Green Peas Masala

I've always associated this dish with restaurants. I dont have a single memory of having green peas curry/masala from home. I'm not sure why we never made it at home. But that doesnt stop me from having good memories of this dish. As a family (i'm referring to my family back home) we like to eat out. It was and still is an unwritten rule that if we go out, we need to eat/drink something or if that didnt happen we make sure to take some parcel at least.

It was the same during my recent trip also. When I got out of doctor's room, after my wisdom tooth extraction, I saw a small  greasy brown cover in appa's hand. For a moment, I was wondering, what he could buy from a hospital? Because if it's medicine, there shouldn't be any grease on the cover. Since I'm an easy prey to curiosity, even before talking to my parents, I got hold of the cover and opened it. It had some ethakkappam and parippu vada :)

Btw, another thing that surprised me was that hospitals have a small kiosk these days. In a hospital food counter you naturally expect to have some healthy stuff right? But if you have a look at the the things they sell, you will get an answer why everybody is talking about alarming rate of life style diseases among Malayalees. Kiosks have hardly anything healthy. They mostly have ethakkappam, parippu vada (lentil fritters), uzhunnu vada (medu vada), vegetable cutlet, puffs etc! I'm not surprised, there is a good crowd in front of the kiosks all the time! I know.. I've no right to preach or judge but just sharing my observation ;)

Anyways, let's come back to our green peas masala. Back home on Sundays, after the morning mass… you guessed it. The parcel was appam/idiyappam with peas curry/masala. It was something I used to look forward to, may be because, it was different from what we normally had. Also I like curries with thick gravy. Peas masala always had a thick gravy, so I used to soak the renda (frill) of the palappam with this masala. I like the crispy golden colured renda to be fully soaked with the gravy (ahhhh… I'm literally drooling now). I like it best when appam is soaked in the fish molly's gravy!

I've tried to recreate the peas masala from my memory. It had a similar colour and texture and I guess taste is also somewhat similar. All in all, it pretty much looked and tasted like what I had in my memory. Hope you too will like it. Though it tastes best with appam or idiyappam, I like it with almost anything, be it chapathi, dosa, rice, pulao etc;

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  • Hi Maria,

    I made this today and it was really good. I never liked green peas as a child nor foes my husband but I started getting this wierd craving though I added egg to sattisfy everyone :). I usually make fish n beef using ur recipes as I m a vegetarian but my husband likes fish n beef the a lot like a true mallu. I really like it that your measurements are accurate. Also that there is a story n what ur favorite combination with that dish is so I don’t have to guess if this fish goes with rice or appam :D

    One request is that could you add date to your posts.. I like to see if its an updated recipe or an old one as I read comments section for additional tips.

    I never comment but I felt it’s high time I thank you and let you know I find ur blog awesome..


    • Hi Gayathri,

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment :) I’m very happy to hear that you like the recipes here and enjoy cooking them. Let me see, if I can do something about the dates showing with the recipe. Thanks again for taking time to leave a comment here, appreciate it very much.


  • Hi Maria chichi,
    I have tried many of your receipes and all went well. My heart felt thanks for ur wonderful recipes…Will try this dish tomorrow morning…

  • Awesome recipe! i have tried it twice .. just like what we get back home in kochi …. brings back a lot of childhood memory … it tastes awesome with malabar parota

  • when im searching for a green peas recipe i came across this. Tried and in the first try itself it tastes superb. Even my friends liked it. thanks for this delicious recipe

    • Hi Nikhil,

      I’m glad your search took you here :) Good to know that peas curry came out well and your friends liked it. Thanks a lot for the comment!


  • This is simply awesome . I am 8 months pregnant and was craving green peas curry , tried this yesterday and my taste buds bump and soul is happy :)

    • Hi Manjusha,

      I’m so happy to hear that your body and soul is happy with this recipe :) Thank you so much for your comment! You take good care. Eat well and rest well too.. Best wishes!


  • Yo! Maria! You rock, girl! Tried a lot of stuff according to your instructions. The image by image tutorial really makes it interesting. Keep up the good processing work.

  • Tried this awesome recipe with some modifications(instead of coriander powder and fennel powder I roasted and ground whole seeds & added few cashew nuts in the mixer)..came out well..Thank you for the wonderful recipe..

