Meen Vevichathu (Fish Curry, Kottayam Style)

This fish curry is one of the most sought after items at my house in Kerala. I missed making it for such a long time and the reason: my husband wants “charu” (gravy) for everything, so I sticked to the fish curry recipes with coconut milk.

Since am still recovering from the hangover of my India trip, I decided to make this & once again relish the joyful memories of my holiday :)

Whenever I see the color of this fish curry, the tagline of a fish masala powder (Eastern Fish Masala) comes to my mind “edivettu (which literally translates to thundering) meencurry” . HHmmmm looks like am watching too much TV these days ;)

Here is the recipe…

Kerala Fish Curry
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Meen Vevichathu (Fish Curry,Kottayam Style)

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Servings: 3 -4
Author: Maria Jose


  • 1/2 kg Fish (cut into medium size pieces)
  • 1 tsp Mustard seeds
  • 1/4 tsp Fenugreek (uluva)
  • 1.5 tbsp Crushed Ginger & garlic (each)
  • 6-8 Small onion / Pearl onion
  • 1.5 – 2 tbsp Kashmiri chili powder
  • 1.5 – 2 tbsp Coriander powder
  • 1/2 tsp Turmeric powder
  • 2 – 3 pieces Cocum/kudampuli
  • Curry leaves
  • Salt
  • Coconut oil


  • Soak cocum in 3 tbsp water for 10 minutes.   
  • Mix the powders (chili,coriander & turmeric) together with coconut oil/water & make a paste. Check out Fish Curry With Coconut Milk
  • Heat oil in a meenchatti (earthen ware) or a pan & splutter mustard & fenugreek. Add crushed ginger garlic paste & stir for 3,4 minutes. Add small onion & curry leaves & saute till it becomes soft.
  • Add the masala paste, salt & fry till oil starts appearing. Add cocum along with the water & fish pieces. Combine well. 
  • Make sure that fish pieces do not get broken in the process, it will be safer to rotate the pan to ensure that fish & masala is mixed well. Check out Meen Manga Curry
  • Add required amount of water & cook till the fish is done & gravy becomes thick, it will take around 20 -25 minutes on low flame. 
  • Serve with rice or kappa (tapioca)


It tastes better the next day.
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  • Hi Maria,
    Trying this recipe for the second time and it always turns out to be awesome n yummy!! I am basically from valluvanadu side and our fish curry style is different with coconut and valampuli.. I used to always make fish curry my style until we had this fish curry from one of our friends place.. I had tried many recipes but it never turned out this perfect!! I just stick to this recipe and voila! My husband can’t praise me enough! Thanks a lot.. ur restaurant style chicken curry s my another favorite! Pls keep posting..:)

    Lots of love,

  • Hi Maria, All of a sudden had this intense craving for my dad’s style fish in my second month of pregnancy and don’t really like having to spend too much time in the kitchen.thats when I found ur turned out exactly like my dads and so simple too! Bookmarked for future. Thanks so much

    • Hi Sherine,

      Thanks a lot :) Congrats and best wishes to you. I’m really happy that you found the recipe similar to your dad’s. Take good care and all the best dear!


  • Tried it out n it came out well… wish I cud send u the pic of my fish curry :)… Thanks for being a saviour. Always available with a simpler recipe ..God bless

  • this is one of the best recipes ive ever come across….simple yet so authentic ! ive been making this fish curry ever since i read it this page and my family n friends absolutely love it !

  • Hey Maria,

    I have tried many of your recipes. But never got time to leave a comment.All your recipes which i tried till now is a hit. I tried this fish curry recently and was awesome.. My husband loved this and now whenever he gets fish and wants the curry without coconut, he suggests me to make this one…

    Thanks a lot for the recipe. :)

    • Hi Lakshmi,

      Thank you so much :) Really happy to know that the recipes tried from here turned out well for you. This fish curry is one of my fav’s too..


  • i tried it, its really superb . thanks for the recipe. Could you pls give me the recipe for kerala fish thala curry( shapp curry more prefer)

    • Hi Biju,

      Good to know that you liked this fish curry recipe. I havent tried fish thala curry recipe, but I’ve seen my mother in law making it. I’ll try to get the recipe from her…


  • Hi Maria,

    This recipe is excellent!!! I made this a week ago and I kept reminding myself to come back and thank you for it. It was beyond delicious!
    I remembered to comment today because I visited a restaurant that specializes in seafood cuisine from kerala, mangalore, kochi, mumbai and goa. We ordered an appetizer called Hammour Tawa Fry that was fish mixed in Mangalorean spices. I felt like the taste, texture and sight of the dish was so similar to yours! I mentally pat myself on the back for having cooked something that is the restaurants best appetizer.
    I will be sure to visit your blog again for more recipes. 100% approved.

