Malabar Chicken Curry

First post of the new year!!

I wanted to post something which is a “pakka” kerala dish as the first post of this year. This has something to do with a new year resolution ( I dont know whether I should call it a resolution because usually my resolutions backfire :( ) Anyways, this year I want to give some priority to Kerala dishes. Though I've posted many Kerala recipes, I still get feedback or requests for more and more Kerala dishes. But…if you go through my Kerala recipes, you can see that majority of them are non veg recipes. Apart from a few veg curries that I usually make, I dont venture much into Kerala style veggies…however I hope I will try some veg curries this year.

I made this chicken curry for new year lunch along with ghee rice. Since I wanted to make something”nadan” I was going through my Kerala cookery books. I have this habit of marking the recipes in the book, which I want to try and after trying it I make a note also about whether I liked it, whether I added something extra, cooking time etc; That's one habit I got from my cooking guru, my aunty, Tesschechy and I found it quite useful too, because I might be making that recipe again after a long gap and this notes helps me a lot.

Enough of this & that…lets go to the recipe. It's a spicy one and we enjoyed its sight, aroma and taste :)

Update on 10/05/2013: Since I've been getting a lot of requests to put the measurements in cups/spoon rather than grams. I've tried the recipe recently using cup/spoon measurement and below is the updated recipe.

Recommended Side dishes: Ghee rice, Vegetable Pulao, Palappam, Kallappam, Malabar Pathiri

Click Here For Recipe…

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