  • Hi maria mam…….
    Ur recipes are so good n tasty.Til now i have tried kappa biriyani,vegetable stew n green piece curry.Thank u somuch for ur great recipes.Hope to c u soon mam.God bless u…….

  • Hi Maria..since I haven’t cooked dried green peas before…could you give me a rough idea of how long they’d take in the pressure cooker! Thanks

  • Hi Maria,
    I would like to try this recipe. But I don’t have dried green peas. I have frozen green peas ( fresh). Can I use it and follow the same recipe?? Will it turn out the same way?


    • Hi Nisha,

      Some of the readers have tried this recipe with frozen green peas and they said it worked out well. So, I think it’s ok to use frozen green peas.


  • Hi Maria, I got some sprouted green peas from the grocery the other day. How long do you think this will take to cook in the pressure cooker?

    • Hi Rohini,

      I havent cooked it yet.. but I checked with one of my friends.

      She said it cooks really fast and there is no need for pressure cooking as such. If you are pressure cooking 1 whistle is enough.


  • Hi mam I am Raj we have done butter chicken by referring ur guide that has turned out fantastic ….. Being bachelor we learned to cook recipes
    Thanks a lot

  • Oh! man…this came out so well that i got compliments from everyone…my husband,my finicky daughter,MIL and my maid :))….THANK U!!

  • Simply delicious…. I served it with Idiyappam. Will be making it again and again. Thanx Maria, for sharing this wonderful recipe… God Bless.

  • Hai Mariya…. i tried this recipe…and it is toooooo yumm. plz provide some more vegetable curries for chappathi…. waiting for ur delicious recipes………….thanks a lot….

  • Hi Maria,,,,,!!! Iam new to ur blog :) Yesterday I prepared this green peas masala….it came out so yummy :) Usually when i ask my husband hws d fud 2day?? his usual reply wud be ” aan kuzhapamilla ” but wen i served him dis curry,,,,his reaction after having it was ” ahaan,,,,ithu super aayittundallo ” I was so happy,,,!! All thanx to u Maria :)

  • Dear Maria, can i make this dish with the frozen green peas which we get here? if yes, then how to proceed? directly put the frozen peas in to the gravy? plz help..

    • Hi Nirmala,

      First of all apologies for the delayed reply :( I was away on a trip.

      Yes, you can use frozen peas as well. One of the reader’s have tried it and she commented that it was good. Cook the peas as per the packet instructions and continue with recipe.

      Hope you get to try it soon.


  • I have tried some of your recipes maria . This one too looks good.Your site has been refferred to me by my sisterinlaw  Rupa who is in london. Come with more  pudding recipes

    • Hi Lekha,

      Thanks for trying recipes from here. I’ve posted some pudding recipes before, please check out the puddings category. Anyways, I’ll try to add new ones also :)

      Thanks to Rupa also for recommending my site :)


  • Hi Maria
    Made this yesterday yesterday for dinner…came out very well…everyone at home loved it…thanks!!


    • Sujitha dear,

      how are you? how’s everybody at home?

      Nice to know that this recipe was liked by all :) Thanks dear! Please do convey my regards to all at home..

      Take care,

  • hi maria
    tried the peas curry ,great..I used 2 cups frozen peas as i didnt have dry ones.Rest all same.Simply superb.Wht u write bfore u post the recipe is sooo gud to read tht i went to kerala for few minutes in my dreams…Thks fo recipe and ur writing.Keep going dear…

  • Wooow.. I was planning to make green peas for tonight and I was looking for a good recipe….thank u sooooooooo much..I’m gonna make it right away.

  • I made ethakkappaam last day. It came out perfect. before whenever i made. It was soaked in oil.. now i made perfect ethakkappam.. thanks to your tip…

  • Thanks for this Veg recipe  Maria,

    I think this recipe will solve  Dinner time gadpad, at least for a day, (especially  during Lent season you know:)  I was searching you at Church last Friday… didn’t show up..?

  • for trial today… i had soaked green peas in the morning, for dinner. i normally just cook the peas with all masalas and onion-tomato-gg-chilli and then at the end, beat half a cup of yogurt nicely and gently mix into it. it gives a nice tangy taste! :) this is my dad’s elder brother’s wife’s tip. 

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