    Much love!

    • Hi,

      Thanks a lot for your lovely comment :) I’m really happy that you came back to leave your feedback here, it means a lot to me.

      Hope you get to try more recipes from here when time permits.

      Happy cooking!


  • Thank you for the instructions. I think you may need to add a line in the instructions, to arrange the fish on the pan, then add water, otherwise, we’ll end up adding too much of water.

  • Hi Maria,

    Am sure you might find my post similar to others thanking you for sharing the wonderful recipe.. even though that’s the case, I would really like to thank you for sharing your experience along with your recipes as when I read ur blog, I remember my experiences & feel all nostalgic..

    I have tried so many of your recipes.. All of them have turned out amazing (considering I’m just an amateur home cook). The way you explain the process of making & the useful tips you give add a wonderful personal approach to the way you enjoy cooking & good food; )

    Thanks again for choosing to share your recipes..

    • HI Linsy,

      Thanks a lot for taking time to leave a comment here! I treasure each and every feedback I get, it’s always great to know that your work is appreciated and it helps me to keep going even after 9 years of blogging :)

      I do hope you continue to try out recipes here when time permits and also enjoy them.

      Best wishes,

  • maria chechi, i tried it, awesome … no words to say more… pinne second timil njan kurchu tomato tholy kalanju ath mixiyil itt adichittu athudi add cheithu so garavi kitty nannairunnu. pinne thakkali tholi kalayan time eduthu , gas stove il direct vech pollichanu adarthy eduthath. anyway thanks lot

    • Hi,
      Thank you very much :) Really happy to know that you liked it. To peel tomatoes, keep it in boiling water for sometime and then try peeling. It will come out easily.


  • hello Maria,
    Iam a foodie and I specially love the kottayam recipes which my Grandma used to make..I dont get to eat them i landed here looking for kottayam style recipes…..Thank You so much for retaining the authencity of the cuisine..!!

    Rather than craving and missing it I get to eat it right here in my house..
    kurache pani aane ..annalum..Am lovinggg it!!! :) :)
    well done!!

  • Hello Maria.
    Thank you so much for the recipes. I don’t have experience in cooking. But I started referring to your recipes after moving to Qatar with My husband. My cooking experiments are successful and I am delighted to see my husband enjoying the food. Keep up the good work.

  • Yes, it was ‘edivettu meencurry’.
    All the other types of meen curry that i have made is all your recipe only, I especially like how the powders are pre-mixed in coconut oil, It looks so nice which gives the confidence that this meen curry will be edivettu :D
    Thank you so much for the recipes


  • appachan joseph
    cooking your meen tonight. also having kappa with the dinner your site is awesome. look to it often to find recipes. its Friday. can’t eat meat so doing meen. we will let you know how it comes out. Love you Appachan and Amy

    • Hi Appachachan,

      Thank you very much for leaving a comment here. I was so happy and excited to see your comment here :)

      Hope your Friday dinner came out well. Please do convey our regards to Amy aunty also.


  • Dear Maria,
    I had tried this recipe for lunch today. It had come out just perfect as we preffered. Thank you once again.

    Cheers ! :-)

  • Hi Maria,
    Thank you so much for the recipe.I could never make a fish curry so tasty before. I am trying it since 2 years.I know all the ingredients by heart .But I never thought that a small change in the method of preparation makes such a big difference.Thanks a lot Maria.

  • Hi Maria,
    Awesome! Tried this recipe with tamarind instead of kodampuli as I don’t like kodampuli. Will definitely try this again. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Reesha,

      You are welcome :) I’m glad you liked the recipe. I’ve never tried this with tamarind, sounds like a good idea..

      Thanks for leaving a comment here :)


  • Hi Maria,
    First of all thanks for the recipe.. ur picture looks inviting . I always wanted to find a substitute for tamarind and have never used kokum before.. I wanted to know if we shud squeeze the extract out of the kokum and discard the kokum just like tamarind or add it whole into the curry after soaking?

