Spicy Mutton Curry

Are you the kind of person who likes “adukki perukkal” (organising things)? I’ve seen many people who consider “adukki perukku” as a hobby and that includes my husband! You know what… it can be a pretty annoying hobby at times, not for the person who does it, but for poor souls like me who don’t enjoy the process very much.  Normally I’ve seen the opposite, I mean it’s the ladies in the house who enjoys it and complains about the valichu variyidal (messing up) by the man of the house.

I think I should make something clear…. I’m not a messy person but at the same time I don’t have an OCD of organising things every now and then. I’m ok with some books and papers lying around here and there ;) There is nothing wrong with “adukki perukkal”, as long as you enjoy practicing the hobby by yourself, without any company, you know what I mean, right ;)

But I’ve to admit one thing, all this organising has some benefits too.. this recipe is the result of one such activity. Since there was some maintenance work to be done in the kitchen, I had to rearrange my cookery books. I rediscovered some cookery books and magazines. The photo of this recipe caught my attention at once and I decided to try it. I should say that the recipe compensated for the not so enjoyable part of rearranging the books.

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Btw, are you a fan of Samvrutha Sunil, the Malayalam film actress? If so, there is one more reason to try this recipe. She shared this in one of the earlier issues of Vanitha Pachakam. I’ve given the quantity of ingredients based on my experiment and I’ve made some changes in the procedure, but the basic format of the recipe is same as hers. It’s a very spicy recipe loaded with flavour, that goes well with pulao, roti, appam, paratha etc; I do hope you will also enjoy this spicy treat.

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