If you ask me what's my fav Kerala breakfast dish of all time, I dont have to think twice about the answer, it's always Palappam. The soft and fluffy palappam with the crispy lace edges is a treat for the eyes as well as for your tummy.

Palappam is a traditional Kerala breakfast recipe made with rice flour and coconut. Again, if you ask me, this is one of the must try Kerala food. The combination of light Palappam with a coconut based stew is a match made in heaven. Trust me, you need to taste this at least once!

Recommended side dishes for Palappam:

Veg side dishes: Vegetable Stew, Peas Masala, Kadala Curry

Egg side dishes: Egg Roast, Egg and Potato Curry, Egg and Peas Kurma

Non veg side dishes: Chicken Stew, Chicken Mappas, Restaurant style chicken curry, Nadan beef curry, Spicy mutton curry, Fish Molly, Karimeen Mappas

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