Kadala Curry

If you ask any Malayalee about their favourite breakfast dish, I’m sure puttu and kadala (chick peas) will pop up. It’s a comfort food for most Keralites. Though I always tell people that mine is a Kerala food blog, I’m kinda embarrassed to say that it took me 4 years to post a kadala curry recipe. Anyways, it’s better late than never. Also I’ve received requests from a number of readers for the same.

This recipe is from the blog Yummy O Yummy. True to their name, this space has many yummy recipes. I was looking for a kadala curry recipe with roasted coconut and thick gravy and this one fitted the bill perfectly! I hope you will also like it. Except for the very minor changes in the quantity of ingredients, this is totally Yummy Team’s recipe :) Thanks Yummy Team for such a wonderful recipe. You can see the step by step pictures of this recipe here.

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