Umm Ali

Umm Ali (Egyptian Bread Pudding)

Umm Ali – Easy to make Egyptian Bread Pudding recipe with puff pastry. It’s warm, gooey, a bit saucy with a hint of cinnamon, and mildly sweet.

Kadai Chicken

Kadai Chicken

A super tasty North Indian Style Chicken curry with a flavor-packed and rich masala. Goes well with rice and roti.

Meat Rolls

Meat Rolls

Meat Rolls are a super easy and tasty party snack. Your choice of chicken or meat filling rolled in bread slices and deep-fried.

Egg Friedrice

Egg Fried Rice

How to make Egg Fried Rice. A quick, tasty and simple rice recipe with eggs and veggies, flavored with soy sauce and pepper.

Chicken Biryani

Kerala Chicken Biryani

Kerala Chicken Biryani. Chicken marinated in spices and shallow fried and cooked in flavor packed masala, layered with Basmati Rice.

Thalapakkatti Mutton Biriyani

Thalapakatti Mutton Biryani

This biryani has a very distinctive flavor from all the other biryani. The flavor mainly comes from the Seeraga Samba rice which is very similar to the Jeerakashala or Kaima rice which is used in Malabar Biryani. Also, the masala for biryani is quite different from the regular biryani masala.