Mutta (Egg) Puttu

Malayalees’ love for puttu ( steamed rice cake) is well known. This is one of the most preferred breakfast items in Kerala. Though this is a common item in any Kerala household, for us it wasn’t. It’s been 4 years since I’ve started my cooking experiments, but puttu made a very late entry into my menu and the reason…Jose doesn’t fancy puttu and he has his reasons too.

He says he had enough puttu to last for  a lifetime during his hostel days :).  I guess they served him some rock hard puttu with banana in hostel hhmm…. Ever since, he’s declared his non alignment movement with puttu and I was too lazy to make it for myself.

Then a miracle happened recently…last time when we went to Kerala, during one of our visits to friend’s /relatives place, he didn’t have a choice but  to eat puttu and after having that he had 1/4th of a mind to have it again! I was so happy and excited!!

Thus puttu made a grand entrance to our menu :). Few days back, my cousin sis passed me Tesschechy’s (my aunt)  recipe for motta puttu. I was sure that motta puttu will improve the rating of puttu (in general)  in Jose’s preferred dish chart and yes it did :)

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  • ahhh..’motta’ puttu sounds n looks soo good da..Like Jose,me too have had enuf bad experiences with Peeranki Unda Puttu(thats how we called it the) during hostel days..But my mom Puttu with divine kadala curry was enough to nullify it n resume my love story with puttu..This looks yum like ‘erachi puttu’ n Il soon try this..:)

  • sure seem to be a motta fan..;-).Puttu is a regular in our house,Sunday mornings are puttu mornings and we have to have kadala curry as an accompaniment.I sure dont like it when it is served with just banana and sugar[like some of my friends seem to do].Otherwise,I can have puttu day in and day out!!Motta puttu sounds quite easy and try-able.Shall make it for hubby!!

  • I had the same aversion as Jose.. Had enough of puttu during all my hostel days. But my husband just loves his puttu. Over time I have realized that what they served in the hostel was not puttu – just named that!!
    Now I also enjoy puttu.
    This is such a good variation. Have to try it this way. My kids like it whith ghee and sugar. We like it with something spicy – like kadala curry, meen char etc etc
    Thanks for the recipe!

    • Thanks Asha

      Its very difficult to have puttu, if its not moist. I remember having puttu with ghee n sugar during my childhood days :). Btw, puttu with meen chaar is a new combo to me , will try it sometime.

      Please try this one, hope your family will like it.

  • aaha..the pic looks lovely..this pic caught my eye in the orkut community side..[which is an achievement]..and u sure do knw tht how much ever i eat motta n still catches my eye n makes me drool anytime..and hey i make motta puttu with egg as to compensate for the less amount of motta ..he he

  • I love puttu, but hubby and daughter dislike it, hubby even calls puttu bomb ;-)
    So i have never made puttu myself, always had them at home, this looks so so delicious.

  • Varsha – I liked the peeranki unda puttu prayogam, good one :) You can call this a veg version of erachi puttu ;) , try this, hope you will like it.

    Divya – hhmm I thnk am slowly getting converted to a motta fan ;) please do try it on one of yur putu mornings :)

    Thanks divz :)

    Ammu, thank you, pinne motta roast n motta puttu, isnt it a too much of motta my dear ;)??

    Thanks HC – I liked the name puttu bomb :)

    Thanks Priya, I think you are really luck to get delicious puttu in hostels!!

    MR – this is like puttu end egg curry combined into one :)

  • Thanks Maria for such a delicious site :P

    hey u can replace bread crumbs with rice flour n try out this same recipe.

    Using a mixer, powder bread slices after removing its sides and fill tat in a puttukutti with this egg masala in between.try out :)

    • Hi Vidya

      Thanks for your sweet words and also for sharing a wonderful tip!!

      I’ve some left over brown bread with me, I will give it a try :)


  • hi maria,
    today, my first day in ur blog,i found “motta puttu” and i am going to make it tonight for our, working in Saudi and living with my my chance in our schedule for cooking and i was searching something new in net and find u.i will be regular visitor . i hope in the holy month of Ramadan i can find some malabari muslim menu from here.thanks and regards.

