Mixed Fried Rice Recipe

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Mixed Fried Rice

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Course: Main Dish
Cuisine: Indo Chinese
Servings: 3 -4
Author: Maria Jose Martin


  • 2 cups Rice
  • 3.5 cups Water
  • 1/2 cup Cooked Carrot & Peas
  • 1/2 cup each Cooked Chicken, prawns & egg
  • 1 tbsp Soya sauce
  • 3 tbsp Butter
  • 2 tsp Lemon juice
  • Salt
  • Oil


  • Boil the water & keep it aside.Soak the rice in water for 25 minutes. Drain out the water completely.
  • Melt butter in a pan & add rice. Fry the rice. When the rice starts cracking add boiled water, lemon juice & salt. When the water is dried & rice is cooked well, remove from fire.
  • Heat oil in another pan & add cooked vegetables,chicken,prawns & egg. Add Soya sauce & stir for 5 minutes. Add the rice & mix well. Serve hot.
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Attached is the picture of Mixed fried rice made by Ammu, using this recipe:

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Sonu Farid has also sent a picture of fried rice made using this recipe, thanks a ton Sonu :)

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Mixed Fried Rice made by Shyam & Suzette, thank you friends for the lovely pic :)

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Mixed Fried Rice by Soja Banu, thanks a lot Soja :)

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  • When you say cook chicken and prawns and egg,what do you mean?i mean how are we supposed to cook?if you added that too it’d be a great help.

    • Hi Neethu,

      I usually boil the chicken with salt & pepper, stir fry the prawns with salt & pepper and scramble the eggs with salt & pepper. Hope this helps..


  • Thanks a ton Maria… You are doing an awesome and yummy job :)
    I tried this recipe and it came out well.. indeed delicious ( that had never happened before when I cook :p) … Now I am regular visitor of this blog.. It is a great help and inspiration for me ( I am sure it is the same for all who wants to cook ) …

    • Hi Honey,

      Thanks a ton for your lovely comment :) Really happy to know that you are a regular visitor of MM! Hope you get to try more recipes from here and likes them too.

      Happy cooking!


  • Hi Maria, I am new to your blog, but have taken an instant liking to ur page n recipes. i find all recipes explained in detail which makes it easy to go through the process :) for this particular recipe, can u temme what kind of rice v need to use please. tnx.

  • Hi Vani,

    Thank you so much :)

    Which method you use for cooking rice, do you strain excess water or you let the water dry completely?

    Also try using a deep and wide vessel while cooking rice, so that there is enough space, for the rice to expand while cooking.


  • Hello Maria
    Thank you for the recipes. Today I made mixed fried rice and ginger chicken it came out well, really delicious. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  • Hi Maria
    Luv ur recipes and also the comments
    My son has egg allergy. Any advise on how to get the fried rice taste without using egg?

  • the pictures looks simply gr8….. feeling so tempted to try it… but will do it on some sunday… bcoz only on sunday, my nerves are prepared for cooking funs…. on working days, it’s juz routine…. :D

  • hats off MARIA.u r the best.The fried rice came out to be so YUMMY.all credits to u.Not only me,even my hubby is a great fan of yours.he has becum a great chef now …..ur receipe r so simple to follow,Even ppl like me also hav turned out to be super mummy.thanx loads.

    • Hi Pinkle,

      Thanks dear for this sweet comment :) I’m so thrilled to know that you find the recipes here simple & easy. Please do convey my regards & thanks to your hubby as well.

      Happy cooking :)


  • I tried Ammu’s Mixed Fried Rice & ur Butter Chicken.  Yummmmmy taste. Thanks a lot Maria. My husband’s  comments is “very tasty & taste is like hotel food.Once again thanks for Ammu & u too. 

    • Hi Shylaja,

      Thanks for trying the fried rice and butter chicken. Actually the pic of fried rice is Ammu’s. She made fried rice based on the recipe I posted here and sent me a pic of it :)

      I’m glad your husband liked it. Thanks for the comment!


  • Hi Maria,
    I chanced upon your web site just yesterday.And today I made your mixed fried rice.:)
    It was really yummy..hats off to u…
    I also like your style of writing..with a touch of humour.Keep up your good work.In the mean while I will make more of your dishes and give my feed back.:)
    BTW,How do I upload my “mixed fried rice” photo to ur blog?
    Thank u…

    • Hi Soja,

      Thanks for visiting this space & also for trying the fried rice. Its really nice to hear that it came out well :) Thanks a lot for taking time to share your feedback with us.

