venture on to busy roads. You don’t have to wait till midnight or early mornings for empty roads. Just wait for hartal/bandh (strike) days ?. Kerala being the dream destination of hartal supporters, you are assured a minimum of 4-5 hartal days a month. In a way, am indebted to hartal for giving me the confidence to drive ;)
  24. Am a hypochondriac of med-high standard. I used to get health magazines and ended up with diagnosing one disease per day kind of. It continued till Jose banned all health magazines in the house. But still I do the diagnosis with the help of google search n mayo clinic :)
  25. I should write something about food right? after all I've a food blog. I love bakery food. I used to live on bakery food during my school days. Even now when I go to a bakery am like a “nilavathu azhichu vitta kozhi” :) Seeing my love for bakery items, my aunts used to say “ninne oru bakery karane kondu kettikkam” (we will get you married to a bakery owner). Secretly, I loved that idea. The thought of unlimited supply of meat puffs, laddoos, jilebis, jam rolls etc on a daily basis was too much to resist ;). Looks like that option is still there. Though Jose is an I banker now, it’s his childhood dream to start a bakery! So I guess we were destined to meet, a bakery obsessed girl getting married to a bakery owner ;)

I would like to pass this to Ammu, Ria, Divya, Happy Cook, Rachel, Priya, Seena, MS.

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  • Loved this preparation. Tried and Tested and recommending to all others with 100% confidence that if you were to follow the recipe as it is, you will end up with the very best ‘Kerala style’ beef fry. Having tried other recipes on this site and awed by the end result, I am now a big fan of Maria’s. Thank you Maria for your honest and whole-hearted sharing of recipes!

    • Hi Sony,
      Thank you so much for that glowing feedback, appreciate it very much :) I’m really happy to hear that you like the recipes shared here. Thanks again for your feedback and wishes! Best wishes to you too..


  • I made it today.delicious! I am not a good cook but i think your recipes will help me to become one! beautiful presentation. hank you very much, Maria.

  • Hi Maria it was interesting n fun to know abt u . Thank u so much for to hv save me. My hubby big fan of my cooking

  • hi maria….just read the random facts about you…it was a nice read with similarity peeping in at certain points…having just begun to follow you, i must say you excel in literary skills too…may god bless you in all your endeavours..i am a keralite born and brought up in mumbai with current residence in dubai who loves to cook and eat…well..the sad fact is that it does show on me too…but having said this, i love your recipes and will be looking forward for new ones….take care…

    • Hi Bindu,

      Thank you so much for your kind words :) I’m glad that you like the write ups and recipes..

      Hope you get to try more recipes from here when time permits.


  • Hello Maria, I did not know to cook at all till I stumbled on your blog via google search. I am originally from Kerala but have been living in United States for the past 10 years. I had been living on KFC, Subway, Pizzas and Restaurant food. Even though there are many Indian restaurants around none that serve Kerala food. Unfortunately in the Indian restaurants any item you order tastes the same. A Navaratan Khorma and a Bhindi Masala or Chicken Reshmi Kebab or Mutton Shami Kebab will have no distinct taste with respect to the flavors but just the difference in the meat or fish or veggie. I dont visit India frequently so you can imagine how deprived I am of Kerala food. I have attempted cooking after marriage that was 6 years ago after getting sick and tired of the restaurant and fast food but failed so miserably that my husband said that he would rather stick to the tasteless food of the restaurant than risk my cooking. Then you came in as a “guardian Angel” (something that I believe in, what my mama and nana (grandma) taught me). I started your recipes one by one and thanks to you, I am now able to reduce our dependency on restaurant food to once a month and sometimes once in 2-3 months. The only thing I am still not confidently able to cook is meat and fish. Meat because I dont know how to make garam masala or meat masala and fish because no matter how I try the fish at the end becomes too hard or chewy or rubbery. Please help.

    • Hi,

      Thank you so much for your comment :) I’m really happy to know that you find the site helpful!

      Btw, I also believe in the concept of guardian angel..

      You can try readymade garam masala or meat masala. Try to buy any Kerala based brand.

      Fish tends to become rubbery when it’s over cooked. Most of the fish gets cooked in 10-12 mins on low flame. Next time, when you try cooking, watch the cooking time.

      Hope this helps..


  • Hi Maria

    I will be attempting to make this recipe tonight for dinner just had two quick questions. How long should I marinate the beef and how long (whistles) is the cooking time in the pressure cooker? Thank you!
    Can’t wait to try this fab recipe ????

    • Hi,

      Marinate the beef for just 10-20 mins. I normally use Indian beef, which takes some time to cook. After the first whistle on full flame, I reduce the flame to lowest and cook for 10-12 mins. Keep the cooker closed till the pressure drops completely, another 10-15 mins.

      Hope this comes out well and you enjoy this dish :)

      happy cooking!


  • I’ve tried several of your recipes over the last year and half and all of them came out fan-freaking-tastic. I never actually thanked you directly (I know it was awful of me, but to my defense I always do thank you in my mind). So this is me being a good girl and thanking you for all those appreciations I’ve had because of you. Thank you Maria. You really are doing a great job here. :)

    • Hi Aathira,

      You are welcome dear :) Thank you so much for taking time to leave a comment here. Your comment is the first thing I saw in the morning and it made my day :)

      I’m really happy to know that you like the recipes here. Hope you get to try more recipes.

      happy cooking!


  • The beef fry recipe was nice. I read only a few out of 25 peculiarities. Glad that only 25 are listed out. Your special ability to sense dogs and cats is noted. But they also have such ability and that’s why they sense u even in dreams!.Thanks for recipe!

  • Hello Maria

    With its popularity, your recipe came up pretty much as the top link in google results and true to the search, it really is simple and awesome to try out. Also the 25 points are super fun to read, its add all the more spice of life into the dish.

    I tried your recipe and it came out really well. Thanks a lot for posting recipe, hope to seeing more such posts.



    • Hi Leo,

      I’m glad Google brought you here :)

      Great to know that you enjoyed the recipe as well as the write up, thank you so much!

      Your beef fry photo looks superb! I feel like having some right now! Will share this pic on MM FB page sometime soon..