  • Hi Braam,

    First of all so sorry for the delayed reply. I was away on holiday, so didnt check my mails..

    You need to slice the onions and yes masala is the spice powder mix with coconut oil. I do hope you get to try it and like it too..


  • Hey Maria, your site has been a savior for many a bachelors like me. Staying away from home definitely makes us miss our moms food. Eating food from outside is always aint a feasible options. Cooking food, for us guys is like a big experiment I have been cooking fish following your recipe religiously. And time and again, it has turned out to be great. I cooked it for my mom this time when she came down home and her expression was priceless

    • Hi Deepak,

      Thank you so much for taking time to leave a comment here :)

      I’m really thrilled to know that you were able to give a happy surprise to your mom by cooking this fish curry.

      I do hope you get to try more recipes from here and like them too..

      happy cooking!


  • Greetings Maria,

    I tried this recipe without ‘Cocum/kudampuli’ as I do not what this is and it turned out great. Can you please tell me the name of this ingredient in English. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you so much for trying this recipe :)

      Cocum is the english name of Kudampuli. It acts as a souring agent. I do hope you find it, because cocoum gives a very good flavour to the curry.


  • Greetings Maria,

    I’m new to cooking and to your site as well. I gave this menu a try today (with haddock) and it was so tasty. I have taken some of your recipes. Will let you know the outcomes. Thank you so much for the useful and tasty recipe.

  • Hi Maria ,
    The curry looks lovely. I usually make this curry using mackerel or king fish. Do you think it’ll taste good if I use pomfret?

  • Hi Maria,

    I am unable to access this recipe. I’ve tried reloading the page umpteen times and this message shows up “[WP Sharely] The locked doesn’t exist or the default lockers was deleted.”

    Can you please check/ Thanks.

  • Hello Maria, your description about the curry is awesome and I’d like to try making it. But, sadly, the recipe is not displayed on the page. The page ends with the sentence “Here goes the recipe for “edivettu meencurry””. Kindly check if you can publish the ingredient list and the method.

    • Hi Preeti,

      Thank you!

      Sorry for the confusion. We had some tech issues earlier, that’s why you werent able to see the recipe. However it’s fixed now. Hope you get to try it soon.

      Sorry for the inconvenience :(


  • HI Maria, I have tried a few of your recipies and I loved it. But I am not able to see a few of your recipies like this one and the kottayam style meen vevichathu. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi,

      Thank you for trying the recipes from here. Good to know that you liked them!

      Some recipes were missing because of a technical error happened while we upgraded the site. Also we’ve introduced a new feature called “keeping the recipe in the pantry”. At the end of the write up, you can see a small box in which you can either like the recipe or tweet it or just wait for a min for the recipe to appear. We’ve used that feature for this recipe.

      Sorry for the delayed reply, I was away for holidays for more than a month.


  • Hi Jinu,

    First of all congrats for your new role as “wife”. Wish you a happy and blessed married life!

    I’m really happy to know that fish curry came out well for you. Hope you get to try other recipes too when time permits.

    Thank you so much for sharing your feedback here.


  • hiiiii maria…i m quite new to ur site…tried prawns briyani..last month and it came out great….thank u…keep posting more….

  • Maria, I tried this and it worked well. Additionally I just added half teaspoon pepper to it. Few months back i also tried the fish cutlet recipe , it worked out really well and became popular in our community. i used to talk about your website with my friends that I know around California having similar food blog sites (kothiyavunnu, icookipost). A big kudos to you !!!

  • Awesome Maria chechi.. Awesome.. It turned out really well.. After dinner when I told my hus, ‘Maria chechideya’, he said, ‘Enikku appole thonni.. oru kottayam taste undayirunnu ethinu’… Thanks for sharing :)

  • Awesome Maria chechi.. Awesome.. It turned out really well.. After dinner when I told my hus, ‘Maria chechideya’, he said, ‘Enikku appole thonni.. oru kottayam taste undayirunnu ethinu’… Thanks for sharing :)

  • Hi Maria,
    This is one of my common dishes…This fish curry will taste better if u add some coconut milk to the gravy before u add fish pieces..By te way, thank you so much for your really delicious recipies….Really helpful for starters like me…keep going maria…:)

    Anjusha Mathew

  • Hi Maria,
    This is one of my common dishes…This fish curry will taste better if u add some coconut milk to the gravy before u add fish pieces..By te way, thank you so much for your really delicious recipies….Really helpful for starters like me…keep going maria…:)

    Anjusha Mathew

  • Hi Maria,

    Iam fairly new to cooking and hence a very silly doubt, how much water is approximately required towards the end as you have mentioned required amount.



