Christmas/Easter Party Menu

Lekha, one of my readers from Bahrain, mailed me sometime back with a suggestion….she wanted me to post a party menu. I liked the idea very much, but then I was not sure how to go about it. Different types of food are served at different parties right? As usual, my thought process was completely occupied with the party menu, but nothing worked out :(

Recently when I was thinking about the Xmas special post, Lekhas party menu said hi to me like a long lost friend :) Am glad that I met that friend at the right time ;) Thanks a ton dear Lekhas for that suggestion. I hope other readers will also find it useful.

Am presenting the Xmas menu to you, dear friends….just putting together some of the recipes that I've posted before. You can use it as a Xmas lunch or dinner menu.

Get set ready…                                                                                                    

xmas bells
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The party starts rolling with Xmas cake & wine, followed by…

4 Course lunch/dinner menu for Xmas party

First Course:

Chicken/Fish snacks

Choice of  chicken/fish appetizer:

greek fish
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Fish fry
chinese chkn fry
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Chinese chicken fry

Second  Course:

Cutlet & salad,  Appam/bread and curries.

Choice of cutlets:

Meat Cutlet
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Meat Cutlet
fish cutlet
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Fish Cutlet

Choice of Appam & side dishes:

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Nadan Mutton curry
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Nadan mutton curry
chicken mappas
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Chicken Mappas

Third Course:

Biriyani served with raitha, pickle & pappad.

Choice of biriyani:

mutton biriyani
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Mutton biriyani
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Prawns biriyani

Fish Biriyani 5
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Fish biriyani

Kindly note that you can prepare chicken biriyani using the same recipe & method of mutton biriyani.

Fourth Course:


Choice of puddings:

pineapple pudding
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Moose pudding with stewed pineapple & praline
Caramel Custard
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Caramel custard

Pecan tortem
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French chocolate pecan torte

Check out the new additions to the Christmas Party Menu below:

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Hope you find this menu useful.

Wish you all a Merry Xmas. May this Xmas bring you & your loved ones happiness, peace & joy!!  May god bless you!!

Happy holidays & Happy cooking :)



xmas bells
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