Pineapple Praline Cake

I was thinking “to or not to” have a special post for the 6th b'day of this little space of mine. Recently, when I was reading something, I happened to see this quote “grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy, you must have somebody to share it with” – Mark Twain. When I've you to share my joy, why hesitate, right? So here I'm with a post to celebrate the 6th b'day of my blog :)

It's a coincidence that MariasMenu and myself share b'day in the same month. The only reason I can come up with… is usually when my b'day's come, I'll go on a reflection mode to think about what I've done with my life so far, whether I made good use of all the blessings that I received. Most of the time, I feel guilty about having not done enough. This reminds me of a particular passage from The Bible. This passage was read at the beginning of every academic year during my college days. It talks about how a master gives his servants a number of talents and how they use it. Some of the servants worked hard and they multiplied what they had, while one didnt do anything about it. So whatever little talent he had, was taken from him and was given to the others who worked hard. This passage always acts as a wake up call for me. So that's how I started this space and I'd like to believe I'm doing something productive. At least it helped me develop two new skills, writing and photography, though “I've miles to go before I sleep” in those two areas.

I dont want to take up more of your time with my jabbering, but I want to say one more thing. I want you to know that I treasure each and every comment and mail that you send me. Initially, when I started receiving comments/mails I was surprised! Because, you often see that even the people you love dearly, take you for granted. So when I received mails from people whom I havent even met, I doubted for a min, is it real? It's easy for you to try the recipes from here and carry on with your life, even without saying a hello to me. If the recipe worked well, you could come back again and keep trying. On the other hand, if it didnt work, you could very well say “whoever said these internet things ever worked”? But you didnt take the easy route, you came back to me… sometimes saying thank you, sometimes asking me doubts and sometimes just to ask how I'm doing! You were kind enough to spare a few minutes for me. At times you even stood up for me, when some people left a bad comment or remark, I was touched!

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In the beginning, I didnt know how to respond when people said nice things about my blog. Seeing my dilemma, one of my good friends Ancy told me… “Maria, whatever compliments you get, accept it gracefully. You many not need it now, but there comes a time when these very words will brighten up your day. Store it safely in a corner of your heart”. Her words came true. There were times in my life, when I found it difficult to smile or be happy, but your comments and mails took over that job and I should say they did a very good job at it :)

I'd like to share with you the recipe of this beautiful pastry to celebrate this occasion. I was saving this recipe to post for a special occasion and I think the time has come. It's one of my fav pastries of all the time. When I made it for the first time, I was really happy because this was something that I always wanted to make at home and to taste just like my fav bakery's pastry. It did!

Before going to the recipe…. Thank you for being there with us in good and bad times, it feels great to know that you are out there.

Click Here For Recipe…

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    • Hi Suji,

      If you are using canned fruit, I guess you can use any other canned fruit instead of pineapple. If you are using fresh fruit, may be you can try mango or strawberry.

  • Thanks Maria for this excellent recipe. Your “Notes” are very helpful too….Tried it yesterday & it was delicious. Would be great if we could provide the quantities in grams too :-)

  • Hi Maria… i’ve tried few recipes of yours and all were a straight hit. i just have a doubt about the above recipe…where you have not used butter for the cake sponge. Actually i wanted to bake this cake for my husband’s birthday. Waiting to here from you. Thanks

    • Hi Shweta,

      Thank you :) Great to know that you liked the recipes tried from here.

      Yeah, in this recipe, there is no butter. For most of the sponge recipes, it doesnt use any fat. It all depends on beating the eggwhites and folding the cake batter.

      Hope you get to make this for your husband’s b’day :)


  • Hi Maria,

    Thank you for the beautiful way you write the yummy recipes…i have made many of your recipes and also used your blog as a quick reference when I am confused about ingredients while making a dish and referred your site to friends and family..sorry for the delayed thankyou…all i can say is ” Maria oru sambhavam aanu ktto” ..keep up the good work …God Bless

    • Hi Prathibha,

      Thank you so much for taking time to write to me, appreciate it very much dear. I’m so thrilled to know that you’ve tried many recipes from here and liked them too.

