Fudgy Brownies

The Best Fudgy Brownies

Best Fudgy Brownie, is a very forgiving/no-fail recipe. It’s loaded with chocolate chunks, melted chocolate and cocoa powder . Pairs well with icecream.

Chocolate Cupcake

Best Chocolate Cupcake

Best Chocolate Cupcake is velvety with a slightly dense and moist texture. Perfect as a dessert or for a birthday treat.

Orange Choco Chip Cake

Orange Chocolate Chip Bread

Orange Chocolate Chip Bread is a quick, easy and tasty Orange bread studded with chocolate chips. Perfect as morning breakfast or as a snack with a cuppa.

White Chocolate Mocha Cupcake

White Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes

White Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes – The white chocolate in it almost turns like caramel during baking and that paired with coffee is like the best combo.