  • hi maria,
    thanx for ur kind replay.motta puttu was sooooper.tomorrow we will make unnakkaya (insha Allah).actually i am looking for some snacks for iftar, that NON OILY(too much).can you suggest something ? please….


  • Hi Maria,
    thanks again for suggesting another beautiful blog.and i wondered when you suggesting your competitor (?) to me.your kindness is appreciated.i found something nice that what was i looking for.thanks.
    but i didn’t find anywhere, the malappuram special cheerayila or muringayila thaalippu in kanjiwellam that most commonly using curry for supper in Ramadan for avoiding strong masalas.

    • Hi Sameer

      Happy to hear that you find that link useful, btw there is no competition and all :)

      Regarding the muringayilla thaalippu, am hearing it for the first time. Hope you will get the recipe soon :)


  • I was so fascinated by your recipe and the pictures and I did not have a puttu maker.

    I tried on the idli plate , it turn out to be dry ! So I looked online and found where I bought my Puttu maker attachment that fit to any pressure cooker.

    The rice flour puttu came out so good and my kids enjoyed. I made it with Kadala kolambu and it tasted great . I am yet to try with mutton stew.

    I also made Ragi puttu yesterday and it was too good with sugar, coconut and ghee.

    • Hi Tamilarasi

      Thanks for trying out this recipe. Very happy to know that you enjoyed it. Try it with mutton or veg stew, its great! Hope your kids will like that too :)


  • Maria,
    motta puttu is suprb
    cant u try this motta putta in anothr way?? instead of mutta, beef ularthiyathu will do.. the same beef ularthiyathu in ur recipe..
    but the beef shud be choped..

    • Hi saranya

      Yes you can make it with beef also, that’s nice too. As you’ve written the beef should be chopped finely or else you can make with minced beef too.


  • hi maria our favorite hood puttu.i have tried irachi putu.but i didn,t like .since i love eggs i think this willbe a hit puttuwithkadala,meencharu ,better still previous meencharu is superb.adding bread is a good idea,left overputtu can be turned in to uppuma.make scramble eggs with onion chillies tomato curryleave s and add to it roughly powdered puttu and mix.uppuma is with pappadam

    • Hi Jameela

      If you like eggs, am sure you will like this. Please do try it, its definitely worth trying.

      Thanks for sharing the tip of making upma with puttu, it sounds easy & tasty :)


  • hai maria,

    i think u are busy now a days…nothing new waiting for your new dishes recipes…


    • Hi Reshma

      How are you?

      Btw, am posting new recipes. I try my best to post once in a week. But sometimes it doesnt happen.

      Anyways, thanks for asking dear :)


  • Im making some puttu now but dont know the consistancy to look for. Is it like a tamale or polenta? Thanks

  • trying this today but wid chicken…i wz thinking wat 4 dinner(my hubby doesnt hav time 4 an elaborate breakfst so v both hav our fav BF 4 dinner instead)..thts wen i saw dis,yestr ngt my hubby wz lookin for a kerala cuisine restaurant n he wantd 2 hav this puttu beef! bt unluckily he didnt gt it..n 2dei wen i saw dis,i ran 4 d fone,calld up a grocery,bought chicken,and nw im half way done!
    thanx maria..nw 2day my hubby s gonna love his dinner!!
    love u!

  • Hi Maria,
    Could you pls recommend me the best combination for egg puttu,or is it the egg gravy enough to relish this mouth watering puttu?Thanks for sharing this delicious receipe.

    • Hi Mini

      We had this puttu with nadan beef curry. It’s recipe is posted here. You can also have it with egg roast.

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Hope you enjoyed this dish.