      Thanks a lot for recommending this site to your friends n family. Oralenkilum paranjalo njan oru sambhavam aanennu, happy aayi ketto ;)


  • Hi Maria..I made the Pineapple Praline cake…and it came out was yummy..everyone loved it :) Thank you for the lovely recipe

  • Hi Maria..I am planning to make this cake for the weekend. I have a the powdered sugar and icing sugar the same?

    • Hi Nisha,

      It’s not the same. Powdered sugar has a coarse texture compared to icing sugar.

      Just grind the normal sugar in a mixie to get powdered sugar.

      Hope you like it. All the best!

    • Hi Nisha,

      It’s not the same. Powdered sugar has a coarse texture compared to icing sugar.

      Just grind the normal sugar in a mixie to get powdered sugar.

      Hope you like it. All the best!

  • Hi Maria,
    I am going through your recepies for the first time and they are gr8.
    I want to make this pineapple cake, but can you tell me how can i do it in a pressure cooker or a rice cooker and also if i can make it without the eggs, using condensed milk or somehing else….thnx…

    • Hi Smriti,

      Thanks for visiting MariasMenu! I do hope you get to try out some of the recipes.

      I havent tried baking in pressure cokker, but I’ve tried steaming a cake. Please check out the steamed honey sponge cake recipe in the site.

      Also I’ve posted eggless vanilla cake recipe, please check it out.


  • Hi Maria,
    cngrts…u’r small li’l area is going great..Actually,I am a person who have to get inspired by u to cook.So,haven’t tried it..Was looking forward 4 this recipe..thanx..

  • :( tried it but dint come out well.. I understand it might be the way folding is done because everything else was exactly the same. But it would be good if you could mention some more details on which mode and how many minutes with what temperature after pre-heat…
    I got stuck was confused, if the white and yolk mixture must be folded over the flour powder? Should they be mixed? Do we have to make the flour into a batter and then fold white and yolks.
    Hope to try it later again, if i am clear of the recipe.
    I loved some of your other dishes like prawns fry and paneer biryani etc.. :) :)

    • Hi Greeshma,

      Sorry to hear that the cake didnt come out well for you :(

      Are you referring to the oven mode, in your comment? I bake in an electric oven and I use top and bottom setting for baking. I’ve mentioned the temp in the recipe, it’s the same temp as pre heated one.

      About the white and yolk mixture. I’ve written in the recipe, that egg white and flour mixture has to be folded into the yolk mixture alternately. So while doing that yolk, white and flour mixture will be combined in the end. Hope it’s clear now..


      • Thanks Maria, will try during weekends and let you know :)
        i was using microwave convection mode. but the problem could be with the way i folded the egg and four mixture.

  • Hi Maria Thanks so much I tried the receipe n it turned out supperb,
    I was so happy, I am baking the cake the second time for my grandson’s birthday he loves pineapple cake. God bless us.

  • hey maria, I am great fan of yours. I am very much interested in making this cake and I tried twice but the base became so soft that it couldn’t take its shape and it all broke. I tried making it in microwave convention mode.Is that the reason ? As per instruction I followed the ingredients perfectly but still in vain.

  • oooo mariaaa oo mariaa o mariaa o mariaaaaa… can’t say hw happy io aaamm.. the cake turned out delicious,i made tis for my hubby’s bday ysterday and it was delicioussssss soft and and i dnt kno wat to say,, thnkz a lot for sharing this dear , u made my day , hy hubby was sooo impressed.. on his last bday i made readymix cake but this tym icld make my own cake :D

  • Hi Fathima,

    Thank you!

    Is your 8 inch pan is a deep one? Because this cake tends to rise well, so if it’s not a deep pan, it might be a problem. Otherwise you can try baking it as two batches.

    Hope you get to try this and it comes out well, all the best!


  • Hi Maria .. tried this recipe .. it came out very well ..All the guests loved it . really yummy.. Keep up the good work . God bless .

  • Hi Maria!
      6 Yrz! Wow!…
    I’m wrkng away frm home.. but luv cooking. My tiny studio Apt limits me frm using an oven.. planning to get one though (coz most of ur recepies r oven based)

          how do i bake diz Praline cake using a Cooker?

    luv to hear frm u


  • Hi Maria,This is the first time I’m writing to you.its a pleasure to go through your recipes.They are simple to follow and I hope when I try them out I’ll be able to prepare them yummy..looking forward to more continental dishes.Thanks a lot

    • Hi,

      Thank you very much for taking time to leave a comment here :) I do hope you get to try some of the recipes soon and like them too..