  • Hi Maria,
    I am actually looking for the recipe for beef fry like the ones you get in small cafeterias in the gulf, I used to live in Oman and really relished this dish , its without masala though,

  • Hi Maria
    I was searching for a chicken cutlet recipe and found one in your blog. Tried it out yesterday and whoosh!! the dish is empty:))
    Wow..thanks for the wonderful recipe & yes forgot say that I read the me me tag. Gr8 one and do keep writing ‘cos I guess you have a dominating talent in writing!;))

  • Hi Maria,
    In fact, I was so immersed in your me me thing that I actually forgot the reason why I was here!!
    I was searching for a chicken cutlet recipe…and got it. Thank you for the blog & keep writing.
    I will surely get back with the results of the cutlet:))

  • Hi maria,
    tried your beef fry recipe,came out wonderful….thanx a lot dear…and one more thing..pls add some squid recipes too…thank you….

  • Looking forward to try out ur beef thIran recipe….. Lot of varities in ur food blog… Realy appreciate ur efforts….too much handy these recipes for bachelors… (words comes out from a bachelor guy here)…
    And about ur me-me
    No philosophies can work out against ur food talents though…. What more u need when u r enriched with the food skill recipes…. Be happy for who u r…
    U r the best person to revenge back on the dogs by serving them on the table rather allowing them walking on the streets scaring…. Haha… Kidding
    God bless u and ur iam.. Come up with more dishes…

    • Thanks Stanly for your comment! Yeah it’s always a good idea to be happy with who you are and what you have :)

      Hope you get to try some of these recipes soon..


  • Hi maria,
    I usually visit your blog whenever i plan to cook something special, especially our kerala nadan recipes and still i missed this “me-me” part (maybe coz beef is not a regular visitor in our kitchen). It was really like reading about someone u already know well. I should appreciate your writing skills also as i was kind of imagining those scenes, especially the dog scene. LOL!

  • I have a helpful tip for u..
    If u think that the beef fry has excess chilly powder/ pepper powder, u just wan’t to add some grated jaggery (sharkara in malayalam ).. and pour a very small amount of water above the grated jaggery to dissolve it.. and mix well…

  • Hello Maria ,
    I was actually searching for a beef fry recipe in ur blog , but ended up reading 25 facts about u, I have to admit that ur writing skill is very good(may be this is ur dominating talent ). In some places u made me smile, think, and nostalgic. I usually visit ur blog for easy and tasty recipe. So after reading ur facts I couldn’t stop me from writing this.thanks a lot Maria for ur worthy recipes and tips in cooking. Keep going on.

    • Hi Litty,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and kind words dear :)

      I wish writing is my dominating talent ;) Nice to know that you visit this space regularly.

      Best wishes,

  • Hi Maria,

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe. We always turn to ur blog for an authentic Kerala taste :) Had a small tip for you in this recipe, u should try it! Instead of the gram masalaa sprinkle at the end, use dried chilli flakes instead!! gives it a unique spicy taste :) This was how they did at a local thattukadu back in Kerala and it brought back good old memories. Thanks :)


  • hey….dat was a full joy reading ur me-me facts..loved it… u hav described so well…dat nw i feel i knw u frm decades…will try ur recepie 4 sure…..nd even me frm kerla but i was born n brougth up in mumbai…i visit kerla during vacations…. u write well, try publishing a book by urself….
    may god bless u wid dis….

  • hey….dat was a full joy reading ur me-me facts..loved it… u hav described so well…dat nw i feel i knw u frm decades…will try ur recepie 4 sure…..nd even me frm kerla but i was born n brougth up in mumbai…i visit kerla during vacations…. u write well, try publishing a book by urself….
    may god bless u wid dis….

  • Dear Maria,– I so like what you have written—Marias Menu— tried and tested FOR you—- Tasted and trusted BY you …So true— your recipes are so simply given and may I say, the ones I’ve tried,come out EXCELLENT— thanks a ton for sharing…even, the little ramblings of your life , oftentimes, brings on smiles…

  • Dear Maria,– I so like what you have written—Marias Menu— tried and tested FOR you—- Tasted and trusted BY you …So true— your recipes are so simply given and may I say, the ones I’ve tried,come out EXCELLENT— thanks a ton for sharing…even, the little ramblings of your life , oftentimes, brings on smiles…

  • Hi Maria!

    Awesome recipe! Came out yummily good! I did add the garam masala for the extra spice. I also added a tsp of ghee and a spoonful of black pepper right at the end and gave a quick stir and turned off heat. WAS EXCELLENT! Even my hubby who is very fussy about how his beef is cooked was licking his plate!

    • Hi Nandini,

      Thanks a bunch dear for your comment! Good to know that you liked this. I’ve never added ghee to any beef recipes, sounds good. I’ll try it that way next time :)


  • Hi Maria,

    One doubt, in this recipe u didn’t mentioned when to put chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder. We have to put these when the beef is pressure cooked or at the time Onion is sauted

  • Hi Maria,

    One doubt, in this recipe u didn’t mentioned when to put chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder. We have to put these when the beef is pressure cooked or at the time Onion is sauted

  • Hi Maria,

    Thank you for this recipe …

    I tried it today and it came out soooo well; so well that my husband actually said it was good ( it matters bcoz 1) I hate cooking and normally try my best always to avoid any encounters in the kitchen… He’s been asking for home cooked beef fry for a while and finally I gave in… 2) because am a hard core warasyar who’s still not comfortable touching raw meat :) )

    Thanks again,

    Look fwd to try out more of your recipes

    Cheers :)

    Ps: I am attaching a photo of my experiment today …

    • Thanks a lot Sheena for trying the recipe from here :) It’s a pleasure to know that this was liked by your husband. Btw, I’m not yet comfortable touching raw meat ;) so you’ve company.

      Thanks for sharing the pic, it looks nice! I’ve shared it on MariasMenu FB page. Hope you get to try other recipes and like it too..


    • Thanks a lot Sheena for trying the recipe from here :) It’s a pleasure to know that this was liked by your husband. Btw, I’m not yet comfortable touching raw meat ;) so you’ve company.

      Thanks for sharing the pic, it looks nice! I’ve shared it on MariasMenu FB page. Hope you get to try other recipes and like it too..


