Meen Pollichathu

All set for Christmas?

Since Christmas is almost here I dont want to take much of your time, so we will straight away go to the recipe.

“Meen Pollichathu” is a much sought after Kerala delicacy. Malayalees love for fish is well known and I'm no exception. But there is a slight catch to it, I'm not a fan of Karimeen, which is considered as the most fav fish in Kerala. I somehow cant enjoy it at all. Most of the time, Karimeen is used to make this dish and because of that I never got to taste it.

Last year when we attended a wedding in Kerala, Meen Pollichathu was also there on the wedding menu. I didnt even go that side, thinking it must be Karimmen Pollichathu. But to my surprise, it was Neymeen (kingfish) and so I finally got to taste this wonderful dish! From that time, onwards it was on my list.

I was under the impression that it's a very tedious and time consuming process to make it. Trust me, it's very easy and simple to put together. This dish is very flavourful. I've used fish steaks here, but if you are using karimeen, you can use a whole fish.

Hope you get to try this during this holiday season.

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas!! May this festival season bring you loads of love, joy and happiness!!

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14 thoughts on “Meen Pollichathu”

  1. Dear Maria, I’m a big time follower of ur recipes. I just love ur casual informal style of writing as much as I love ur clear, simple way of putting down ur recipes. I trust u & ur recipes immensely so hv no doubts about how a dish will turn out if i follow ur recipe…Thanks a ton for being my cooking guide. I made the Meenpollichathu with Karimeen and it was yummy & finger licking.

    • Hi Dipti,

      Thanks a ton for your lovely feedback, it did bring a big smile on my face :) I’m really happy and touched to know that you trust the recipes here. Thanks again for being a wonderful reader.

      Happy cooking!


  2. I just made this, unfortunately did not have a banana leaf but used foil and baked it and must say it was still brilliant. Thanks for the awesome recipe.

    • Hi Rajeev,

      Thank you so much for your comment :) Good to know that it worked out well for you. Try it with banana leaf when you get it, it adds more flavour to the dish.



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