  • Hi.. Maria… Thanks for your fish curry… Actually I was firstly preparing fish curry ever and I got many appreciations from my friends…

  • Hi Mariya,

    First of all ,thanks for the recipe.It came out really well.

    One thing which i could not do was to thicken the gravy.

    The taste was really good.

    I jus assume that since I used a pan instead of a manchatty the water wudnt have been absorbed properly and hence the loose gravy.

    Anyways….the curry still remains IDUVETTU…:)

    Thanks again.


    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you! Great to know you liked the ‘edivettu’ meen curry. As you said, the manchatti absorbs water, so may be next time you can adjust the qty of water accordingly.


  • Hi,maria..wish u good day,
    I’m dennis..basically i dont cook,i dont’ve that talent.but i’ve tried this,coz u made art of cooking so simple..i wanna tell u that,ur recipe was impossible..the result of my attempt was an incredible fish curry.and i’m so selfish that to take those compliments from my girl frnd on that recipe.i told her its my own receipe.
    Thanks again maria to make me a wonderfull chef and the perfect lover for my girl friend.
    [email protected].

    • Hi Dennis,

      Thank you for your comment! Great to know that this little space helped you with cooking :)

      I’m glad your girlfriend enjoyed your cooking.. the cook can also take credit, so it’s ok :)

      Happy cooking!


  • Hi Maria,
    Basically we are vegs, but after first preparation now we are really addicted to your tasty traditional fish curry.Every weekend we prepare and enjoy, more tasty on second or third day.
    More over it is simple and not time consuming,that is why we still cooking it. Welcoming more such recipes and wishing you all the best…

  • Hi Maria, superb recipe, have been waiting for kottayam fish curry recipe since ages. I’m from kottayam, settled in mumbai & presently moved to Dubai since last 4 months.Wheneevr i visit kerala, i make sure to have this dish. Happy i got the recipe at last from the right source. thanx a ton dear.

    • Hi Salini,

      I’m also glad that you found the recipe here :) Please do try it sometime and I hope you like it.

      So all settled in Dubai, you liked the place?


      • yes sweetie i tried the recipe & it was simply awesome.My hubby , myself, my twin boys & my dog have all moved to dubai. Initially i didnt like the place, was missing my folks in mumbai, but now have started liking it , not much traffic, less pollution & easy life here.

  • I just tried this dish.. It’s awesome and simple. I got your blog from Google search.. It’s nice for lean cooking….

  • hi Maria, yesterday  I tried your kottayam style fish curry recipe , It was awesome me and my husband enjoyed our lunch  and last week i tried ur fish molly recipe, i am so happy to say that it came out well.Maria thank u so much for ur recipes. next i’m planning to try ur fish biriyani…

  • Hi Maria,
    Really when i started preparing your recipe today ,the aroma was dam good, thank you so much , indeed i gt a very good appreciation from my parents,we enjoyed our lunch today , thanx once again

  • hai maria,

    accidently i have seen your recipies…currently  i m staying in dubai with my marriage was on this february..for me now cooking is a risky thing ..i have tested your meen was too one doubt  remaing..ther is a slight black color for the curry than the red it becz of more ‘puli’…since my husband need more ‘puli’ i have added more..

    • Hi Tania,

      Congrats! Wish you both a happy and blessed married life! Thanks for trying the recipe dear… Yes the colour changes if you add more puli, it gives a blackish colour to the gravy.


  • Hi Maria,
    I wanted to attempt to make fish curry like my parents do, and asked for their recipe and they gave me the usual Indian version of ‘a pinch of this’ ‘a little bit of that’ and I can only work with exact (give or take) measurements. So I looked up kerala fish curry online and found your recipe! It has all the same ingredients my parents told me to put in, but with the proper amounts of everything. Thank you so much for posting this. :) 

  • Kashmiri chilli only gives a color , it does not give spicy hot. In olden days we used to get normal  Red chilli powder.  So those who want a spicy hot flavour , i feel should add Red chilli + Kashmiri ,  so that color and spicy both taken care of .

