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Imagine… you're inviting friends over for lunch or dinner… and you know they love chicken… and they love spicy, flavour rich Indian food…

  • What's the easiest way to impress them?
  • How can you look like a chef?
  • Do you already hear those compliments… do you see the plates clean?

Or when you're at home and you want to treat your family to home made cooking… what will it be like when they ask for more?

This is finger lickin' great… delicious, mmmm…. yummmmmy! Can I have some more? What? It's over… !!

We couldn't give them away so easily… for less than an outside dinner, you get 14 tried and tested recipes from MariasMenu AND 5 special recipes for mouth watering dishes – a total of 19 recipes spread across 30+ pages, with really tempting photos. See for yourself…


MariasMenu has been tried, tested and trusted by over 25,000 readers – and now we've put together the best chicken recipes AND what's more, we're including 5 special recipes that WILL NEVER BE PUBLISHED on the site… this only for you.

Here's the collection of 14 favourite recipes and 5 special recipes all-in-one place, so you can download and print immediately…

  1. Pepper (Kurumulaku) Chicken
  2. Chicken Tomato Roast
  3. Easter Chicken Curry
  4. Spicy Chicken Korma
  5. Chilli Chicken
  6. Chicken Curry
  7. Chicken Dry Roast
  8. Chicken Mappas
  9. Chicken Pasta
  10. Chicken Cutlets
  11. Chicken Coriander Curry
  12. Chicken Stew
  13. Chicken Sandwich (Easy)
  14. Chicken Cocktail Crunchies (Easy)
  15. Kozhikode Chicken Biriyani (Special)
  16. Varutharacha Chicken Curry (Special)
  17. Pressure Cooker Chicken Biryani (Special)
  18. Chicken Roast (Special)
  19. Chicken Peralan (Special)

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Download 30+ pages of super simple and easy recipes and a few special ones that will make your mouth water…

Every part of the eBooklet has been designed for ease of use. You can print out your favourite recipes in one-two pages. They're nicely formatted so you won't waste ink. With clear large fonts so you can read without glasses! Sections are color coded for ease of reference…

  • Print friendly. Don't waste ink, you can print only the recipe pages!
  • Screen friendly. View this colorful ebooklet on any tablet or computer. PDF is amazing!
  • Search friendly. Don't waste time searching all over the web. Get all the best in one place!
  • Future updates FREE! Yes, if we update this booklet within the year, you'll get a copy absolutely free!

The regular recipes are branded MariasMenu… these recipes are ones that are most liked by over 18,000 readers!


The easy recipes are branded green… go green… go now! They're so simple… we're guilty of laziness!


And the special secret recipes, which WILL NEVER BE PUBLISHED on the site are in golden brown… the color of richness, the flavours of India and the natural tone of our mother earth…


What others are saying…

Awesome job creating the ebooklet and I loved the new recipes too… planning to try that chicken peralan and varutharacha chicken curry soon… – Ammu Prethesh

This is the first time I purchased a recipe book online! And I have no regrets… really great collection of recipes, we really enjoyed the special ones! – Alicia PC

So what do you need?

  • Kitchen…
  • Chicken (of course) and other basic ingredients…
  • MariasMenu – Chicken eBooklet!

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