Aloo Gobi Masala Recipe

A simple veg side dish with Potato (Aloo) and Cauliflower (gobi). An easy dish to make, it's packed with flavour and a rich masala, that goes well with rice, roti or chapathi.

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35 thoughts on “Aloo Gobi Masala Recipe”

  1. Dear Maria,

    I tried out this recipe and its was just awesome…. First time cooking and must say that your site a “Savior” for those specially raised abroad… I am on a Mission to try all your dishes… Until now tried 3 of them and it was superb…. Also tried chicken curry and Masala Pulao.!!!

    Cheers for your work….

    God Bless

  2. hey maria,
    i was so excited with the eggless word , went all out and tried 2 recipes in a day :)
    they were lovely , everyone loved the cookies .. please do put more on eggless stuff helps …thanks a lot

    • Thanks Neiha :) I’m so glad that it turned out well for you.
      Your pics looks great! I’ll share it on the FB page too..

      I’ve tried some more eggless stuff, will post it sometime soon.


  3. Can you please detail the cooked cauliflower – whether it’s fried or bolied (with or without salt)..?

  4. Can you please detail the cooked cauliflower – whether it’s fried or bolied (with or without salt)..?

  5. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for this great recipe. My family really enjoyed it with chappathi !!

    Cheers !!

  6. is it necessary to add milk as once when i tried the curry became white in colour and it doesnot resemble like the one which is in the picture given…but the curry was too good

    • Hi Sindhu

      It’s not necessary to add milk. Milk is added to make the gravy more richer & creamier. It’ll also enhance the taste.

      I’m not sure why the curry became white in colour after adding the milk. Usually the curry comes out in yellowish-brownish colour even after adding the milk. Unless you added only very less qty of turmeric powder.

      Its good to know that you liked the taste of the curry :)


  7. Hello Maria,

    Your potato cauliflower curry recipe looks delicious. I want to try it. But would you please tell me how the part 3 ingredients should be cut (sliced,chopped)? Will definetely let you know the outcome.
    God bless you.


    • Hi Bindhu,

      Thank you :)

      You can slice the onions finely, chop the tomatoes & green chilli & use ginger garlic paste. Hope this helps, thanks for asking it. I’ll update the recipe with the same.

      Hope you’ll like it too…would love to know your feedback.


  8. hy maria..

    Hope ur doing good… I tired out this recipe sday.. came out well ;)

    I even had tried ur madaku san, chkn roast.. pinne……. veg stew,veg pulavu,chicken fry.. every thing had came out well.. except for one dish ( i forgot which one) it was my mistake tho, tried playing innovative… ;)

    Thank u so much…

    Happy Easter
    TC & God Bless


    • Hi Merin,

      Thanks dear :)

      Kore recipes try cheythallo, thank you so much.

      It happens to me too, sometimes my innovations are a disaster, we are supposed to lear from our mistakes right? so its ok :)

      Happy Easter to you too dear…


  9. Hi Maria,

    I am yet to try it ! but looks simple and easy… Will surely try it and post my comments :-)

    Thank you maria for posting this recipe :-)
    Also, can you give me a recipe of any north indian gravy with channa as the ingredient?


    • Hi Susha

      Thanks for dropping in. Please do try this recipe, I hope you will like it.

      I havent tried any north indian recipe with channa yet. Anyways, will look out for such recipe and if I get any good ones, will post it here :)


    • Hi Tara

      Very happy to know that you liked this dish. It’s good without cashew paste also, tgh the cashew paste makes the curry more rich and creamy :)


  10. hi maria,

    I tried your recipe aloo gobi masala. Its very easy to make .

    I tried with lots of site but yours is the best.

    all the best

  11. Nice one, the cashews added a unique touch. I wanted to surprise the missus when she came home from work today – this worked out pretty well !

    • Thanks Karthik. Happy to hear that your wife liked it, that’s really sweet of you :) She is a lucky wife :)


  12. thanks a lot anoop for telling me about the salt, I forgot about it :(

    I’ve corrected it now. Please do try other recipes as well.

    take care

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