  • maria chechi…
    kottayam style fish curry was awesome…. as you said it turned out to be ‘edivettu meencurry’. my husband loved it very much… a million thanks to you………


  • Hey Maria,

    All your recipes reminds me of my mom’s cooking and I’m so glad that I could refer to your recipes to make my food taste delicious! My husband sometimes gets upset seeing me on Mariasmenu all the time lol but he is happy that Im making delicious food for him :-) Cheers to you & your recipes! Merry Christmas!!!


  • I tried this recipe with your kachimoru recipe. :) This one is also awesome. Though I didnt make a paste of ginger and garlic.. Just sliced them.

  • Ms. Maria,
    This ‘simple recipe is on tasting – an instant transport from Arizona to Aarpookara – Fantastic!!!
    Regards, Jaix

  • Love this fish curry! Have made it quite a few times now with salmon and it tastes awesome! I am from Kollam and we have a more gravy-like curry. I wanted to try the Kottayam style for a long time and I guess I found just the right recipe! Thanks a ton!

  • Hi Maria
    This is probably the most commonly made fish curry in my house. It brings wonderful memories of my mama’s cooking. Nice to see it here. My fish curry is more red and along with the masalas I add a tsp of Eastern Fish Curry Masala for as you say an idivettu taste. Great going as always Maria your fish curry looks lovely. 

    Anisha Kuruvilla 

    • Hi Anisha,

      Thank you!

      I guess this is one of the ‘everyday’ curries in most Kerala homes :) Mine is also usually red, it appears a bit orangish because of the lighting in which the photo was taken….


  • Hi Maria, Yesterday night I tried this with ‘Kadambu’ fish. As my wife is a vegetarian there was only ordinary ‘puli’ (what is cocum?) in stock and I used it. Instead of the chilly+malli+mannhal mix, I used eastern fish masala. The final ‘simmering with fish pieces’ can run upto even 30 minutes to get the correct masala density. 
    The final result was dangerous. I had twice the usual quantity of rice. :-) !! 

    This is an easy main curry to cook also compared to vegetarian curries. 

    Thanks Maria, I plan to paste your picture in my kitchen in your honour with a logo ‘This is a MariasMenu Kitchen’. I plan to try out every one of your other recipes also. 


    • Hi Sarath,

      Thank you so much Sarath! I was so excited to see your comment :) I’m really happy that this curry came out well for you.

      Btw, cocum is kudampuli. Try the fish curry with it sometime, its really tasty.

      Thanks again for your wonderful comment :)


  • I tried this with vatta fish (Bluefin trevally), tastes good thanks. Today I’m trying Easter chicken curry, will comment if succeed

      • Sorry it was a not a success. I tried it with 2kg broiler chicken, smell of curry was very good. Colour fantastic. but taste didn’t reach the expectation may be coz I avoided poppy seed and cashew paste. It tasted best next day (I added some chicken masala also, and was liberel with all powders in section 2) Seen the reply today only. Got some choora (Tuna)

        • HI Maria ,
          We made your Christian chicken curry yesterday with cashew and coconut milk. I was awesome.
          today we are going through your fish recipe. Thanks look forward to your new and delicious recipe.
          Smithina & Vilas , Pune

  • I love all kerala dishes, but me a lousy cook. Still dreams of the fish curry my grandma used to make, I missed them all. Thanks and take care   stephen

  • Hi maria ,

    I messed up this simple curry 2 days back. You know what I used the fish tamarind as per the description , however , some odd smell creeped into the curry and it originated surely from the fish tamarind.
    Btw, I usedd 3 pieces and dipped them in water for 30 mins prior to using.

    Please tell me if there is a knack in using fish tamarind ( kudampalli)

    I am so scared of using it again in my curry


    • Hi Jai,

      From your comment, I understand that you used it the correct way. So the only thing that can go wrong, I guess is that, may be the tamarind was old. Usually it should work even if its kinda old. Did you use readymade fish tamaraind (kudampuli)?


  • Hi Deepthi,

    I’m doing good dear. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment :) Its really nice to know that you could recreate the taste of Mother’s cooking for your husband.

