Eggless Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Sauce

Ideally I should be making a hot bowl of soup for this climate. Nope its not snowing or raining in Bahrain, but we have a chilled climate, perfect for sipping a warm soup. Moreover both of us Jose & myself are busy sneezing & coughing. Yet I went ahead & made a pudding, that's how crazy I am ;) It all started with my desire to be a more organised person in the new year. As a first step I wanted to arrange my kitchen cupboards and there I met one of my long lost friend, sitting all alone in a corner ….Milkmaid ;). After exchanging initial greetings, we got into the details. It's expiry date was a few days ago!!  Something had to be done urgently and I started going through my recipe collections and finally landed on this recipe. See, I cant be blamed for making pudding, it's all for a cause – to be a more organised person. Ahhh… I feel so much relieved now, I've passed the blame to resolutions ;)

Now about the recipe, its a pretty basic pudding recipe and as usual its a very simple & easy one. No baking or steaming or fancy ingredients and you wont take more than 20-25 mins for making this (excluding chilling time). If you compare the effort you put in for making this, with the outcome, its worth trying :) and its eggless too.

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