      Happy cooking!


    • Welcome to MariasMenu Anamika! Thanks for the comment!

      To beat the egg whites stiff, it’s always better to use electric beater. But you can also use a hand whisk or wooden spoon, but it takes lot of time n effort, but you can do it that way too..


  • Happy 6th bday MArias Menu.Keep up this fanatstic work.You have helped me a lot dear,when ever I am confused of what to make I always get an answer here .God Bless You
    Lots of love

  • The cake turned out really well.. Thank you for the recipe… My husband really loved it and finished half in one sitting… Can you see my cake?

  • Hi Maria,
    Birthday wishes to your blog. In the last few years, this space has helped me a lot. I’ve never been disappointed.

    Wishing you many many more years of sucess! God Bless!!


    • Hi Ida,

      Thanks a bunch dear! I’m really thrilled to know that this space helped you :) Please continue to try the recipes.

      Best wishes to you too…


  • Hey Maria, you have a lovely space..6th blog bday wow, I keep visiting your space for many recipes. The cake looks great, am gonna surely try this one for my kidos :)……

  • Happpyyy bday to Maria’s menu !! Just feels like you finished 5….keep it going..made your pepper chicken this weekend again..and it was relished to the core by us again !!

  • Hai dear Maria :), Happy 6th bday :) ….yur blog has helped me a lot :) and also wishing yu a wonderful bday in advance :) ,,,,,,,, i will surely try this pineapple praline gateau and hopefully will turn out superb as ur’s :)
    Takr care :)

  • hi maria,
    the cake looks really yummy!!! would like to try it.
    is it possible to use the sponge cake which is available in the market.

    • Hi Roshna,

      Thank you! I guess you can try it with readymade sponge cake, just make sure you moisten the cake well with the pineapple syrup/sugar syrup.


  • Hi Maria…:)

    Feeling great gointhrough your blog with lots and lots of awesome recipes…though m a new comer in ur blog i can ensure you its gonna be a longgggg journey ahead…and hey hearty congrats for ur success with this and may u have many more yummy years ahead…Today being my son’s second birthday,apt time to get through this wonderful recipe,m quite excited to try out ur pineapple praline cake…Will let u kno sooooooooooo :)


    • Hi Fasee,

      Welcome to MariasMenu! I also hope you’ve a long association with us :)

      Thank you so much for your wishes n kind words. Belated b’day wishes to your son too.. Hope you get to try this cake soon and like it too…


  • Maria, wish you a very happy b’day (month?).  This cake looks
    real good. And in one go I didn’t see any butter!  is it true? I will definitely
    try it soon.

    Your blogs are very interesting. Maria you write so well! Photography
    is also excellent.

     pinne the “notes”.  I love the way you compromise
    the ingredients. 

     In “thayir Vada”  when I read to use kara bundi /sev I lost my
    enthusiasm because I wanted to try out that dish immediately. Then you saved me with
    kerala mixture and that was the best part of the dish!  I made it in 2 occasions.Thanks Maria.  Keep writing.


    • Dear Molly,

      Thank you! My b’day was on June 6th!

      This is a sponge cake and sponge cake usually doesnt have butter, so yes, it’s true, the cake doesnt have any butter :) go ahead n bake it, I do hope you will it.

      Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation, it means a lot to me :)


  • Wow…looks yummy!!!!!
    Congrats on the 6th birthday of the blog, and a very happy birthday to u :)
    Your blog has never ceased  to surprise me, each recipe i’ve tried from here has always been a super duper hit! Its the one place I can confidently turn to whenever i need to cook something delicious…thank you, so much dear for helping amateur cooks like myself in times of need and distress..May God bless you abundantly…tc

    • Dear Leena,

      Thanks a ton for your wonderful comment and wishes dear. It’s a pleasure to know that you trust the recipes posted here.

      Please keep trying the recipes…

      Wish you too the very best in life!


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