Eggless Chocolate Pudding with Vanilla Sauce

Ideally I should be making a hot bowl of soup for this climate. Nope its not snowing or raining in Bahrain, but we have a chilled climate, perfect for sipping a warm soup. Moreover both of us Jose & myself are busy sneezing & coughing. Yet I went ahead & made a pudding, that's how crazy I am ;) It all started with my desire to be a more organised person in the new year. As a first step I wanted to arrange my kitchen cupboards and there I met one of my long lost friend, sitting all alone in a corner ….Milkmaid ;). After exchanging initial greetings, we got into the details. It's expiry date was a few days ago!!  Something had to be done urgently and I started going through my recipe collections and finally landed on this recipe. See, I cant be blamed for making pudding, it's all for a cause – to be a more organised person. Ahhh… I feel so much relieved now, I've passed the blame to resolutions ;)

Now about the recipe, its a pretty basic pudding recipe and as usual its a very simple & easy one. No baking or steaming or fancy ingredients and you wont take more than 20-25 mins for making this (excluding chilling time). If you compare the effort you put in for making this, with the outcome, its worth trying :) and its eggless too.

Click Here For Recipe…

  • Hi Maria,

    I am new to your blog. And was thinking to try the recipe. Can you please let me know if it would easily come out from the bundt pan or is there any need to use butter paper? For de moulding

    • Hi Rooh,

      Welcome to MM :)

      I’ve explained in the recipe to grease the pudding dish with butter, this helps to release the pudding easily from the pan. You dont need to use butter paper. Hope you will like this.


  • Hi Maria,

    Ur eggless recipes are amazing..being a vegetarian, I am always on the lookout for such wonderful recipes. Ur presentation is also very good. Keep up the good job…

    Sharmila Bhattar Naufel

  • maria…u r an awesome cook……….i liked ur recipies…i m a good follower of sanjay thumma recipies and in my hse he s the hit person and my office too …let me try sme of ur recipies

    maria …do u ve any restaurant or bakery in abudhabi…recently one cake i had and aunty said its from maria


      Thanks for visiting :) please do try the recipes here and I hope you will like it.

      I dont have any restaurant or bakery in Abudhabi or any other place, I just have this blog :)


  • gonna try it out rgt nw…
    n also can u help me out in baking some simple cakes..need some a beginner in baking..


    • Hi Shruthi,

      Hope you liked the pudding.

      Check out the cake section on the left side of the blog. You can see cake recipes there. Most of the cake recipes are simple ones. May be you can start with butter cake or five minute cake, its ideal for baking beginners.

      All the best!!


  • Hii Maria,
    Came to know about ur site quite recently and since then I’m a fan of ur’s coz I’m also a lover of plain cakes as u are. Planning to try out ur cake recipes soon. Yesterday I tried out this pudding and I just dont have words to explain how it came out. My Husband liked it so much that he asked me to make it again this weekend. Thank u very much dear. And I promise I’ll keep on trying ur recipes more often.

    • Hi Vineetha,

      Welcome :) Thanks a lot dear for trying out the recipe. Am really happy that your family liked it.

      Please do let me know the comments for other recipes too…

      Happy cooking :)


  • Hello….mariaechi…

    How are you????? You know what…my mama is really surprised to see me in kitchen trying out new new recipes…hehe…
    I tried chicken stew as well..oh it was really yummy…velayappam and chicken stew was a great combination….

    Mariaechi..could you tell to how use whipping cream powder…actually i got it in the powdered form..i dont know how to whip the powder form…please reply…am dying to make a pudding and chocolate mousse….

    please do reply…please….


    Have a great time….

    • Hi Nasreen

      Am doing good dear. Hope you are also fine. Mama must be wondering why cooking all on a sudden, eh? :)

      Dear, I havent used whipping powder yet. I use whipping cream (liquid form), so I dont know how to use it. But I guess there will be instructions on the cover of it. Or may be you can do a google search, that should work :)

      Hope you find it soon…


  • Hi mariaechi….its me Nasreen again…cud u please post the recipe of ‘carrot halwa’ or is already posted…??if yes cud you just mention under which category….Actually my fiance loves carrot halwa…i have asked my friends and some of my relatives but those were not satisfactory….it would be soo nice of you if you post the same..Just help me if you have time…otherwise I will wait….
    Till then….Takecare…

    • Hi Nasreen,

      I havent posted the carrot halwa recipe yet. Though I’ve made it several times, I never wrote down the measurements :(.

      Next time, I will make sure that the measurements are there. I will try to post it…


  • Good work Maria ! Cant wait to start trying out each recipee!
    Have u ever thought of trying out baby food recipes ?
    You should u know and include them !

    • Hi Lin

      Thanks for dropping in. hope you’ll enjoy the recipes from here.

      Baby food recipes, I will try to include some in the future :) There are some snacks & sandwiches recipes in this blog, which is good for babies too. Pls have a look at it.


  • Yummy and delicious.My husband and 2 yr old son liked it very much.For me it has become an addiction to check you site.once i reach office ,along with the outlook I open your site even though I know mostly on fridays u post something.Still hoping may be something u must have posted.

    • Hi Jasmin

      Thanks a ton dear :) I was so excited to read your comment, actually comments like this motivates me a lot to keep trying out new dishes.


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