Erachi Puttu

Are you a breakfast person? By breakfast I mean a proper breakfast and not just a glass of milk or an apple. I’m very much a breakfast person. I need to eat something heavy in the morning to have a proper start to my day. It’s been like that from my childhood days.

Even during school/college days , I didnt mind getting up early, to have breakfast on time. That reminds me…  my Amma never had a tough time with both, my brother and myself, when it came to food. Her policy was this..  if you are hungry you’ll eat the food no matter what it is or how it is. Somehow that policy worked well with us. We were never forced to eat, actually on the contrary we were asked not to eat too much ;)

So coming back to breakfast… These days I prefer a long breakfast outside, to a  lunch or dinner. I can eat all I want and not worry about stuffing up myself, since the whole day is left to burn out the calories ;)

Some of my all time favourite dishes are also breakfast items, like Appam and Stew or Puttu and Chicken Mappas. In this recipe I’ve combined two things which I like best, Puttu and Beef :) If you like these two items, I’ve only one thing to say “Make it already!”

We had it just like that without any side dish, but I think Veg Stew is a good choice for this, if you prefer a side dish.


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