Aviyal / Avial (Recipe For Onam Sadya)

Aviyal or Avial is a traditional Kerala side dish of mixed vegetables served with rice. An essential component to an Onam Sadya (traditional vegetarian banquet or buffet) that’s quite easy to make.

In fact I was quite happy after making this dish. It’s not everyday that I make an aviyal (or avial as some spell it) and it turned out great. I should say that I’m more comfortable cooking Kerala style non veg dishes than the veg ones. I do make the normal stuff like thorans and mezhukkuperatty. Elaborate ones like aviyal and sambar are made only once in a while. Anyways after the success with this aviyal recipe, I’m a bit more comfortable and interested in cooking such kind of dishes.

I am not very sure about what all veggies are there in the traditional recipe. Here in this recipe, I’ve used the veggies that we both like :) – you’re free to pick and choose.

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