Chinese Chicken Fry

Finally I did it. No no.. am not referring to the recipe, the recipe is an easy one and you cant go wrong with it. I was referring to the picture. I couldn't get a good picture of this recipe. It doesn't mean that all the pictures in my blog are excellent. I am talking about an average looking picture here. Somehow or the other it didn't work out. The problem ranges from the lighting to the chicken getting burnt and finally when the light and chicken is ready my camera is not charged up. I even thought whether am jinxed :-), because when it happens with the same dish for more than 3,4 times you need an answer for why its happening right :-) ?

Anyways, this time also the light didn't favor me, but am not going to try anymore, I think this will be the best that I can do with this dish. This recipe was sent to me by my friend Divya, who is a fabulous cook herself and who has encouraged me a lot in blogging by giving very helpful suggestions and feedback and also by sending beautiful recipes like Carrot Cake and Fish Fingers.

I still remember our hostel days at Banglore, where we used to try our hand at cooking under Divya's leadership. Our cooking adventures included biscuit pudding, kachimoru, and Chicken Biriyani (yes, we always aimed high in cooking)

This chicken is almost like an instant dish and it tastes awesome!

Click Here For Recipe…

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