Easy Kerala Style Chicken Fry Recipe

When am absolutely bored/jobless I've this habit of channel surfing from the beginning to the end. But most of the days, even after surfing a 100+ channels, I feel like there is nothing to watch!!! Anyways,one day I got lucky and came across a cookery show. Ya I love to watch cookery shows, I guess many people love watching it even if they don't like cooking ;)

Ok, now coming to this recipe which I got from that cookery show. This is an absolutely simple and easy recipe. This is a kind of recipe which I call “no frills”. Its very good as a starter for a party or for just munching it while watching TV or when you've that sudden urge to snack something spicy and that too real fast, this is the one!!

Here is the recipe:

Chicken Fry Recipe
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Easy Chicken Fry

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Course: Appetiser, Finger Food, Side Dish, Starter
Cuisine: Indian, Kerala, South Indian
Servings: 2 -3
Author: Maria Jose Martin


  • 1 cup Boneless chicken (cut into bite size pieces)
  • 1-2 tsp Chilly powder
  • 1/2 – 1 tsp Pepper powder
  • 1/4 tsp Paprika (optional)
  • Salt
  • 5-7 Green chilly
  • Curry leaves
  • Oil


  • Marinate the chicken pieces with chilly powder, pepper powder, paprika (if using) and salt. Keep it for 10-15 mins. Shallow fry in oil, add the green chilly and tons of curry leaves along with the chicken pieces. Fry till the chicken is tender and it gets a good reddish brown colour. Sprinkle a pinch of salt on the fried chicken to give it an extra flavor. Serve hot.


The green chilly & curry leaves gives the flavor to this. Also I recommend using coconut oil for frying, if you like it's taste. Please adjust the qty of spice powders to suit your taste.
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98 thoughts on “Easy Kerala Style Chicken Fry Recipe”

  1. Just what i wanted…quick and easy recipe for dinner. I always refer to your site while cooking…Thank you for all the wonderful recipes :)

  2. Hi Chechi,
    I am a big fan of yours and love all ur recipes. It is always very easy and less time consumption.
    Pls convey my regards to Jose chettan too.

    • Hi Nidhin,

      Thank you so much :) Good to know that you find the recipes useful.

      I’ll surely convey your regards to Jose also, thank you.


  3. Hi Anil,

    Thanks for your comment!

    I should say it’s the first time I’m getting a comment saying that the ingredients I use arent easily available, so I’m a bit curious to know where you are based :)
    Good to know that you tried the chicken fry recipe and liked it too..


  4. wow.. super easy.. and m sure it will taste grt too.. ( all ur recipes do). going to try it out today for lunch. Thank u once again my dear..

  5. Hi Maria
    Thanks for your awesome recipes !!!
    I have some doubt about the quantity of the chicken?(Boneless chicken – 1 cup, cut into bite size pieces) Can you please explain the exact weight of chicken?? thanks a lot :)))

  6. Dear Maria…..
    I just loved it…. more over cooking it in coconut oil with curry leaves and green chilliy just adds to the flavor …Thank u so much… :)

    • Hi Stella,

      You are welcome dear… Nice to know that you enjoyed this dish. Yeah, coconut oil definitely takes it to a higher level..

      Thanks for the comment dear :)


  7. Hi maria,Just loved it n would like to try this for coming saturday’s Ifthaar… :) ..Its been my routine to read your “Cooking stories” ,,whenever I get a small break at Workplace.. :).. Since being me n hubby at our Honeymoon dayz,hope this recipie will definitely add some flavours to my cooking skills:) Btw let me know wats Paprika????. …

    • Thanks Jaz! Good to hear that you find time to read my cooking stories :) Paprika is dried capsicum powder.. Hope you get to try this soon and like it too..


  8. Hi Maria,  its quite some time i have been viewing your recipes…i have tried so many of them… sometimes i check your blog and then decide what to make and then do my shopping…Any ways this is awesome and great for a person like me who is working. i’m basically from Thrissur and now in Kolar, which is near bangalore. some more  easy dishes like this especially non veg like will really help… Hats of to you and your dishes…we get everything in one blog

  9. hi maria…
    Its quite some time that i’ve been viewing your recipes and have tried out many of them…most of the time i thing of making something special i log on to your website… and depending on your recipes i do my shopping. but this easy and awesome… some more like this for working women like me is really helpful.