      Please send the photo to [email protected] & I’ll update the photo here. Waiting to see the photo :)


  • Daaa….
    Relly nice recipe. Only thing i added etc was chopped onion w/vegs. Came out fantastic. Yum yumm nnu kazhichu. Mariakuttyykku jai :)

  • Mariakuttyyeh..
    Yea Paulas recipes are good but very fattening & rich also.

    My suggestion.. if trying her recipes… try to cut the amount of fat & sugar. Everybody mostly here in U.S agrees her recipes are yummy, but little unhealthy also :)

  • Maria,

    I tried this recipe and it came out well. I made it in a wok and that kind of helps the rice to fry better and get incorporated with the other ingredients in a cohesive manner. I also added Chinese chilly paste as my husband likes it really hot. There’s a particular sauce called the Sriracha sauce thats extremely spicy but gives a good Chinese flavor. Not sure if you get it in Bahrain but its available in the US.

    Also if you check out paula deen’s recipes on foodnetwork.com, her cakes and desserts are usually very yummy.

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks for trying out the recipe dear :)

      I’m hearing about the Sriracha sauce for the first time, I will check whether its available here during my next grocery shopping. Thanks for the info.

      Yep, I’ve seen some of the recipes of Paula Deen but I havent tried any. Looks like I should :)


  • Maria

    i tried this out today..it was very nice..made chili gobi again and chicken curry…my aunty n family had come over for dinner…ellarkum ishtapettu…u r becoming popular now…have recommended ur site to a lot of my friends…

    thanks a lot……..

    regs sujitha

    • Hi Sujitha,

      A big thank you again :). Really happy to know that your relatives also liked it. Hope you had a great weekend with your family.

      Also thanks a ton for recommending this space to your friends. It means a lot to me.


      • Maria,

        My sister jincy was telling “mariasmenu ullathukonde, suja has started entering the kitchen again”…hehehhehe…

        since mummy is at home, i rarely get inside the kitchen…after reaching home from work, time goes by teaching kids etc..

        oru dishes undakumbol, papa n mummy asks “mariammade anno ” ennu….



        • Hi Sujitha,

          So your parents stay with you? Thats nice.

          Managing job, kids n home can be tiring, and its really great to have parents with you…Btw, how old are your kids?

          pinne please convey my regards to Jincy and to your parents too.


        • Maria

          yes parents stay with us…jincy too…since mummy is at home, i am totally free…its a veryyyyy big relief and comfort having ur family with u…

          My son reuben is 6 yrs n ruth is 2 yrs… How abt urs??

          I searched for u on orkut as well as facebook…am not able to locate u :(

          Tomorrow is my husbands bday…am searching ur site for an appropriate recipe…

          will let u know what i make…


  • Hi Maria,
    I followed the recipe for fried rice and it was brilliant. Keep up the good work. I will send you the picture separately.

    • Hi soumya

      Thanks a ton dear for trying out the different recipes from here.

      btw, carrot cakeinte foto evide :)? free aakumbo ayachu thannal mathi ketto :)


  • Hi maria,

    I tried your own recipe of meen curry ( kottayam style ). It came out really well……Thanks a lot…your recipes help a lot for starters in kitchen like me.

    But unfortunately, i coudnt take the pic of it….


    • Hi Lekshmi

      Really happy to know that you liked the meen curry. Hope you will be able to take a pic next time, I would love t post it here :)

      Take care

  • Divs, thanks di for trying out this. Garnishing with celery is a good idea :)

    Ammu, thanks again dear for trying out. am happy that you are trying out diff recipes on this blog and giving me regular feedback, it means a lot to me :). I will update the recipe about the cooked prawns & chicken.

  • I cooked prawns n chicken with pepper n salt coz i forgot to see ur comments section beforehand as i was in a hurry..but the results were good..this looked n tasted like the rice we get from chinese restaurents n it was sooo easy to make..prethesh was like u didnt take much effort!!

  • di,

    I blindly followed your recipe this weekend…it was amazing….i garnished with celery…try that..and apart from carrot and peas…i also added beans…

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