  • hi maria i m nonmalyalee and search fr recipes on d net but found yrs 2b excelnt.keep it up wil try more recipes regards Maria

  • hi maria i m nonmalyalee and search fr recipes on d net but found yrs 2b excelnt.keep it up wil try more recipes regards Maria

  • Hi Maria Greetings from Benin, Africa. I was hunting for beef roast recepie and I found your blog… I have to admit the fact that I tried it and it was just amazing…. All who tasted the beef roast were appreciating me and told that they have not tasted such beef roast even back home in Kerala . All thanks and appreciations to you… I would love to try rest of the interesting menu’s and keep you posted about it…. Thank you so much…….


    • Hi Jacob,
      Thank you! It’s a pleasure to know that this beef fry was very much appreciated at your place :)

      Hope you get to try other recipes from here and like them too.

      Wish you a very happy new year!


  • Dear Maria,

    Hope u r in best health.

    I love cooking and reading food blogs.

    But, u r the first blogger that I am writing to, congratulations!! ;) ;)


    U hav mentioned tht u r not good in writing. Actually, u are.

    I am a journalist (jobless now) :(, mother of a one yr old angel, living in dubai.

    Loves baking and eating, resulting in being pumpkin shaped :(

    I hav a small toster oven.

    It is my hubby’s birthday this weekend. I wish to bake him a non-chocolate cake, preferably fruit flavored, with non-greasy frosting. In btwn, last time I tried to ice a cake, I failed miserably, it turned out to be very runny and not pipeable.

    Pls suggest some recipe, preferably an easy one :) Remember, I have a 1 yr old girl who demands the lion share of my time :).

    Hope to hear frm u soon.

    Wishing u the very best in life,


  • Hi Maria
    First time on your site and your Meen Vevichathu Recipe is so easy to understand. Never cooked my whole life except when mom used to be ill with simple kuuttaans.. Now that I got married and would be joining my husband who is abroad, eager to learn some cooking and looks like your website is a great one, though went through only Meen Vevichathu (Kottayam style fish recipe). Sure will read most of your other interesting titled recipes.
    And dear who said you are not good in writing?? All the 25 random facts that I read about you, it tickled all my funny bones and couldn’t resist my laugh aloud.
    Great doing!!!… It was very humorous reading random facts.

    • Hi Grace,

      Thanks a lot for taking time to write to me :) I do hope you enjoy trying out the recipes posted here. Thanks for the feedback about the writing too, appreciate it very much dear..

      Best wishes to you!


  • hi.. maria jose

    hope u r gud,ma name is Holin,basicaly frm calicut,bt nw in saudi

    i actually hav oly one hobby tats cooking,i lov to eat fud,n make gud fud 4 maself,ma friends n relatives..

    i am vry hapy whn pple comnts gud abut ma fud,

    i went through ur blog,it ws very nice n intresting,the way u narrate abt urself ws also impresive

    i think iam gona try all ur dishes,evn ill giv u sme of ma recipes also to try…..

  • Hi Maria, ur menus are excellent….Every day after am back from ofice I make it a point to login to marias menu…Am so much addicted to it..I luv trying out ur recipes…Reading random facts about u was interesting :)….keep up ur gud work….

    • Hi Nisha,

      Thanks a lot dear for your kind and encouraging words, appreciate it very much :)

      I’m really thrilled to know that you visit this space daily…

      Best Wishes!

  • hi maria didi. njan malayali aanu. my name is rashmi. but i will speak to u in hindi. tum kaise ho ? tumhara cooking bahut achcha hai. ummmmmmma.

  • just was searching the net for chemmeen fry and u popped up .from one thing to another I moved on and on and loved reading what u had written.Very naturally words pour out from you and they are very funny ,the way you write. feel glad I stumbled on your site.Sorry I am not fond of cooking .But wanted the chemmeen recipe to cook for my son and daughter in law.. keep cooking and keep writing.All the best

    • Thank you very much Rosily :) I’m glad that you liked my style of writing, though I’m a very average writer..
      Btw, my amma also doesnt like cooking, so you’ve company :)

      Thanks a lot for your wishes too..


  • you are simbly great. Jose is a lucky man and after reading your 25 me,me’s, i felt you have an adoring husband. In short a great inspiration..

  • just loved reading this up!! i thought kitchen n me were meant to be miles apart…but lately been full on with your recipes! gt married a few months earlier n my hubby’s not with me..but still been hugely supportive watching me making your pepper chicken through skype…..i could see his mouth water..hehe….good work chechi! i think i will be fine once i reach doha…thanx to you!! hugs!

    • Hi Reiby,

      Congrats for the wedding! May God bless you both with a wonderful and happy married life!

      I like the idea of live streaming of your cooking ;) I’m really happy to know that you find the recipes here useful. Thank you so much dear :)

      I do hope you get to join your hubby soon, take care..


  • Hey Maria , I came here just to confirm sago is indeed chawary . Now I thank the Google gods for showing your site in the first page itself (for me searches hardly go beyond ‘I am feeling lucky’ ) .I see you are a Gemini who is aware of the pranks the twin stars play on us (ya ‘us’ as in you and me) that itself is more than enough a reason to come back to your sweet little place , this 25 random facts ended up being the icing on the cake . 

    You write without any pretensions and the effort you put in to reply each and every post is unbelievable (there are at least 25 of my queries waiting eagerly for a reply at different corners of this web ) 
    So see you soon Maria 

    PS:Our birthdays are nearing and which day was your’s by the way 

    • Hi Sruti,

      My thanks to ‘Google gods’ for leading you to my page :) Btw, sorry for the delayed rep, I was a bit tied up.

      Thank you so much for your kind words dear! My b’day is on June 6th. When is your’s?


  • Hi Maria! greetings from Aurangabad,India. Your menus are excellant and fascinating. Brings back ole memories. Your post of your self is hillarious too. I nearly doubled over with your dog episode and enjoyed your music teacher’s comment. Regards to Jose. Love nd blessings . Pastor George

  • Hello Maria !!
    Greetings from Aurangabad, India.
    Your menus are excellant. but I loved reading the facts about you. 
    I did double over . 
    Keep up the good work. You are fascinating.
    Regards to Jose.
    Love nd blessings 
    Pastor George

  • Hahaha…hilarious. Enjoyed your self analysis, and who said you don’t know how to write. So next is a cook book?

