Kallu Shappu (Kerala Toddy Shop) Style Beef Fry

I was all set to post a chammanthi recipe, like I promised here. But then with the celebration of  Team India winning the Cricket World Cup happening all around the place, how can I just post a chammanthi recipe? So here's a spicy beef fry recipe, to balance out all the sweet celebrations :)

I know you must be wondering why I'm posting a beef fry recipe again. I've already posted two beef fry/olathiyathu recipe. I dont want to sound like a marketing person saying this product is way different from the usual ones you have seen ;). But let me tell you, there is a DIFFERENCE, try for yourself & you'll know what I'm talking about.

Also about the phrase “kallu shappu style” ….I've never been to a kallu shappu (toddy shop) or even the famous karimbinkala shappu family restaurant. Though kallu shappu is an unfamiliar territory to me, I've my connections to get the shappu recipe ;)

Do you remember Sarasa chechy, my amma's assistant? I got this recipe from her. Her husband is a cook in a kallu shappu. Though Sarasa chechy refuses to admit that her husband has any influence on her cooking style, I believe this beef fry has shappu style written all over it. So those of you who have “shappu” experience please do try this and share your feedback. Hey,that doesn't mean others cant try this…

So go ahead, try this shappu style beef fry & spice up your victory celebrations :)

Please find the picture of shappu beef fry made by Ramya Rajesh, based on the above recipe. Thanks a lot dear :)

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172 thoughts on “Kallu Shappu (Kerala Toddy Shop) Style Beef Fry”

  1. Hi Maria,
    I’m a biiig fan of your recipes.Have tried many of your recipes as well. Sorry that I never took my time out to thank you for the yummylicious recipes. My husband just loves this recipe n we have tried it quite a lot times. Its really awesome. Thanks once again

    • Hi Divya,

      Thank you very much for sharing your feedback here :) I’m really happy to know that this recipe is a fav at your place.

      Btw, the pic is too small, so I’m not able to see it :(


  2. It came out excellent. Due to laziness, I cook in large quantity but once in two weeks or more. Most recipes don’t come out good when making five or ten times the specified volume. Besides me, who ever I shared also appreciated. Close to perfect combination. Thanks,

    • Hi Jose,

      Thank you so much for your feedback and also for sharing the picture.

      Glad to hear that it was appreciated by your friends.


  3. Thank you Maria! I tried this and it came out really good. It was a great combination with rice and pulisseri :)

  4. Hi Subhi,

    Thank you so much for sharing your feedback here :) Nice to know that your friends also enjoyed it.

    Hopefully next time you can take a pic and share it here :)


  5. Hi Maria

    It worked out so well, it was delicious. I am in Canada and all my friends here (from kerala) loved it. I made it, a whole big bowl full, which got over in 15 mins. Both children and adults loved it :-)



  6. Maria……Thanku soooo much ! am in dubai n i got the name
    “GOOD COOK” among many relatives …its al jus coz of u dear.At first i never told anyone that am copying your style….later when my husband told to my mom that i cook well,she gt stunned and i told her that when maria is der nothing to fear.Really dear ,ur recipes are superb. Nw planning to make unniappam this weekend.Onceagain thank you !

    • Hi Deepa,

      Thanks a ton for your lovely comment dear :) I’m so touched to know that you find the site helpful.

      Btw, the cook also gets a major credit, so let’s share it ;)

      Hope your unniyappam came out well..


  7. Hi Maria…

    I am not a big fan of beef..but wanted to try out this particular dish..but since you have mentioned that the flavor is mainly from the curry leaves and since it is very difficult to find curry leaves here in Australia I could not make it…but yesterday I got some curry leaves and the first thing I thought to do was to make this…so tried it out today and wholaaaaa…it was superb…Thanks again to you and Sarasamma chechi :)..pls find the pic below…

    • Hi Resh,

      I’m glad that you got hold of curry leaves ;) After seeing your pic, I’m craving for this :((

      I’ll tell Sarasa checy, she will be very happy..


  8. Hi Maria,

    Cooked beef for the first time..last night. I just followed your recipe and it turned out great!!!

    Your recipes are perfect. Mariasmenu is now my ‘google’ for cooking :)

    Keep cooking ;)

    Thank you!


  9. Hi Maria,

    Cooked beef for the first time..last night. I just followed your recipe and it turned out great!!!
    Your recipes are perfect. Mariasmenu is now my ‘google’ for cooking :)
    Keep cooking ;)

    Thank you!

