Spicy Roasted Cashews

I’ve this bad habit of munching something always. I don’t like to keep my mouth idle, I want it to work so hard ;) Sometimes I’ve cravings for sweet stuff,at other times spicy. Recently I had a craving for some spicy stuff. I checked my cupboards, but couldn’t find anything spicy and I wasn’t ready to give up. Finally I got hold of some plain cashews. I decided to give them a makeover.

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  • Oh Maria…you have made my mouth sad..I mean me sad..;-)Plain salted cashews are by themselves irresistible and there you go with spicy ones..sounds pretty easy,bookmarked..;-)

  • Divya – its pretty easy to make, hope you will like it.

    HC – please do try it and keep munching :)

    Rachel – happy to hear that I’ve company in munching :)

  • I love your recipes Maria. Have been reading them for three years now. I love your genuiness in writing these blogs…guess thats what keeps pulling me back to your blog. May God Bless you Loads dear. You seem to be a very nice person.:)

    • Hi Smita, Thanks a ton for your lovely feedback dear. wow, 3 years! that’s a long time :) Thanks again for your wishes and kind words dear.

      Wish you too the very best in life!


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