    • Thanks a lot J&J! (hope you guys dont mind me calling J&J)

      Cook book is on hold presently. Hopefully someday, it will work out :)

      Thanks guys for your constant encouragement and support, appreciate it very much :)


  • Hey Maria,

    Oh.. i really enjoyed the ME ME MARIA Random Facts, and thoroughly enjoyed it. 1-25 points exactly opposite is ME. Soooo nice to know some one like this. I enjoy cooking, mostly only for parties . your recipes are very good. keep writing,,,:-)

    • Hi Bindu,

      Thanks dear! It’s the first time somebody writing to me saying that we are opposite :) Nice to meet you here.

      Thanks again for your wonderful comment.


  • Hi Maria,

    I made this recipe for Christmas and Easter. It was a super duper hit. Thanks for the lovely recipe :))

  • Hi Maria.
            Its my first time here.  I just went through the 25 random facts about yourself.  Enjoyed reading the same.  Believe me, there is a writer in you adept at tickling the funny bone.  Good old fashioned, down to earth, subtle humour…..       Keep writing/ blogging….
                 Will get back to you after trying your recipes.

    • Hi Nisha,

      Welcome to MariasMenu! Nice to know that you enjoyed reading the meme. Thanks a lot for your encouraging words dear :)

      Hope you get to try some recipes also..

      Take care,

  • Hi Maria
    I tried this recipe and came out well.I am new to cooking field :)
    Thank you Maria for this.My hubby really appreciated me..
    Thank you Maria..trying your other recipes too.. :)
    God Bless you!!

  • Olá Maria,
    não sei se és portuguesa ou se entendes o português, quero dar-te os parabénspois a selecção das tuas receitas  é admirável. Parabéns e obrigada por partilhares. Ginha

    • Hi Ludovice,

      I’m Indian and I dont understand Portugese. But Google translate tells me that you’ve congratulated and thanked me for sharing the recipes here :) (At least that’s what I understood)

      It really feels good to know that you appreciate my efforts. Thank you very much :)

      Best wishes to you too…


  • This is a very wonderful beef dish. The onion definitely give a very distinct but tasteful flavor. Families and friends will surely enjoy this when served as an entree on small dinners or big caterings. Thank you for sharing.  

  • Hey maria.

    I happend to read your blog “25 Random facts about me” , nice to know about you. Happy that you are doing what you enjoy the most which most of us dont do.All the best for your dreams to come true.

    Cheers ,
    Sinju Thomas

  • hi maria … 
    am a great fan of all your recipes and tried this one out too….somehow all your recipes match my taste and indeed i have learned the very basics of cooking from your site…..As usual …this also turned out to be awesome ..I have tried your kallushap style beef earlier …. but the beef i used that time was not good. Anyway luckily, got good beef this time and it  turned out well…Every time i buy some new stuff to try a new recipe ….my hubby asks …. do u really know how to make it ?….and i often reply…so what..maria knows..and now he stopped asking … i appreciate your great effort in keeping such a wonderful blog …cheers 

    • Hi Sofiya,

      I’m thrilled reading your comment. Thanks a ton dear for your kind & encouraging words, appreciate it very much :)

      I’m really happy to know that you find this space helpful. Thanks again for your wonderful comment :)

      Happy cooking!


  •  hi Maria,
      first off, let me tell you i had as much  fun reading your random facts as i had with this delicious recipe. :) My mama  loved it, me being a neophyte n all, but i have been searching for a particular dish for a long time. Its a kind of beef fry, has kariveppila, dunno what its called, black in color n soo drool worthy. Do you know it? It would be a  heavensend if you could forward me the recipe.

                                                                         Thank you n take care!!!

  • A friend made a comment about syrian beef fry and I was curious…. I’m definitely tryingbit out without the bite size co nut bits, though.

  • Hi Maria!

    I found your blog 2 days back. I was so exited going through your recepies! You’ve done a great job! I tried beef fry today. It came out great :) I should say the recepie is very easy to follow…thanx to you :) I will be trying out kadala curry and chicken roast soon. Will keep you posted how that turns out.
    Have a great weekend and keep the recepies comin!

    Take care!


  • Hi Maria,

    I tried this out last weekend and it came out very well. My family could not stop praising it,.all thanks to you.

    I used 750gms of beef… all except, i added 1/2 tbsp meet masala to the onions after frying.

    Thank you so much for this recipe and making my weekend cooking a success :)


  • hi maria,

    I have tried the recipe and it turned out to be very good….thank u for d recipe…i’ve added 1/2 tsp pepper powder also…


  • hi maria

    Am i reading about myself  ;)…i am more or less like u , i feel like tat whenever i read u r blogs.. love some of ur recipes….i am a hard core non veg married to more or  less vegan…hope u can understand my “dukkam” non veg for myself is bit boring..whenever i read ur blogs i get motivated to cook…;)

    Keep going and looking forwrd new and innovative recipes

    • Hi Parvati,

      Nice to know that we share some stuff :) Thanks a lot for your comment & wishes. Yeah I can understand your feeling, its not so much fun to cook for oneself :(


    • Hi Parvati,

      Nice to know that we share some stuff :) Thanks a lot for your comment & wishes. Yeah I can understand your feeling, its not so much fun to cook for oneself :(


  • Hi Maria … I love the 25 facts about you … too cool … well written and honest  :) … keep the good work going … all the best for your bakery :)

    Happy Cooking :)

  • Hiiiiiiiiii…

    This is the first time I’ve visitied your blog, and I love the way you write!!!

    I’m new at cooking..My boyfriend is a Mallu and a big foodie..So really
    wanna impress him.. He loves beef.. Which would be the best beef recipe
    to start with for a novice?

    • Hi Cher

      Thank you! I guess if he likes beef, then this is the recipe you should go for. It’s one of the most sought after Kerala food. I do hope your boyfriend likes this :)

      Happy cooking!


  • Hi Yasmine,

    You are welcome dear :) Its great to know that its like your mom’s cooking & I’m glad that your little one also liked it. Thanks for trying the recipe & also for posting the comment.