  10. Maira,

    Wanted you to know that I had made this recipe for last Christmas & Easter and it was a hit with my hubby and kids. It actually reminded me of the way my mum used to make the dried beef roast for Christmas and how we sisters used to hog on them :)

  11. Oh thank you so much for this recipe. Tried it, and was a big success. And it was pretty easy too. This is going to be a regular one for me. Thank you so much Maria.

  12. Loved this one :) Actually my hus stumbled upon this link when I was trying out some other recipe from ur blog. Instant decision made by him ‘We are trying this out’. And now we are so glad we did that !! Now he is Sarasa chechi’s fan ;)

  13. Hi maria,

    I tried your Beef recipe it came out well…… My husband liked it a lot… This has become one of my favourite dish… Also I have tried your Kerala style egg and potato curry that too came out very well.. I got very good comments from my hard to please husband (who cooks better than me ) by cooking your recipes …..

    Thanks a lot Maria …

    • Hi Neethu,

      I’m also glad that this beef fry came out well for you :) Hope you get to try more recipes from here and like them too..

      Happy cooking and wish you a wonderful new year!


  14. Hi Maria,
    Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed New Year.
    One doubt abt baking cake – for baking cake microwave oven or the cooking range oven which one is best? if we r buying an microwave oven which brand is good? i want to do baking, grilling , roasting and warming food for these purposes which brand oven you will suggest?

      • Hi Maria,
        Greetings & Good Day

        One more doubt. For baking which oven is best gas oven or electric oven? I like to make cakes and my hubby loves to have grill, tikkas etc. thats why i am asking u and we r planing to buy a cooking range. the one we saw was full top and oven part r gas only rosttrie was electric. I read some where that for baking cakes electric ovens r best. whts ur experience?and which brand u suggest for cooking range? we r planing to buy indesit or ariston
        is these brands r good.
        Also maria, can u plz put some recipe of chicken grill , steak etc.
        Love u

        • Hi Jeena,

          As I’ve already mentioned, I use an electric oven and I’m very happy with it, so I recommend that.

          I dont do much of grilling, so I’m not sure about it.

          I use a brand called Fagor, which is provided by my apartment people. Since we live in a fully furnished apartment, I’ve never bought a cooking range or oven, so again I’m not familiar with the brands.

          Hope you get to make the best decision.

          All the best!


  15. Hi Preethy,

    I’m also glad that google brought you here ;) It’s a pleasure to know that this place inspires you to cook.. hope you like the recipes.

    Happy cooking :)


  16. Hey Maria,
    I tried the recipe like I said and I was very happy with the result. it tasted amazing! Thank you…

  17. Hey after posting the comment my sister showed me it has go under marination..;) Sorry my mistake!! Dont know how I missed it ;)

  18. Hi Maria, I love all your recipes. Just had one doubt about this one as I am gonna make this in the evening!! When is the vinegar used..It is mentioned in ingredients but not in method!!

  19. Mariaaaaaa…Superliked this one..Tried it out- i think 4 mnths bak..its was Yummm!!! hubby LOVED it…..also tried a few other recipes of urs…pulao, chkn curry,pancakes…all were a success..Often think of posting comments but too lazy.. ;)
    the oly things tht hasnt turnd out well for mw is the cake…bu thts coz of oven/microwave issues…!!
    nyways..thanks a TON! n may God bless u..
    P.S- i often drool over all ur cake pics..they jes luk fantabulous!! :D

    • Hi Biju,

      Thenga vellam is a great substitute :) I do hope your wife enjoyed this dish. Btw, it’s so nice of you to cook for your wife… I should show this comment to my husband ;)


  20. Hi Maria, This was fantastic. Went down really well with my family! Only thing missing was Kallu of the shappu variety :-( Thanks for sharing this, and i will definitely check out some of your other recipes. Thanks again, Rahul

    • Hi Rahul,

      Great to know that this recipe worked well for you. May be next time, you get lucky with kallu ;)

      Hope you will like the other recipes too.. Happy cooking!


  21. i was looking for this kind of traditional recipies. thanks … u done as we are together doing it.thank u very much again for this tips too.

  22.  I know :) what to do… I’ve seen in some other sites, they have copied my full write ups too… what to do?

    Nice to know that you like this recipe, thanks :)

  23. Hai Maria

    Super recipe. i tried yesterday and it was awesome. My hubby and kids like too much. Thank you so much.