    • Hi Reena,

      Thanks a bunch for your comment dear. It’s a pleasure to know that you try recipes from here regularly.

      Please keep trying the recipes from here and happy cooking!


    • Hi Neenu,
      Thanks dear :) I used it because I happened to have it with me… As I’ve mentioned in the recipe its optional. It gives a nice colour..


  10. hi,
     i’m new to your blog. i tried out this dish yesterday. its really very easy to cook and very very tasty. me and my husband like this very much… thank you for your recipe….

  11. Hi Sharon,

    How are you dear? Great to know that this recipe worked well for you. Yep, its super duper easy :) Thanks a lot dear for your comment.


  12. Hi Maria,

    I’m new to ur blog and haven’t posted any comments yet on sny other sitet.. somehow ur site looked interesting and i felt easy posting comments…I did try  ur famous easy chick fry and it turned out awesome, my hubby liked it too :) it was just so easy i couldnt believe :) Thanks a ton for sharing:) 

    • Hi Alfi,

      Thank you so much for posting the comment here. I’m happy that you liked the recipe. Please try other recipes also when time permits.


  13. Hi Maria,

    A big fan of your blog. Your eastern chicken curry last week was a bumper hit athome and people ate it with lot of misery so that it does not get over ;)


    • Hi Jai,

      I guess you are referring to the Easter Chicken Curry, right? I’m happy that the recipe worked well for you. May be next time, you can make it in bulk ;)

      Thanks a lot for the comment!


    • Hi Archana,

      Its wonderful to know that you like the recipes posted here. Thanks a bunch for your comment n wishes.

      Best wishes to you too!

      Take care…


  14. Hi Alex,

    Paprika is dried capsicum powder & you need around 1/4 cup oil for the above qty. You can increase or decrease the qty to suit your requirements.


  15. This is a great recipe, Maria. Thank you so much. I made with boneless/skinless chicken and it was yummo. As it came out so well I decided to experiment the recipe with regular with bone chicken also. The only difference is I also added some ginger/garlic/green chilli paste to the marinade.It came out very well.My husband enjoyed it very much.
    Thanks again-I am going to keep trying out your recipes-I love your website.
    With best wishes,

    • Hi Priya,

      Thank you so much dear :) I’m glad that it came out well for you. Adding ginger/garlic/chilli paste sounds nice. I’ll also try that sometime…

      I’m hoping to hear from you about other recipes too…

      Happy cooking!



  16. I’m new to your site. Was looking for chettinad chicken recipe and came to your website.
    Will definitely try your chicken fry recipe. I love cooking.I’m from Malaysia.

    • Hi Anita,

      Welcome to MariasMenu! I do hope you find the recipes here interesting. Please try it when time permits & share your feedback also.

      Happy cooking :)


  17. njaanum try cheythu without green chilly as i didnt have any.but it turned out good! it was a life saver with all those chicken breasts left in my fridge !

  18. hi maria..

    hapend to visit ur site a week bak wile serchin for a diferent styl chiken cury(me n hubby were geting tired of the one which i make always for ifthar)thn i tried ur chiken mappas one day nd the other cury next day..it was very nice!!!
    thn i tried ur chiken biriyani and today i tried ur thattukada beef curry,everything was so so tasty..wondefyl recipes nd ur page itself luks so beautiful..special credit for ur fotographs..dey make anyone try out ur recipes..

    • Hi Shemi,

      First of all, so sorry dear for the delayed rep :( I missed your comment somehow…

      Thank you so much for trying out the recipes from here and also for sharing your feedback here. I’m so glad to know that you liked the recipes and also the photos.

      Please keep visiting us in future too…

      All the best!!


  19. I just came across your website.
    interesting. just started to learn.

    great recipe & very simple.


  20. hi i’m new to ur site….i like ur posts vry much….i’m also frm thrissur district…..nw n abudhabi….hav u have any idea abt dried shark recipes?

    • Hi Sree,

      Glad to know that you like the recipes here.

      I havent tried any shark recipes yet, so I am kinda clueless about it. Hope you find a good recipe soon.


  21. Hello…mariaechi…How are you????

    Could you tell me what is paprika????

    And i tried your Aloo Gobi masala…it was awsome…and i added a few green peas too…it really turned out well….

    Thank u….

    • Hi Nasreen,

      Paprika is a powder made from grinding dried capsicum (bell peppers). Its mainly added to give color and flavor. Its available in supermarkets.