  • Hello Maria,

    I did try out the beef fry recipe and it was really fabulous :)) Came out exactly like how my mom used to make. My little one too loved it. Thanks a lot Maria for your lovely recipes.

  • Hi Maria,

    I have your site since long time, can’t remember how i found it actually.. but It’s the first time for me to read your “me-me”, loved your sense of humor as well..
    I liked the shots your taking for the dishes your preparing, look so professional, same as the recipes them selves.. thumbs up for this lovely work..
    I have a passion for cooking and baking as well.. but I have it since very long time(not after marriage i mean, I’m not married yet :-) ), I baked my first on-my-own cake when I was in my 6th grade, turned out very nice, and since then I’m cooking and baking, for more than 20 years now.. so it’s been like I’ve been cooking my whole life!!!
    By the way, I also live in Bahrain. I moved here almost 14 years ago, I came to try a new experience for couple of years or so, and it seems that the “couple of years” are not over yet :-D
    By the way, I’m a pharmacist, my work is office work (which I read that you were blessed to do it only for 6 months :-) ) .. When I’m in the mood, I like to bake, or cook..(and some times when I’m not in the mood, I keep on cooking and baking and cooking and baking.. and then, donno what to do with all what I made :-D ) ..I also love to share and try new recipes when I’m visiting friends or having friends over..
    It was really nice to know you, and it’s the first time i see a blog for someone in Bahrain, so I was so happy and smiling when I read so :-D
    Keep up the good work ;-)


    • Hi Huda,

      It was a great pleasure to read your comment. Thank you so much for taking time to write to me. I’m glad that you found my site :) Looks like you are a well seasoned cook/baker & I’m just a baby in cooking compared to your experience ;) Nice to know that you too are in Bahrain!

      I do hope you find the recipes here interesting. Please do try it sometime & I’d love to hear feedback from such a well experienced cook :)

      Happy cooking/baking!


  • Hi Maria, I found your blog through a friend just a couple of minutes ago, and I got here through your ‘About Us’ page. I can’t believe I missed this fabulous blog for so long! Your blog is so chic, and I am overjoyed in seeing a blog that gives so much importance to Kerala cuisine! I love Kerala food, especially the beef that you get in ‘parotta kada’. I am definitely trying all your recipes here, since my husband is another great fan of Kerala food.

    I loved your ‘me-me’ – you have a great sense of humor, and I have to say (sheepishly) that I too have no clue how to ride a two-wheeler! :P

    Ayway, I’ll surely be coming back more often from now on…looking forward to reading this blog from post to post… :D

    • Hi Jane,
      Welcome to MariasMenu!
      My special thanks to your friend for suggesting this page to you :) Also thanks a lot for your lovely comment. Hope you get to try the recipes & like it too. If you like the beef in parotta kada, please check out the beef kallu shappu style. I think you’ll like it.

      Hoping to see you here again :)

  • Hi Maria,

    I tried this dish today and it was very tasty. Enjoyed it with rice, kachimoru and thoren. The recipe was fairly simple also.

    The pictures you take are so perfect not the mention the presentation of the dish also. I also admire the fact that you respond to each and very comment !

    • Hi Anila,

      Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here. Nice to know that you liked it. The combo of beef fry, kachimoru & thoran is heavenly, isnt it?


  • i am a newcomer to your blog. i would like to say that your recipes are very interesing and your blogs are fantastic! goin through your recipes i loved the beef kallu shaap style..yeah and me-me was funny and you wrote brilliantly..could relate to most of the things you wrote.. good work!!

    • Hi Jinu,

      Welcome to MariasMenu! Thanks for your lovely comment. Please try out the recipes sometime. Hope you’ll like it.


  • Hey Maria,

    Hats off to u . I just tried the bbef fry yday. It came out very well. Also ur 25 erandom facts were interesting . U bowled over dat :P

  • Waoow..I have been checking your recipes for so long, but first time reading about “me-me”. We have so much in common. Including fear of dogs, writing JMJ with a new pen/penil, window shopping with Amma.. and many more..Im soo surprised. Anyways.. Love your blog..Keep up the good work.. Looking forward to get a copy of your new book..

    • Dear Ammukkutty

      Good to hear that you visit this space often and also that we have many things in common :)

      Thank you so much for your encouraging words..

      Btw, sorry for the delayed reply, I was on a holiday..


  • hi maria!!!!

    i made this beef recipe a few days bak and as usual it was amazing!!!i hav tried many of ur recipes and der was not evn a single one v dint wenever v talk of trying a new recipe my hubby cals loud”mariaaaa mariaaaaa”(hope jose wont mind it :) )
    thn i was a bit bz so cudnt read ur tag,it was so sweet dear,ofcorse u r very gud at riting.i enjoy trying out ur recipes and equaly i enjoy reding ur stuffs!!!

    i juz love you dear!!!keep up the gud work,aaaaaallll the best wishes!!!!

    • Hi Shemi,

      Thanks dear for trying the recipes. I’m so glad that you enjoyed them. Please convey my special thanks to your husband also for recommending this space :)

      Thanks again for your wishes & also for the encouraging words. It means a lot to me.

      Wish you & your loved ones a wonderful year ahead!


  • Hi Maria,I just joined your site today. All your recipes are simple and excellent. The photography is beyond words. Keep up the good work !!!

    • Hi Mary,

      Thank you so much dear for joining us and also for your wonderful comment :). Please do try the recipes when time permits and share your feedback too.

      Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!


  • Hi Maria’s Menu ;-0)

    Lovely 25 bullets right from ur heart to our hearts. i loved reading it, just was lookng for some good beef receipes and stumbled on ur autobiography Hehehe. keep it up. u might not be having those super skills in writing, but u communicate things right as it shld be simple and sober. i just love reading ur advenures. i have tried some of ur receipes and they all have turned out well. Jahanpana tussi great ho!…….. :-)

    • Hi Rashmi,

      Thanks a ton dear for the sweet comment. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed reading the meme and also like the recipes here.

      Btw, did you try the beef fry recipe?


      • hi dear,
        It came out really well and fantastic. yummy.
        hows ur book work going on. all the best.
        i even tried ur pineapple upside down and apple cinnamon crusted cake. simply marvellous yaar.
        have fun keep posting new adventures.