    You too take care…


  • Hi Maria,

    Hope you’ve been doing well……I made this Fish curry and it was excellent!!! i’m making it again consecutively for 2 weeks as requested by hubby….My Husband said it tastes just like his Mother’s fish curry which is quite an achievement for me. Thanks a ton for the post Maria :-)

    Take care,
    Deepthi Thomas

  • Hi Maria,

    I dont cook Fish much. But had been having Fish cravings since a few days and was googling and came across your site. Good site with calming design and pictures. The above fish curry looks amazing. I am at work right now and its 12:44 pm and it made me really hungry :( :) :D

    Thanks for the great blog Maria :)

    PS: Could you please tell me which is the best fish for the recipe mentioned above?


    • Hi Noor,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words :)

      I’ve used king fish (neimeen) for this recipe & I guess that’s the best choice :) Hope you could try this recipe soon & you will like it too.


      • hey maria,

        passed on this recipe link to a friend of mine. he cooked it with ayila as he couldnt find any good big fish. and it seems it was amazing :) i would be trying this with neymeen this weekend. thanks a lot again for the great blog and looking forward for your book.


        • Hi Noorie,

          Thanks dear for sending the link to your friend also. I’m glad that he liked it. Hope you got a neymeen & you could make this :)


  • hello maria,
    today morn i was searching for new fish recipes,i found this and decided to try.infact me and my hus like fish fry.( bcoz whenever i tried to make fish curry,it turns into a disaster).but my 2 and half year old daughter is a great fan of fish curry.whenever we go to my friend’s house,they alwayz welcome us with their nadan fish curry.but iam too shy to ask them the its 12.30 here ( in zambia),my fish curry came out very well.its aroma is piercing my nose and my mouth is watering.iam waiting for my hubby to come fast and taste this new fish baby she had a big bowl of rice with this .usually i used to fight with my little one to feed her.but today without any problem she had more than enough food.maria,thank u very very much.i used nile perch .kashmiri chilli powder is not available here,so i used home made chilli powder which my mom prepared .
    once again thank u,it tastes great.we miss India and my parents.but today u made me happy with ur magical recipes.thankkkkkkkkzzzzzzzz a lot

    • Hi Roshni,

      Thanks a ton dear for such a nice comment. I’m especially happy to hear that your little girl liked it very much, because I know how hard it is to feed little ones :)

      I do hope your husband also liked the fish curry. I’m so glad to know that you like the recipes here. Please do try other recipes also when time permits and share your feedback. Would love to hear from you.

      My special regards to your baby girl :0


  • Hi Maria,
    Another brilliant and simple recipe. Making Kerala style fish curry has always been a disaster in my family. Thanks to you we have finally conquered it :) I gave my mum your Kottayam Fish Curry recipe and asked her to try it. It was superb!! A BIG thank you for my mum too.

    • Hi Suzette,

      Thanks dearie :) Good to hear that fish curry came out well for you.

      Please do convey my regards to your mom too..

      Take care…


  • Hi Maria,

    Another brilliant and simple recipe. Making Kerala style fish curry has always been a disaster in my family. Thanks to you we have finally conquered it :) I gave my mum your Kottayam Fish Curry recipe and asked her to try it. It was superb!! A BIG thank you for my mum too.


  • hi mariya,

    one of my friends introduced me to your blog and let me tell you that you are doing a wonderful job.. i have tried many of your recipes and all of them have come out very well..

    i sincerly appreciate your dedication in exploring the world of food… keep rocking.

    i always had the problem with the ratio of coriander powder , chilly powder and turmeric which might have been the reason for my consistent failure in making fish curries..but today with ‘maria’s menu’ my fish curry was a great success and we really enjoyed it….

    thanks maria..

    • Hi Gayathri,

      Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment. It’s really great to know that you like the recipes posted here. Please do convey my special thanks to your friend also for recommending this blog.

      Once again thanks for sharing your feedback here :)

      We wish you a very happy year ahead!


  • Hi- I’m looking to prepare this dish and I’ve never actually made fish curry before and this looks really good. Can you tell me what type of fish I should use? grouper? Halibut? etc….

    • Hi Shiv,

      You can use any fish of your choice for this recipe. However we normally use fleshy fish like King fish or pomfret at home for the same. Hope you’ll like this.

      All the best!!


  • Wow..thank you for your ‘edivettu fish curry’ recipe.
    once i prepare this, you can expect more comments from me…
    May god bless you and your family

  • hi maria,
    The fish curry was fantastic. Thank you once again for the wonderful recipe.
    one note to add… you told it tastes better the next day.. but if nothing is left for the next day, how can I know… :(
    my husband finished off the fish curry during the lunch time itself..