  • Hi chechi

    Can you please suggest me some breakfast items ???

    i am working and evry morning i prep uppuma,idiappam ,idli,dosa ,puttu only…give me some more items list and recipes

    • Hi Neethu,

      Please check out the following recipes:

      Vegetable omelet

      Simple pancake


      Chicken sandwich ( filling cane be prepared in advance & stored in fridge)

      Egg Sandwich ( filling cane be prepared in advance & stored in fridge)



      Stuffed chicken buns ( you ca prepare this on a Sunday & store in fridge for 2-3 days)

      Hope this helps…


  • Hi..
    Egg puttu .. hmm.. sounds gud.. I wil give a try for sure. I have made erachi puttu (with both beef and chicken) and also meen peera puttu ( with chooda/netholi peera pattichathu). puttu with meen and beef was a hit.. my husband liked it.. So i will give a try with eggs also…

    • Hi Ammu,

      Thanks :)

      Though I’m familiar with erachi puttu, meen puttu is new to me. Sounds nice.

      Please try out the egg puttu n see, hope you like it..


  • Hi Maria,

    I was just looking for new kind of breakfast, but u know i dint think of any other sites, i directly opened Marias Menu, the reason behind is the recipe of your Fish molly, i tried in lot of sites but found urs very intresting,and it really tasted so well that my son still keep telling about it. This combination of motta and puttu looks great, let me give a try in morning. For working ladies like me this is helpful as it consumes little time than that of making extra curry for puttu. Thanks Lol, expecting more nice breakfast menus.

    wtih love


    • Hi Shobha

      I’m so flattered ;) Thanks for your lovely comment dear. Its great to know that the fish molly came out well for you. Its one of my all time fav dishes :) I’m glad that your son liked it.

      Btw, did you try this puttu? Hope you liked it. As you said it’s a good breakfast dish for working women, its 2 in 1 right :)?

      Also check out the kallappam, upma, vegetable omelet, simple pancake recipes…Hope you find it interesting!


  • hi maria….can u suggest me which curry will go for this mutta puttu?planning to make this for dinner…im sure it will be good..and hey can u plsssss post idli recipe with the water measurements…i will soooooooo grateful to you…hope its not a silly question….n i hope u will help me…
    keep up the good effort….

    • Hi Naj,

      I’m sorry that the comment is a bit delayed. You can serve this motta puttu with any gravy of your choice, veg or non veg. However we have it with some non veg gravy.

      I’ll try to post the idli recipe sometime n dont worry its not a silly question at all my dear :)


  • hi maria…….i liked the variation u made in puttu preparation……let me tell u my style i recently did……cut the kerala long special banana(netraparam) into small pcs and add it after grated coconut…..and steam ……….my husband loved it …….

    • Hi Bindhu,

      Please go through the different categories on the site. You can find a variety of veg and non veg side dish recipes there. Hope you find something interesting!


    • hhmm, You can saute some of the veggies like carrot, cabbage, beans etc and season it with salt and pepper. Then proceed just like the motta puttu, but instead of motta filling, you can put veggie filling.

      Hope this helps..


  • hai maria,whenever i make puttu it goes flope,when i place the puttu in puttukudam and steam also comes out but when i look it is not cooked properly, why this happens.once i keep the puttu podi in mixy and when i take out there r more lumps, is it bcoz i use more water, plz help me

    • Hi Princy,

      Though Puttu is a simple thing to make, it can be tricky at times. The texture will be affected if the qty of water is not right. The water qty varies depending on the podi you use.

      There is a one tip to know, whether the water qty is right. Just try to make a small ball with the puttu podi and if it doesnt break, it means it’s ready. After you steam water in puttu kodam, place the puttu kutti and steam for 5-7 mins, om medium-high flame. Remove from fire and keep it closed for another 4-5 mins. Then remove it from puttu kutti. Hope this helps..


    • Hi Princy,

      Though Puttu is a simple thing to make, it can be tricky at times. The texture will be affected if the qty of water is not right. The water qty varies depending on the podi you use.

      There is a one tip to know, whether the water qty is right. Just try to make a small ball with the puttu podi and if it doesnt break, it means it’s ready. After you steam water in puttu kodam, place the puttu kutti and steam for 5-7 mins, om medium-high flame. Remove from fire and keep it closed for another 4-5 mins. Then remove it from puttu kutti. Hope this helps..


  • Hi Maria…your recipes are simple and awesome. I tried this. Egg puttu was really different for me. Hope u will post more n more simple items.

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