Vegetarian Side Dish (Recipe Round Up)

I'm not a big fan of repeating myself over and over, but I've to do it one more time and then, I'll stop, promise! So, I've told you countless times about the dilemma of what to cook, especially for dinner. Now, I assume,  most of us have chapathi for dinner. I may be wrong about that assumption and my parents itself is an exception to that. They are rice people through and through.

So, maybe you are rice fans or maybe you're fans of fruits or salads, but all I'm saying is if you are “chapathi” folks, then a minimum of 10-15 mins of your daily life is wasted on decision making about the side dish for chapathi.

Now, that it's lent season, it might be more difficult for non vegetarians. Again, I'm assuming about Lent, we haven't taken it ourselves. Anyways, I've been planning to do this Veg side dish round up for quite sometime and this is a good time as any.

So here you go, with my pick for Veg Side Dishes for Chapathi. Btw, these dishes can also be used as a side for rice too. Your choice.

Dal Tadka

A very simple and easy dish, may be something, you make on a daily basis. The reason I've put it here, there is something comforting about this dish. You can have it with rice and roti too. If like dal, make sure you check out more recipes here.

Paneer Mango Curry

Paneer is something that we both enjoy and stock up in the freezer all the time. I've picked this recipe since it's different from the regular Paneer recipes. Paneer is made in a Kerala style preparation with coconut milk and raw mango. I'm sure you'll enjoy this new and different taste of Paneer. It goes well with chapathi and plain rice, also with ghee rice, coconut rice and jeera rice.

Mushroom Manchurian

I like mushroom and try to sneak it in whenever possible. However, Jose isn't a big fan of mushrooms. But once, we happened to have this Mushroom Manchurian from one of the restaurants and he liked it very much. So I thought I'll try it at home. If you like Indo Chinese style recipes, this is a good one. You can make it in gravy form to go with chapathi. You can also have it with Naan, plain rice and fried rice.


Green Peas Masala 

This is my go to recipes for many things. Be it chapathi, Appam, Idiyappam. I've used dried green peas, but you can also use frozen green peas. It's a flavourful and comforting side dish.

Rajma Masala

I love Rajma mostly because of it's meaty texture. I was hooked on to Rajma by my Punjabi friends. I've seen some of my Malayali friends also being big fans of Rajma, I guess if you taste it, chances are you too will be hooked on to it. It goes well with chapathi, plain rice or jeera rice.

Aloo Jeera

How can I've a veg round up without potatoes, right? One of my fav things about potatoes is that, you can dress it up any way you want and it never fails. Fry it, steam it, boil it, bake it, dunk it in masala or just season with salt and pepper, it's just good! This is a quick and easy potato recipe and it goes well with chapathi, rice, jeera rice and I love it most with coconut rice.

Vendakka (Okra / Bhindi) Curry

I'm a bit disappointed in myself, for the fact that there is just one Vendakka recipe here. It's not one of our fav vegetables. But, we like it, if it's fried. Whenever we go for a veg buffet, we enjoy the Bhindi masala fry, but I rarely cook it at home. That being said, this is one of my fav veg recipe. I like anything cooked in coconut milk and this is no exception. It goes well with rice, roti and even appam.

Methi Paneer

I started using fresh methi only a few years ago and from that time, I use it regularly. I use it to make methi chapathi, I add it along with potatoes and dal too. Again, this dish is different from the regular Paneer dishes that I cook at home and also from the regular restaurant paneer dishes. This dish has a distinct flavour and it goes well with rice and roti.

Chana Masala

No veg side dish round up will be complete without this dish. Kabuli Chana or chickpeas is one of our fav ingredient and a regular presence in our home. I've posted two chana masala recipes, one a restaurant style creamier version and the other less creamier version. You check out both versions and have your pick.

Pepper Baby Corn

What's the point of veg round up, if I'm posting similar type of recipes, right? So, here you go with this Pepper Baby Corn recipe. Since it's a fried version, I dont make it regularly, but it's one of our fav veg side dish. You can have it with roti or fried rice.

Aloo Gobi Masala

What's a veg round up, without a cauliflower dish? This is your classic veg side dish made with potatoes and cauliflower. It's my mother in law's recipe and one of the first veg side dishes, I've cooked. Add a bit of ghee to add more flavour to this dish and this is a good veg dish for entertaining also. Goes well with rice and roti.

Rajasthani Dal

Well, I'm closing the round up with another dal recipe. What makes this dal distinct is it's tempering. It's packed with so much flavour from different spices and herbs. Try it and am sure it will be added to your fav recipes list. You can have it with plain rice, roti, veg pulao, jeera rice.

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