  • Hii maria,

    even wishing you and your family a happy and blessed new year…

    i made the sponge cake on christmas came out well..thank you so much..will be makeing it again on new year..

    God Bless you…

  • I tried this fish curry yesterday and it came out excellant.. after very long time my fish curry came out well thank u so much….God Bless You..

  • Hi Chechi,

    Thanks for the post. I tried three times to make a meen curry, but was not successful. Let me try this method also.This one,I feel, is so easy.



  • hi Maria,

    My sister suggested me your blog a few months before, when i got married, but being lazy I never bothered and in due time I 4got . All these time I revolted badly against making fish curry (partly coz i was afraid of attempting such a big curry which i have only dared to eat earlier ;) and then laziness), but last week i had to. After a minute’s google-ing I found out ur wonderful site, good and simpler dishes. All these times i was making curries from youtube videos. Your methods are very easy and ingredients r common ones. I ve tried a few frm your recipes and all grant success. And today my husband finally declared from now onwards “I will comment only when ur curry is bad”. Earlier it was horrible.

    Thanks to you and your site.
    btw meen curry was so yummy that i called my mummy and said its even more tastier( appolkyum confidence koodi. hehe!)
    too long mail, phew!!!

    • Hi Ann

      First of all, best wishes for the newly married couple from both of us. May god bless you both with a happy & blessed life ahead!!

      Thanks a ton for your sweet and kind words. I am very happy and excited to see your comment :) Thanks to your sis also for recommending my blog :) Really happy to know that you tried some of the recipes here and came out well.

      Please do try out other recipes also when you have time. Hope to see you here more often :)


  • I only new how to make the fish curry with coconut milk, like many trichure people… but i tried your receipe for my hus. who is from kottyam, he loved it….. Thank you!

    • Hi Neemol

      I tried making fish pollichathu once and it didnt come out well :(.

      Anyways if I see a new recipe, I will try to post.


  • Hi thanks for this wonderful receipe.I knew to make this but i was not sure about the procedure n ingredients well. thanks a lot again..pic above is so tempting..please post more nadan dishes..

  • Hi Maria,

    Your fish curry looks sooo yummy.I am a great fan of Fishcurry and kachimoru.They make such a great combination that i can have an entire bowl of rice.
    I tried making fish curry couple of times and the gravy used to be sooo watery .Finally i tried your receipe and it turned out good.Thanks a lot.

    Looking forward for more ‘Naadan’ reciepes from you.

    • Hi Ruby

      Thanks for visiting my blog and trying out fish curry recipe. Very happy to know that you liked it. Btw, fish curry and kachimoru is an amazing combo :)

      Please do tr out the other nadan recipes posted here.

      Take care

  • Hey Maria,

    tnks a lot 4 an awesome recepie….was huntin online for a good fish recepie and presto i find sumthn frm my mum’ land (Ktym) ….everyone at my home luvd it…..keep postin gr8 stuff …

    luv ya

  • Rinu – very happy to hear that you liked the recipe and thanks a lot for letting me know that :) Please do try other dishes as well and let me know whether you like it.

  • Hi Juriah,

    Thanks a lot for dropping in :)

    Cocum is fish tamarind, it acts as a souring agent. The main flavor of the curry depends on cocum.It is commonly used in fish curries in Kerala, southern Indian state. I will mail the picture of cocum to you. If you have any Indian stores in Austria, it should be available there. Hope you will be able to find it.

  • The picture of your fish curry is very appetizing. I don’t know what is cocum. And I’m not sure whether i can get it here in Austria. Will the curry taste any difference without adding the cocum as one of the ingredients?

  • Hi Maria,
    Parichayappettathil santhosham!
    Your blog is really wonderful, idivettu meen curry is tempting me much, I love Ktm spcl dishes.. :) Keep in touch..

    • Hi… Maria Jose,
      I am in KSA, my family on Vacation, really I am planning to prepare tomorrow fish curry, unfortunately I don’t know how to prepare the fish curry, just I search the google, i find your advice for the preparation, anyhow I find many people are saying good comments, so, I am going to prepare tomorrow edivettu meencurry, I confidence I will do this special dish tomorrow. Thanks.

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