    With Love

  24. Awesome recipe! Tried this for our Easter Party & it was a hit!! 
    I’ve been following your blog for a bit and love all your recipes.. Saves a call to my mum for all the recipes!

  25.  Hi Maria,
    Amazing recipe. My hubby showered me with compliments. Thank you soooooo much.
    Nisha Menon

  26. Hello Maria

    I am new to your site.I was just browsing to kill time as am down with chicken pox .I found lots of recipes tempting .One cake recipe i will try today.And the beef for easter .Will let you know.Best wishes.



  27. Dear Maria,
    I am totally a newcomer to ur site….n i tell u ,ur dishes r just awesome…I am ardent lover of cooking n ur site is just the place fr me…….the kallu shaap beef fry was ultimate sucess…my husband liked it so much that he nearly finished off the whole plate by himself……next item on my list a veggie…gobi manchurian…n yes i did try out ur veg pulao…simple but authentic dish….all my colleagues at work liked it a lot…..

    • Hi Suby,

      Welcome to MariasMenu! Thanks a lot for taking time to try out the recipes and also for letting me know about it :)

      Hope you get to try more recipes and also hope to see you here often.

      Happy cooking!


    • Hi Lizz,

      Thanks a lot for your concern. I’m seeing this particular site for the first time, but there are other sites which are also doing the same thing. But I try not to bother with it. Because I believe “stolen property” (irrespective of what it is) wont last long , so :)

      Thanks again dear and nice to know that you like the recipes posted here.


      • Hi Maria,

        What you can try doing is, putting water marks images, maybe site address on your photos. And by that anyone who copies that will have the site address also on the photo. 
        You can prevent copying for some extend. 
        Thumps up for you good work and cool attitude. :)


        • Hi Lizz,

          Sorry for the delayed rep dear. I’m at home in Kerala now, so dont check the mails regularly. Yeah I can watermark, but I dont like any writing on the pic :), that’s why. Anyways, thanks a lot dear for your concern.


  28. awesome recipe maria ..ur doing a gr8 job ..i alwys browse ur site before cooking very user friendly one ..y dont u put up some pork recipes !!

    • Hi Tresa,

      Thank you! Great to know that you visit this space regularly.

      I will try to put some pork recipes, the thing is that, I dont eat it. But when I go home, I’ll try to get it cooked by some experts and post the recipe here :) Hope it works..


  29. Dear Maria,
    Thank you so much for this recipe. I got married recently and had the first set of visitors coming over to my place.I made this recipe and it was awesome..!!!! and everyone loved it..!!!!! thank you soooooo much..!!!!!!! You’re an Angel to all the newly weds and housewives.

    P.S- I’m making it again today..!!! :)


    • Hi Archana,

      Congrats & wish you a wonderful & blessed married life!

      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, appreciate it very much :)


  30. Dear Maria…
    I tried this recipe and i must say it was turned out to be wonderful despite we couldn’t use red chilli and vinegar. we really enjoyed the dish added with alot of nostalgia. thanks alot for you.
    NB..I was eagerly looking for some biriyani receipes…malabari..or kozhikkodan…what i used to relish my muslim’s functions and marriages..Pls present few biriyani varieties also if possible..
    With great regards,

  31. Hi Maria,
    You are a star !!! I usually stick to my own regular recipe for beef…This time I decided to try out this & it came out finger licking !!!
    Keep up the good work !

  32. dear maria,i regularly follow ur recipes.i have a 11 month old baby and so i dont get time to post comments or say thanks to u often.now that he is sleeping i thought to log in and say thanks to u for all these wonderful mouth watering dishes.love this blog sooo much…
    btw,if i make mutton/chicken using this same recipe of kallushappu beef fry,do u think it will come out good?
    thanks- ur fan – Shweta.

    • Dear Shwetha,

      Thanks a lot for taking time to share your feedback here, appreciate it very much :) I havent tried this recipe with mutton/chicken. However I think mutton will be a good choice… I’ve tried some beef recipes with mutton before & it came out well.

      Hope it works!


  33. i made this yesterday……….it was superb…..i always used to wonder how to bring that black colour…..but now i tooo made it

  34. Hi Maria
    We are trying this recipe today evening. I will let you know the result in a short while. But I am sure it will be a success.

