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MariasMenu is a popular food blog, with its no nonsense simple, tasty and traditional recipes – all tried and tested by readers, family, friends alike…

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Why Should You Advertise On MariasMenu?

Since 2006, MariasMenu has established itself as a go-to food blog with a strong audience and subscriber base. Currently serving over 25,000 email subscribers, 100,000 Facebook fans, 300,000 unique visitors & 1 million page views a month and with more than 800 sites linking to MariasMenu – no doubt, you'll be making a great ROI!

Because MariasMenu ranks within the Top 10 searches for Indian & Kerala food and recipe related keywords (on search engines like Google), has over 500 recipes… adding more weekly, it has become an active hub with over 14,000 comments, attracting actively engaged consumers, a majority of whom are female, either with children or supporting families and even the adventurous bachelors (*based on our yearly surveys). Such consumers are generally affluent, with disposable income.

The site’s searchable recipes make it easy to use, while pictures entice and engage readers to try cooking the simply delicious dishes. A majority of these visitors sign up and return for more… so if you're looking for an excellent way to promote your brand, products and services – choose MariasMenu and gain the visibility from all these frequent visitors.

At these heavily discounted rates, you’d be crazy *not* to advertise here!

So who's been advertising on MariasMenu in the past?

You've probably heard of these big brands… PizzaHut, Tesco, Waitrose, McDonalds, Kitchenaid, Al Ali, Al Shaya, Zomato, Milo, Subway Arabia, Masterfoods, Maggi just to name a few…

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you allow for text link advertisements? – Currently no, sorry. Results from testing shows that image or display based advertising is more successful on a picture heavy site such as MariasMenu.
  • Do you provide advertising prices per month? – We have seen advertisers get more bang for their buck with CPM (Cost Per Thousand/Mille) and PPC (Pay Per Click). If you would like to opt for PPC or monthly rates, please contact us.
  • Do you provide RSS feed advertising? – Over the last couple of years, we have noticed a decline in RSS feed usage, so it didn't make sense to focus on RSS feed advertising. We recommend you opt for our weekly Newsletter Sponsorship that reaches close to 18,000 email subscribers.
  • Do you accept cheques? – Sorry, we do not have the facility to accept cheques. However, credit card payment processing can be done through PayPal – the world's most trusted merchant processing platform. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others…
  • Do you have any specs for the advertisements? – Yes and we also retain the right to remove any that do not meet the following requirements: family-friendly, little or no animation and links to any illegal websites. Ad image formats supported include: gif, jpg, jpeg & png.
  • Do you do sponsored articles? – We have tried this in the past and realized it's not what our readers appreciate. We also have to turn down requests for guest blogging, sorry.
  • Do you have a limit on the number of ads sold? – In order to provide readers with a better user experience, maintain our independence from advertisers and reduce costs to all concerned, we have our ad space managed by Google Adsense / Google DFP and BuySellAds ad server technology. We realized that too many ads distract our readers and too many competing ads gave less exposure and ROI to our advertisers, so we're limiting the number of ads being served on this site.
  • Can you issue me an invoice? – Yes, sure. Please contact us and we'll be happy to provide one as per your requirements.
Want To Sweat The Technical Stuff?

MariasMenu is hosted on SiteGround – a premium website hosting provider with a track record of providing uptime of 99.98%. Since 2006, the site's backend has been managed using WordPress – the world's most popular and scalable content management system. MariasMenu also sends over 110,000 emails each month using the most advanced email marketing (made simple) email service provider MailerLite.

Last updated: 7 December, 2018