      Thanks for trying the aloo gobi recipe dear :)


  22. very good recipe, tried several times, easy to make, my husband, daughter, father in law and mother in law enjoyed it very much.

    Thank u

    Rincy Gilbert

    • Hi Rincy

      Delighted to know that your family liked it and thanks a lot for the comment :)

      Pls try other dishes also, hope you will like it.


  23. hi,
    was just reading….apologies bt there is some correction….jeerakam is cumin seed and aniseed is a spice that looks like a star.you can google search to see it.

  24. hi maria
    i m very much interested in cooking. and i was surfing thru net for making a malabar fish curry. thus i got ur site. i tried it and that was grt!!
    and the chicken fry in this pic is so yummy……
    ok. i have a doubt.
    wht do we call 4 fennel seed and aniseed in malayalam…

      • Hey Maria,
        Aniseed is mostly known as Saumph itself in Kerala and Choti Saumph in Hindi. As we all know, Fennel Seeds (Perumjeerakam) are commonly used in Kerala Cuisine. Aniseed is used as a mouth freshener and has a stronger taste and is more expensive. I don’t think Aniseed is all that common in Kerala Cuisine.

  25. Hi Maria.. such an easy chicken fry recipe.. made it yest nite fer dinner n hubby luvd it! :D thank uuuu fer postin it! Cheerzz!

  26. Hi Maria – I think I caught an episode of a mallu cooking show with this recipe – the host was actor Jagathy’s daughter Parvathi Shaun – it looks super easy and would be a great appetiser! Your pics are so professional!

  27. hi da..
    i was goin thru ur recipes, with the belief that we guys could learn some thing to cook .. now am at south africa…wife is not here to cook for me :( , ha..ivide ninnum vallathum vedichu kazhichal ….mikkavarum njan kideppavum.., so cooking ellam thaniye cheythale vallathum kazhikkan okku …hmma…so pachakthinte bala paadangal padikkan ullla thudakkam..ivide ninnavatte.. :) ..

    nammude nadan currykal oke kandittu kothiyavunu… hm lets try something this weekend.
    and happy to see my school days friend here with all recipes ready..!!
    Grt Work!

    • Hi Kamani

      Hope you’re having fun in SA (except for the food).

      All the best for your cooking experiments!!. Even Biju was asking me for some bachelor recipes other day :)

      Baala padangal okke padichu padichu oru cooking expert aayi maratte ennu ashamsikkunnu :)

      If you need any help with the recipes, please do write to me.

      Happy cooking :)


  28. hi Maria
    i tried out the dish jst this afternoon and i mst say my children and my hubby jst loved it..it was jst tasty..i added a little lime juice too to the marinade for a chnge and it was jst great..looking fwd to more wonderful and tasty dishes frm ur end…

    • Hi Sindu

      Thanks a lot dear for trying out the recipes here and letting me know about it :)

      Adding lemon juice is great, I will also try doing that next time :)


    • Hi Rashmi

      Happy to know that you liked the recipe, thanks for letting me know about it :) btw, I visited your blog. You’re a very talented singer!! I really enjoyed your singing :)

  29. Thanks dearies for your sweet words :)

    Emie – am not sure whether its Asianet or Surya, but it was a chicken recipe itself. Prawns sounds like a good idea, will give it a try.

    Miriam – Thanks for dropping in. Nice to meet you here and happy to know that I’ve company :)

    Shabs – even I watch Arabic cookery at times. I think language is not at all a problem as long as you find it interesting.

  30. Nice pic….n nice recipe as well….ya, i too love cookery shows…..i love them more than movies….hehe…..i even watch arabic cookery shows eventhough i dont understand most of it……isnt that crazy?…..i love cooking as well:)

  31. Hey Maria…i’m a fellow Mallu blogger out here in Bahrain and came across your blog recently n’ i really like the look and feel of it…read the 25 things about me too…that’s when i figured you are in Bahrain…noticed the comment on missing the rain….yeah i miss the rain so much too…

  32. Even i tried this last week , i think you saw this recipe from Surya TV Cookery Show- Prawns fry. Chef told the tip – Green chili and Curry Leaves fry along with Prawns will give good taste..

    Go along with one Cheers :-)

  33. Definitely thats a simple recipe..but looks delicious..can imagine the subtle flavout it evokes..super click as always !!

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