        • Dear Rashmi,

          Thank you so much :) I’m excited to hear that you’ve tried a number of recipes from here, thanks sweetie :)

          Book work is going on, but it’s going at a slow pace :( Thanks for the wishes.


    • Hi Praseeda,

      Star anise is Thakolam in Malayalam.

      The cooking time of beef depends on the type of beef. I use Indian beef. After the first whistle I reduce the heat to the low – medium flame & cook for 5-6 whistles.


  • hi maria,

    today i have made up my mind to make syrian beef fry for my husband who loves beef…i have all the ingredients mentioned, but i am just too scared of using the pressure cooker…am a beginner in cooking and i still cook in an open vessel….please help and suggest how to cook this recipe without the use of the pressure cooker!!!

    • Hi Michelle,

      You can prepare this in a non stick pan. Follow the above recipe, but you may need to add more water. Start with 1/2 cup water and add on more during cooking. It takes around 30-45 mins to cook depending on the type of beef. You may need to stir in between.

      Btw, I was also like you, scared to use pressure cooker. I was even sacred to go near it ;) I’m sure you’ll overcome this soon :)

      I hope it comes out well…All the best!


  • Amazing recipe. added whole peppers to the seasoning, dont know if that made any diff but the dish was out of this world
    kiran, venky, thilak, anoop

    • Hi Bachelors in burgess hill,

      Thank you so much for trying this recipe…Good to know that you guys liked it. Adding whole peppers will give an extra kick to the dish :)

      Thanks again for leaving a comment at this space …


  • hi my name abigail. i am an eight year old girl i read your recipes
    my mother at times cooks them . do u know my aunt who has a daughter called joanne & a 2 sons one is in class 2 and the other in a collage in otty. if so sent it on my e.mail .

  • It was delicious.. Thank u for the recipe.. First time I visited ur blog. I liked it much. Was very much like my mom’s cuisine

    • Hi Ferdinand,

      You are welcome :) Thank you so much for sharing your feedback here. Great to know that it reminded you of your mom’s cuisine.


  • wow maria …the 25 things really tickled my funny bone .. ur site has become a mini sacred shrine for me as iam getting loads to try on …. keep up the good work dear … it is a big relief for the new generation good for nothing (what i mean is spent most of the life in hostel till got married and didnt even knew the masalas till we were forced to set up home) any ways after many bout of gastronomic diseases my hubby has given me the pass marks which is escalating to good ,excellent and five star ..thanks to ur site … by the way whenever he asks me how i prepared it i just coyly says “oh u knw i just mixed some things … lol … thnks once again ..

    • Hi Deeya,

      Thanks for all the sweet words :) Even I started cooking only after marriage, so I know exactly how it feels.

      Hope to see you here more & happy cooking :)


  • Hey it’s really delicious; here in Dubai we have no choice than learn how to cook. I love this dish when I have it from the house of my friend very long back but till now I was not able to do it in a yummy way. when I googled for a recipe of beef fry I got this and all I want to say is “thank you” to share it with us

    • Hi Shabin,

      Thank you for dropping in and sharing your feedback. Appreciate it a lot :)

      Please do try other recipes too, hope you will like it.


  • I made this beef fry using ur recipe last night. It was very tasty. My hubby loved it a lot. He ate so much of it. i also made parippu using ur recipe…dinner was great….thanks a lot for posting such tasty recipes….

    • Hi Maria, Lovely recipes.. enjoyed reading ur random facts… :) Trying ur beef fry recipe today…my husband just loves beef fry but whenever i try out something doesnt come out so well. trying my luck with this one.. tk care.. keep posting new recipes..

  • wooow,,,at last i found a good cookery website thank you Maria,,,orupadu thanks,,,awsome receipes,,pandethe ammachimarude cooking secrets okkay undallooo.thanks to google also,beef fry super aa kto,pinney njan vinegar cherthilla,,but last tomatto vazhatty cherthu,,,nice one,,,

    • Hi Anish,

      Thank you so much for making this. Really happy to know that you enjoyed this. Please do try other recipes too when you have time.


  • Hey ,

    i tried this beef fry…it was exquisite…. all my friendz joined me to watch football match on saturday… nd with drinks i served thses beef fry nd our nameless chicken…. it was awesome… thx a million…… i need to check out the irachi puttu….. :)

  • Well what do you know….this has turned out to be one of MY favourite beef dishes too :) Great recipe Maria. And quite simple for people like me with very limited hands-on cooking experience. A common friend (Biju Aravindan) introduced me to this site – but it turns out my wife has already tried out a few of your recipes and they’re all great ! Keep up the great work – beautiful website too !

    • Hi Nitin

      Thanks Nitin for your kind words. Glad to know that you are Biju’s friend :)

      Please convey my special regards and thanks to your wife too :)


  • Hi,,googled for a beef recipe coz I;ve got a beef packet defrosting on my counter. Got down to reading your meme and then had to comment. It was hilarious… I laughed so much. very funny!… Regards from Kuwait

  • Hi Maria,
    Yummy, yummy…!!! tried this reecipe yesterday! and it was really yummy! Thanks and looking for more tasty recipes from you!

  • hi maria,
    i made ur mutton biriyani.
    it was wonderful. but i am v.poor in putting salt. the biriyani was lacks enough salt but my father-in-lw likes it v.much, he is a BP patient.

  • Hi Maria…
    i had bookmarked your Blog long back….Could sit down and write something now only…It was nice reading 25 facts about u…& ur recipes…
    Gr8 snaps too…
    Im new to blogging…Drop in to my blog at ur leisure …love to get in to your blogroll too..
    Keep up with ur good work…Good luck

  • hi maria,
    i’m a regular visitor of ur blog. i liked 25 things abt u than ur paachakam. i was happy to know that somebody other than me with te same character exists in this world. i can surely copy paste the ’25 things abt me’ to mine. expect i am scared as well as i hate dogs too…..

  • Hello Maria,wasnt supposed to comment here till i actually tried on something from ur site but simply couldn resist.
    u have an awesome site with recipes that are so so well organised!!!
    i love street food but cant stomach the spice coz our palatte is so much on the sweeter side but when was in kerala a few times ,i got brave enough to try all those street food beefs that were delicious but couldn mouth more than 3 mouthfulls but urs looks absolutely delicious and is definately a must try.
    The 25 things about u are so dang cute-including the singing(by the way i lisp the songs but ud never know,hehehehe)
    will hopp by again and again and again….