  35. Hi Anu,

    I’m not sure why it happened like that. Sometimes the beef tends to dry out when it cools. If that happens, heat a little oil & reheat it again.

    Thanks for trying the recipe.


  36. Hi Maria,
     I tried ur recipe…But 2 -3 hrs after the preparation beef turned out to be so hard.why this happened?i prepared it in a non stick pan.is it because of the shortage of oil ? any way taste was awesome..!!

  37. Hi Maria,
    One of my friends, told me about this site, i simply tried, i saw Beef olathiyathu- recipe, my hubby likes Beef dishes so i tried it …. and i invited his brother and wife for dinner… it was after my work … it was hectic for me to have dinner party after work, but all went well and everyone liked the dishes i made, especially the Beef olarthiyathu … Thanks Maria .. it was a very easy recipe …. 


    • Hi Janice,

      Nice to know that your beef olathiyathu came out well & that it was liked by your family. Thanks for the comment! Please do convey my special thanks to your friend too for recommending this site :)


  38. I tried this recipie. my hus loved this one
    thanks maria for this wonderful recipie…………………

  39. Hey Maria,

    I tried this recipe over the weekend when we had invited some friends over  and it turned out lovely. But I didnt get the black color like in the above pic
    :( what should i do for that?


  40. Hey Maria,

    I tried this recipe over the weekend when we had invited some friends over  and it turned out lovely. But I didnt get the black color like in the above pic
    :( what should i do for that?


    • Hi Surya,

      Thanks for trying the recipe. As I’ve mentioned in the notes section of the recipe, you need to use the oil generously to get this black colour, also you need to keep it at low flame for sometime. The longer you keep, the darker will be the color of the beef. Hope this helps…


  41. Dear Maria,

    This recipe was so delicious. To be honest I wasnt expecting much but my hubby loved it so much. I thought I might have ruined dinner because I did not think this was going to taste great..I usually make a different kind of beef fry and it was our fav recipe. But after hubby tasted it he was like, ‘this tastes better than the usual one you make’. Thank you so much for posting such great recipes.

  42. Dear Maria

    The recipe as well as the name and your  innocent story behind  it were so interesting and funny. Next time while in cohin ask Jose to take to some Kallusppu which has the family area and  frequanty visted by expat families.!!!
     your friend forgot to add thengakothu? I coudnt see any in the photograph.

    I am big fan of you. You are spending lot of time to answer each comments .
    May God Bless your efforts.

    Mathew Dubai

    • Hi Mathew,

      Thank you! Yeah I’ve asked Jose to take me to karimbinkala or some place like that :) I’ve added thengakothu, its not very visible in the pic. However if you look carefully under the fried curry leaves, you can see it :)

      Its good to know that you like this space & thanks again for the comment.


  43. Dear Maria,

    Also tried this recipe. Really good. Had a different flavour compared to the normal beef olathiyathu. Loved it.



    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks dear :) Yep, this has a different flavor from the other recipes, I guess its because of the crushed red chilli… Anyways, Its nice to know that you liked it.


  44. Hi Shilpa,

    wow! I’m so thrilled to see your comment :) Thanks a ton dear for trying all these recipes & I’m so happy that you like it. Its really good to know that you made a menu based on the recipes here. If you dont mind, can you please share it with me, so that I can post on the site. I’m sure it will be helpful for other readers too…but only if its ok with you.


  45. Hi Maria,

    Ysdy I tried three recipes of urs  this one,kovaka pattichathu and pazha mango curry . All tasted too good .Uno i made a weekly menu chart for breakfast and lunch based on ur recipes :)..Thank u so much dear..and Keep posting many more nadan veg and non veg recipes..


  46. i have tried the kallu shappu beef. it was so good and evryone tried loved it also. i see all these recipies and wanna try to make them. thank you for all the wonderful recipies on here. God bless.
    ps. coconut oil makes all the difference. i am gonna make it again soon


    • Hi Ancy,

      Thanks for the lovely feedback dear. Its great to know that this recipe turned out well for you :)

      Yep, coconut oil is a must for this recipe.

      Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


  47. I am from 1999 batch, Maria. .

    And I tried ur kozhukkatta recipe on saturday.. Had never made it on my own before.. Used to help mom filling ‘coconut and jaggery mix’ back home. Tat was my only acquaintance with Kozhukatta (apart frm eating). This time I had to try it on my own – neither mom nor Mom-in-law were with me. Got a basic understanding from ur recipe and did it with a few tips frm mom. Taste was OK, but thickness was more. It took longer to get cooked. I think, next time I have to make smaller balls with the dough :-)

    Saw ur gothambu payasam recipe.. Need to try tat soon.. Will let u know. U rock…..

