My Favorites

Here is a list of my Favorite recipes.

You may be wondering why am putting my favorites out of the blue. No no… I haven't run out of the recipes or am not lazy to try them out also….ok.. no more guessing required. We just moved to a new house, so am a bit busy these days settling down at the new place. Once am done, I will try my best to come up with many more interesting recipes. My new kitchen is giving me enough motivation to start experimenting, till then please go through my favorites, which I have published sometime back.

Mutton Biriyani

Am not a biriyani freak, but I like biriyani. I used to like chicken biriyani before my wedding, but now I like mutton biriyani. There is a reason to it, I don’t like the chicken here in Bahrain, it doesn't have any taste, so I started eating more mutton after coming to Bahrain. The main reason for adding this in my favorites is because my husband loves this, he wants me to make this for any special occasion, be it Xmas, Easter, birthday, anniversary or a chumma special day. So here is the recipe for mutton biriyani:

You can make chicken biriyani also with the same recipe.

Meat Cutlet

Cutlets are my Favorite from childhood days and it still tops my favorites list. Though I make chicken cutlet and fish cutlet, meat cutlet is my favorite. I can eat cutlets any time during the day, even if you wake me up from sleep and give me a meat cutlet, I will happily eat it. When I was doing my PDC at St.Teresas , cutlets from Punchiri shop was my staple lunch…., here is meat cutlet's recipe

Caramel Custard

This is my favorite desert. Every time I am introduced to a new desert, I just compare it with caramel custard and till today caramel custard is running ahead in the race for the top spot in my favorite desert list. After coming to Bahrain, I was introduced to an Arabic desert, UmAli (I hope the spelling is correct) and I even thought UmAli will overtake caramel custard, but it didn't happen, mainly because UmAli is very rich and heavy. Here comes my favorite desert's recipe

Appam and Mutton Stew

This is my favorite breakfast dish. These days in the mornings (while eating toasted bran bread, which reminds me of unakku rusk), how I wish somebody could make me some soft appams and stew, aaaaaa my mouth is watering even when am writing this. If you like kerala breakfast dishes, this is a must try. I also like appam and fishmolly combination.


I was introduced to this dish at my aunts place, Tesschechy, when I went their for my summer vacation during my school days. She used to stay in Malabar at that time. It is a very popular dish in that part of Kerala. I am a die hard fan of ethakkappam, a tea time snack, and after being introduced to Unnakkai, am sharing my loyalty between ethakappam and unakkai.

These are just some of my favorites, which came to my mind randomly. Please go through these and try it. Hope you too will like these, Happy Cooking

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  1. hai amria,my second comment to ur wott made me post a comment here-ur top 3 favs n mine just simple as dat!!I bet till now,i swear, i never used tog giv any other desserts dat place dat “caramel custard” holds in my list.but unnakkai was a new term for me.well xplorin one by one…

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