    • Hi sugar plum fairy,

      Thanks a lot for dropping in and for your kind words :)

      Hope you had a wonderful time in Kerala. Please do try out the recipes, may be you can reduce the pepper a bit to suit your taste

      .Btw, you have a wonderful blog too!!


  • Hi Maria,

    Nice blog!! Simply owsome…

    Have you tried wine(grapes). If so please post it. I wanted to try for this Xmas.


    • Hi Somia

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your encouraging words :)

      I havent tried wine yet. My mom in law makes wine very often. I will try to get the recipe from her and post it before Xmas :)


  • pic looks very tempting…recipe..cant wait to try it…ur 25 things..were just too funny…am glad i googled beef fry!!! Nothin like a cook wid a sense of humor :P

  • I was up to try the beef fry, and then caught sight of the 25 random things about you. It was such a beautiful write that i forgot about the beef fry….. adventures with dogs, and nilavathu azhichuvitta kozhi… congrats maria. I will speak talk about you to my mallu parishoners. Perhaps in the church..! a person who sings so sincerely in the church and writes such delicious recipies and takes care to reply to all comments deserve more than that.. God Bless u n ur family.

    • Hi Fr Joy

      Easow mishihayikku sthuthi aayirikkatte!

      Thanks a lot father for your kind words and blessings :)

      Am in India presently for my vacation. I’ve conveyed your feedback about chicken mappas to my mother in law, it was her recipe. She was very happy to know that a priest also liked it :)

      Btw, we have a, a malayali priest in our Bahrain church :)

      Wish you and your parishioners the very best!!


  • Hey Maria! Does anyone call u Mariamma? Its an oomana pereh for Maria’s. Now since I have gout tendencies,I keep away from beef but whenever my wife has beef kodi,I make it for her.So soon I may make it for her and will let know.BTW ur recipes are the most user friendly of all recipes Maria. I think my mom went to STC,not sure.DOnt u miss kochi?But ur not so far away,we are!! cheers

  • Ha ha nice one Maria.Ur writing aint bad,stop being harsh on urself!! So ru from Kochi? Maybe we know each other.Ru from fort kochi or ernakulam side kochi? Well,I identify with all ur bakery thoughts,even though I grew up in Delhi,we used to come down to Kochi every May for 2months and that used to be fun.Well,I hope to use ur recipes and will let u know.I still havent had any disasters,Thank God for that.cheers

    • Hi Reshma

      I think aniseed is called something like shombu in malayalam, am not sure though. I believe Its similar to fennel in shape n flavor. since I didnt have aniseed I used fennel (perumjeerakam) in this recipe.


  • Hi Maria.. was looking for some nadan stuff which i can prepare during the weekend & came accross ur site …

    ausome… is not the word.. loved reading your blog.. laughted.. rolled… remembered my past reading the dog story :) btw.. your write really well simple & humourous

    I will be a regular visitor to ur site.. keep blogging.. easy & simply recipe too


  • Hei Maria,

    Hats off to u! :) I really mean it…I was looking for nice pics of Malabar biriyaani, nd found ur site! Whoa…amazing i would say, I agree plenty of sites r over the net, but this is for sure outstanding.

    I jus luv de concept, nd its really helpful for ppl like us spread over the globe. tryin to get back our traditional cuisines! raaaville palappavum chicken stoovum allenkil, puttum,beeefum allenkil pazhavum kazhikkkunna sukham vere ethu cuisineil kittum! :)

    Keep workin on it more, Nd I really appreciate de quality of pics u post here, flickr stufss….yummy i would say! [:)]

    If you could post more, traditional stuffss tat would be really helpful, Nd more over thante recipes r really helpful, ingu akkare irunnu kondu njangalle poleyullavarkku mummymarodu chodikaathe oronnu try cheyyam! illenkil nammude mrrs. varumbol padikkan paryaaaam! [:P] All de best Neways!

    Vivek RAJ
    Lille, France

    • Hi Vivek

      Thanks for dropping in and also for your encouraging words :)

      Ya, I completely agree with you about kerala breakfast. We malayalis have royal breakfast right :)?

      I am trying to post more nadan recipes here. please do try out the recipes and let me know your feedback.

      Thanks for your wishes.

      Happy cooking :)


  • WOW ….Atlast , met my match (except, I wanted to marry a ‘meen caran’ aka fish monger) even our mums sound similar. Anyways , I love your recipes
    Warmest regards

    • Hi Thara

      Thanks for dropping in and happy to know that we’ve many common things :)

      Btw, Thara is one of my fav names :)

      Please do keep visiting….


  • hi, thanks for your reply. Do u know maria. other than the sweets and north indian dishes( Just becuz we wont make it often) I have taken print out with pictures of all your recepies…. including the christmas recepies and kheers… i really appreciate you. and its great that you are ready to share the recepies with us. Here ( Australia) we dont get all the ingradients. But still i promise all your recepies are great.

    • Hi Ann

      Thanks a lot dear. So your house must be flooded with print outs now, eh ;)? Anyways, thanks a ton dear for your sweet and encouraging words.

      Hope you start getting the Kerala stuff more :)

      Happy cooking


      • @Maria,
        Hi Maria,
        I would like to ask you something. Do you know how to make a good crab curry in our style? I asked my mother. (Before I Had suggested her When I asked her about crab curry she told she dont know and asked me to check in (she forgot that i suggested this site) So I am askng you now as I could not find it in here. Could you please give a nice recipe on crab curry. My husband likes it a LOT.

  • Beef Olarthiyathu is my favourite form of cooked beef too. Infact my own doesn’t come out as well as i want it to. The meat is never soft. Don’t know if it’s coz my beef cubes are cut reIly small. I love the one we get in Sahar restaurant here. I will follow your recipe word for word and see. ;)

  • Ha..ha…Maria..Love you…that was a cool self intro :) So sad that I didn’t come across early. better late than never…

  • Hi Maria,

    Found ur blog when I was looking for some recipe…. liked it n ‘m going to add it to my fav..

