Green Peas Masala

I've always associated this dish with restaurants. I dont have a single memory of having green peas curry/masala from home. I'm not sure why we never made it at home. But that doesnt stop me from having good memories of this dish. As a family (i'm referring to my family back home) we like to eat out. It was and still is an unwritten rule that if we go out, we need to eat/drink something or if that didnt happen we make sure to take some parcel at least.

It was the same during my recent trip also. When I got out of doctor's room, after my wisdom tooth extraction, I saw a small  greasy brown cover in appa's hand. For a moment, I was wondering, what he could buy from a hospital? Because if it's medicine, there shouldn't be any grease on the cover. Since I'm an easy prey to curiosity, even before talking to my parents, I got hold of the cover and opened it. It had some ethakkappam and parippu vada :)

Btw, another thing that surprised me was that hospitals have a small kiosk these days. In a hospital food counter you naturally expect to have some healthy stuff right? But if you have a look at the the things they sell, you will get an answer why everybody is talking about alarming rate of life style diseases among Malayalees. Kiosks have hardly anything healthy. They mostly have ethakkappam, parippu vada (lentil fritters), uzhunnu vada (medu vada), vegetable cutlet, puffs etc! I'm not surprised, there is a good crowd in front of the kiosks all the time! I know.. I've no right to preach or judge but just sharing my observation ;)

Anyways, let's come back to our green peas masala. Back home on Sundays, after the morning mass… you guessed it. The parcel was appam/idiyappam with peas curry/masala. It was something I used to look forward to, may be because, it was different from what we normally had. Also I like curries with thick gravy. Peas masala always had a thick gravy, so I used to soak the renda (frill) of the palappam with this masala. I like the crispy golden colured renda to be fully soaked with the gravy (ahhhh… I'm literally drooling now). I like it best when appam is soaked in the fish molly's gravy!

I've tried to recreate the peas masala from my memory. It had a similar colour and texture and I guess taste is also somewhat similar. All in all, it pretty much looked and tasted like what I had in my memory. Hope you too will like it. Though it tastes best with appam or idiyappam, I like it with almost anything, be it chapathi, dosa, rice, pulao etc;

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