    – Sindhya

    • Hi Sindhya,

      Thanks for trying the recipes dear :) For me also, it took sometime to figure out the correct size of dough. I’m sure you’ll get a feel of it soon.

      Hope payasam comes out well for you :)


  48. Hi Maria,

    You have an awesome collection of recipes.. Hats off to you!! Jose shud b really lucky to have got u as his soulmate – food is significant :-)

    Btw, lemme ask you. Are u from Ernakulam? I remember having had a senior resembling u at St.Joseph’s Thrikkakara.

    • Hi Sindhya,

      Thanks a bunch & I’m forwarding your comment to Jose ;) Yep, I’m from Ekm & I studied in St.Joseph’s too. Great to know that you are also from same school :)

      I passed out in 1997, what about you?


  49. Hi Maria

    I am new to cooking and love your website.
    Is the Garam Masala that u have mentioned in this recipe store brought. Can I make this masala at home?

    • Hi Catherine,

      I generally use homemade garam masala for my cooking. Yes you can make this masala at home. I usually add whole spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, whole black pepper, cloves, fennel seeds & star anise in my garam masala. I dry roast these spices & once its cooled, I grind them to fine powder.

      However you can make this with store bought garam masala also, provided you are using Kerala brands such as Nirapara, Eastern, Saras etc;


  50. Hi Maria,
    I must say this recipe looks very authentic. We have some guests coming over, and I was gonna try this recipe today, but decided to try it out at home first before giving it to others. I have a question tho, when you say tons of curry leaves, how much do you mean? Is a handful too much?
    Thanks for the reply.


    • Hi Curious,

      Thank you :)

      Adding curry leaves for this curry depends on your taste. I like its flavor very much, especially for beef. So I add loads ;) You can add as per your taste. Anyways a handful isnt too much.

      Hope you like it, so that it can be served for your guests too.


  51. Magpie – thanks sweetie :) Please try it & I do hope your husband likes it.

    KS – thanks dear :) May be you can try it with soya chunks…

    Sarah – ohh yes ;) & thank you.

    Melange – Yes, adding oil is the secret behind the dark colour. Whenever I cooked, I added very little oil & ended up with brownish color beef and yes coconut oil is a MUST for this :)

  52. Hii Maria,
    I tried the recipe…. it came out gr888…. sooo yummyyyy….. !!
    i think im gonna b a constant follower of ur blog….:) its gr88….

    • Hi Alice,

      Thanks a ton for trying this & also for leaving a comment here. I’m so glad that it came out well for you.

      Hope to see you here often :)


  53. Hey Maria…this picture is soo tempting…..I m waiting for Easter to prepare this Beef fry (as we are on lent nw)….will let u knw if it turned out to be….and of course Thanks to Sarasachechi for the recipe….hope to c more kallu shaap recipes soon…

    • Hi Jemy,

      Thanks dear :) So waiting for breaking noyambu with beef fry ,eh? I do hope you like this. Your thanks is conveyed to Sarasa chechy :)


  54. Hi Maria…wanted to try it on the same day being a cricket fanatic !!! But cudnt manage after long working hours..so have decided to preserve this recipe for Easter .. have always wondered how they get that black color.. will try n let you know.. Thanks.

    • Hi Jaya,

      Please do try it and let me know your outcome. I do hope it comes out well :) I guess roasting it in oil on low flame for a long time gives that look. Hope you get this colour :)


  55. That looks perfect.What you said is correct about chechi adding coconut oil so much so that the color comes like that.Wonderful.The Kerala beef preparations especially with coconut oil and shallots is the best I believe.Cheers !!

  56. wow maria ,though am an eggeterian ,this post is worth trying with some other substitute as well.
    I have made ur kuttanadan duck roast. but i substitute it with soya chunks ,. but it really tasted well.
    so let me try this with soya again .

    • Hi Sumsu,

      Thanks dear :) Yeah you can try it with soya chunks, I usually make soya like beef only. Btw, Sarasa chechy was so happy to hear your comment :)


  57. This one indeed looks like a kallu shap beef fry…Looks awesome, i dont eat beef, so the only thing i can do is just look at the picture and DROOL…

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