    #20 made me laugh a lot(I’m at my work now)

    Anyways, keep doing the good job…( not many people get the chance to do what they really love doing )

    Best regards,

  • hi maria ,

    i jus went thru ur blog while i was reading some food blogs.. and beef fry is my fav.. jus reading about it can make my day.. and then your “random facts” oh god those were super funny and i cant help but laugh out loud.. ( im in office rite now shhhh..)

    now lemme read the rest of ur blog..



    • Hi Rachel

      Thanks for dropping in and also for writing to me. Beef fry is my fav too :)

      Hope you had time to go through the blog in detail, please do try some of the recipes, hope you will like it.


  • Lol! you are fuuny!! Ty for making me laugh. I love your blog. It makes me reminisce about all the yummy food my amma and ammachy used to make. I miss them terribly. My amma is in Bahrain and i think it’s cool that you are living there too. Thank you for the wonderful recipes :)

    • Hi Tina

      Thanks for dropping in and for your sweet words :) sorry for the delayed reply, I was in India for my holidays, reached Bahrain only yesterday.

      Nice to know that your mom lives in Bahrain, so you will be visiting Bahrain anytime soon?

      Please do try out the recipes when you’ve time and let me know your feedback.


  • Hi Maria..
    loved the recipe and looooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveed the me-me…nice write up and funny too…..My husband also thinks that my blog is also a show off….Men never understand what women are like…lol….

  • Dear Maria,
    I am an ardent fan of your recipes and ur way of presenting the recipe is just mouth watering. Can I give u a suggestion. When u marinate the beef if u add ginger garlice paste and then when u cook add some chopped onions, ginger, garlic and kariveppala then the result will be more smashing………just try it.

    • Hi Sheena

      Very happy to know that you like the recipes here and thanks a lot for writing to me :)

      I will try your suggestion next time I make beef fry.

      Please do try the recipes here when you’ve time and let me know your comments.


  • Ende ammo! Good lord Gracious! Here at last i find a sister soul meme of all and almost all that i am! cant believe it!!!
    that computer thing, the thing abt driving and honking, etc etc…gal this is ur kindred soul here in houston…ROTFL …coz i thought this is me!
    muaah….sister! there ARE others like me out there! :-) God bless ya!

  • Oh Maria!! I really missed out the part where you tagged me!!! :D Sorry.. I got the link from Ammu and I just posted mine up today!! She pointed out that you tagged me even b4 she did! :D


  • Hi Maria,

    I tried this dish today, and it came out very well. We all liked it so much. Thanks for this reciepe…….. Keep posting !!!!!!!!,



    • Deepa – thanks a lot for trying this and also for letting me know about it. Am very happy that you liked it :). Please do try other recipes also when you’ve time.

  • Thanks for this Reciepe….. It was really great for us those who are away from kerala… Anyone knows how to make Kozhikatta (Easter Spl)..

  • Divya- thanks dear. I can very much relate to mohan lal in that movie, that was a great movie, alle? Waiting to read your me-me :)

    Thanks Rachel, happy to know that I’ve some company :)

    Zaara – thank you :) All the best for your blog and please do try the recipes :)

    Varsha – thanks a lot dear and beef fry sure is our desiya bakshanam ;)

    Thanks ammu dear and your me-me is great!!

    Thanks Divz and again thank you for tagging me, I had a good time writing it, it brought back many good memories :)

    Thanks Seeba :)

    Ann – Happy to know that you enjoyed reading it and thanks a lot for adding me :)

    Thanks Mishmash, hope you got to eat some beef fry :)

    Thanks a lot Priya, hope to read your’s sometime soon :)

    Thanks a lot Smitha. Happy to knw that you liked the recipes. Please keep visiting :)

    Oycie dear – thanks a ton :)

    Thanks a lot Asha and hope you liked the beef fry.

    Godzown – thank you dear :)

    • Hi Savio

      Happy to know that you guys haven’t forgotten me :) and hey I was not referring to JMMMMMM, moreover I didnt work there full time right ;) I really had a good time working with you guys and I do miss it at times especially the samosas ;) Hope you all are doing great!!

      Take care

  • Great reading Maria.. couldn’t help laughing out so much. Really like your humble style for such a talented person.
    Your beef got me drooling that the moment I read your post, I went down to keep out some beef from my freezer! Thanks again!

  • Morning dear,

    Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful write up, I went on laughing reading it, somehow there were many things that are related to me.

    Tks. for the morning dose.



  • hi maria. am a firend of ammus. have been following ur blog since some time now. i liked ur me me tag. u are a good writer too. i like ur recipes a lot too. have tried some of them and they turned out very well. keep up the good work

  • Really enjoyed reading your meme Maria! Who says you are not a good writer? It was really awesome! :)

    Bicycle story was funny… I have a similar one too… But dont wanna fill up your space… :D

  • Wow MARIA,you are such a wonderful buddie..enjoyed reading your me me..ha ha..
    And beef crazy am too..drooling over..such a yummy click..
    Am adding your wonderful blog..hope i wont miss again

  • hahahahhaha!!!! so cute n funny maria!! couldn’t stop laughing after reading ur 17th point………:))))………….infact the tag was more intresting than the recipe..;)))

  • yummy beef fry..nice pic too.and ur write up is one of ur best ones..thanks for tagging me..i wonder if i can ever write as humorous as u :)

  • never knew u hav so much humor sense..I am rofli-ing,showing this to my hubby too..That music class,dog story,charles babbage ellam vayichu chirichu marichu.. :D :D

    Beef fry,as usual,nammude deeseeya food alle..ultimate.. :D

  • Lovely me-me – you seem to be a funny gal. I like a lot of your recipes, am waiting to try them out – I just timidly started blogging recently. I feel it takes so much time! Kudos to gals like you who share your recipes with the rest of us!

  • Haha..loved reading through the tag Maria..;-).I agree with you on so many things,even my bro thinks my blog is just a show off;-).Charles Babbage is making me ROFL;-)!!so is ka,ki hu,main,I remembered the dialogue from the movie-Gandhinagar 2nd street-main ramsingh hoon,hain hum;-)loool!!!I have to think hard about 25 random things,but thanks for tagging me;-).

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