Parippu Vada (Lentil/Dal Fritters)

Do you remember how the heroes were introduced in 80's and 90's Malayalam movies? I think the most common one was where the hero gets down from an old bus, in front of a chayakada (tea shop). The hero then proceeds to the chayakada, order a tea and some snacks all the while keeping the curious chayakadakkaran (tea shop wallah) on suspense about his trip intentions. Fast forward to today's movie… the hero alights from a helicopter or at least a S class Benz and goes straight to shoot a gunda (gangster). To be fair, I think the movie makers should not be blamed. They are trying to make realistic movies these days and in today's reality chayakadas are a rare sight and the roads are crowded with Audi, BMW etc;

May be I can suggest an alternative introduction scene. The hero can alight from his fancy car in front of a Bhel Puri stand. During my past visits to Kerala, I've noticed more number of “Yadav Bhel Puri Stand/Corner” than chayakadas. I'm referring to Cochin here. I'm not saying Parippu Vada and the sort has become extinct but looks like they have found a more comfortable space in well lit shelves of bakeries than the “niram mangiya kannadi koodu” (fainted glass box) of chayakada, just like our heroes coming in a fancy car instead of a bus! All I can say is whenever I see a Bhel Puri Stand, a phrase comes to my mind “Kochiyude marunna mukham” (changing face of Cochin), I think I read it in some Newspaper or magazine. Well, I'm not saying this is bad, it's change! Whether you like it or not, change is the only constant thing or so the experts say….

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See what all things came to my mind when I sat down to write about this humble snack, no wonder the typical Kerala communist used to thrive on it  ;) Anyways, parippu vada dominated my evening tea sessions during the last trip. Mummy (my MIL) makes very good parippu vadas. So here's her recipe specially for you :)

As promised in the earlier post, I do have step by step pictures taken in mummy's kitchen.

Click Here For Recipe…

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