Top 10 Most Shared Recipes On Facebook

Facebook has revolutionized the way we socialize now. When we moved from Orkut to Facebook, we never really understood how big this would be. Well, the vote is in… here are the most shared recipes on Facebook. Check them out (scroll down to see more), and please share them with your friends and family. They'll thank you for it!

  1. Ultra Moist Chocolate Cake
  2. Beef Fry (Meme Tag)
  3. Pesaha / Indri / Inri Appam and Paal
  4. Beef Fry – Kallu Shappu Style
  5. Eggless Chocolate Cake
  6. Spicy Beef Korma
  7. Pepper Chicken (Kurumulaku Chicken)
  8. Meen Vevichathu (Fish Curry, Kottayam Style)
  9. Parippu Vada (Lentil / Dal Fritters)
  10. We wanted you to vote… so visit the site, search or browse for a recipe that you like and share it on Facebook. We'll update this after tallying all the votes in a few months time.