Chicken Stew

These days I get mails asking me what’s special for Christmas @ MariasMenu. I started with the idea of posting chicken biriyani, then moved on to Kerala chicken roast and finally as you can see I ended up with chicken stew.

If you think about it, chicken stew or rather any non veg stew is an integral part of the Kerala Christmas menu. How can you think of a Christmas breakfast without appam & stew? It’s kind of impossible right?

Like any other stew this is also mildly spicy & creamy. It’s a perfect accompaniment for bread, palappam, kallappam or even pathiri. As I’ve mentioned before puttu & stew is also one of my fav combos.

I’d like to share something with you other than the recipe. You might have heard a lot about Kerala and its rich culinary culture from here and also from other Kerala food blogs. I want to share a write-up with you. This write-up gives you the picture of ” God’s own country & its culinary extravaganza” through the lens of a tourist. I got this link when I was searching something on the net.  Its a very interesting read or if you are not interested in reading at least check it out to see some beautiful pictures of Kerala cuisine.

Here is the link: A Culinary Journey in India

Hope you will enjoy reading it :)

Now the recipe:

Chicken Stew
Recipe type: side dish, Breakfast
Cuisine: Kerala, Indian
Serves: 4-5
  • Chicken - ¾ kg (cut into medium size pieces)
  • Onion - 2 medium, thinly sliced
  • Green chilly - 4-5
  • Ginger & garlic - 1 tbsp, finely chopped
  • Potato - 1 medium, cubed
  • Carrot - 1 small-medium, cubed
  • Cinnamon - a small piece
  • Cardamom - 4
  • Cloves - 4
  • Whole pepper - ¼-1/2 tsp
  • Fennel seeds - a small pinch
  • Medium thick coconut milk - 2½ - 3 cups
  • Thick coconut milk - 1 cup
  • Cashew paste - 1 tbsp (optional)
  • Coconut oil
  • Salt
  • Curry leaves
  1. Crush the whole masala (number 4 ingredient). Heat oil in a deep pan & splutter the whole masala. Add onion, ginger &garlic, green chilly & curry leaves. Saute till onion becomes soft and keep in mind that onions should not brown in this recipe. When onion becomes soft add chicken pieces, salt and potato cubes. Mix well. Add medium thick coconut milk and cover & cook.
  2. When the chicken is half done, add the cubed carrots too. Continue cooking till the chicken is fully done.
  3. Add the cashew paste to the thick coconut milk & mix well. When the chicken is cooked completely add the thick coconut milk. Reduce the flame & cook for 5 -7 minutes or until you get the required thickness.
  4. Garnish with fried small onion/shallots & curry leaves. Serve hot with appam or bread.
I used chicken with bones. The weight f the chicken given here is after cleaning. To make cashew paste, soak around 7-10 cashews in 1- 2 tbsp hot water for 10 mins. Grind the cashew along with the water to a smooth paste. Cashew paste is usually added to thicken the gravy & make it more creamier. To enhance the taste & flavor, you can garnish the stew with small onion & curry leaves fried in ghee/coconut oil. You can also make this in a pressure cooker in the same way.


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  • Ria

    Nalla ugran stew!

  • Happy Cook

    I want this with apoms. Drool

  • tina

    Adipoli kazhikan thonunnuuu….Excellent click dear.

  • tinu

    neat presentation n thanx for the link….

  • Uma

    Hey Maria… This looks great…

    One question – Do you use store bought coconut milk or do you make your own? If you make your own, can you suggest an easy way to do this? How many coconuts would i need to grate for 2 to 3 cups of coconut milk ?

  • shabs

    loved the pic maria…nannaayittundu….nice colour for the stew….myhusband has been demading me for mutton stew for sometime now whenever i make paalappam or appam. I always make vegetable stew or your egg roast.:)…eluppam athalley….

  • Paul

    I just visited this site. Have copies some of the recipes. They seem awesome. Will try and visit the site again.

    • Maria

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for dropping in. Hope you will like the recipes. Your comments are always welcome :)


  • Ann

    Looks so yum, Maria! Another winner….Please stop by when you have a chance, I have an “award” for you….
    Season’s greetings!

  • Maria

    Thanks Ann :)

  • Latha

    Nice recipe.
    I do make chicken stew in bit different way. Marinate chicken with salt and pepper powder and a small piece of crished ginger and keep it aside for an hour. If stew needs to be made next day I keep marinate & keep chicken in fridge overnight. Cook the chicken in pressure cooker till first whisle comes, take the cooker from stove and Keep it aside. Remaining recipe of cooking onion & feg remain same but I add the cooked chicken when onion & vegetables are half cooked in the coconut milk . Instead of cashew paste I add corn floor.(health conscious) Chicken Stew & appam are all time favourite at home. Cooking marinated chicken adds the flavour of the stew. Not my comment its the comment my senior friends (anuties) who tried the stew :-)) Recipe original credit goes chitra Shaji (wife of the film director Shaji) mutton stew :-)

  • Peter

    Im going to prepare d stew today.The pic seems to be really gud Maria….Will let u know how it turned out…cheers….

    • Maria

      Hi Peter,

      Thank you :)

      Hope you tried the stew and came out well also..


  • Reena Ganesh

    Hi Maria…

    Recently came to know abt ur blog and went thru some of ur recipies…… all were very simple… and have taken print of all those… wanna try them when free… this eve am goimg to try veg stew..hope it turns out well…
    thanx a lot for such wonderful simple recipies…
    ur site is a boon for persons like me (learning cooking)


    • Maria

      Hi Reena,

      Thanks for your encouraging comment. I do hope you get to try them soon & I’d love to hear your feedback.

      Happy cooking & All the best!!


  • Sunitha

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks a lot for this chicken stew recipe…I made this yesterday and my husband loved it ….i will certainly make it again since it was so delicious with appam….

    Thanks again

    • Maria

      Hi Sunitha,

      I’m glad that it came out well for you. Thanks for the comment, appreciate it very much :)


  • Anilz

    Hi Maria,

    Your recipes are detailed and simple to follow. Thank you for taking the extra efforts to explain each point in detail (for any recipe).

    In the recipes where you use coconut milk, I read you generally make the milk from the Maggi Coconut milk powder. My queries are in this regard :

    1) In a glass of water how many spoons of powder do you take to make the medium & for the thick milk.

    2) In this particular recipe, you have added the medium coconut milk and I understand the stew boils till the chicken cooks. Does not the coconut milk curdle in this way ? [ I am a bit cautious due to this and would try after seeing your reply].

    Thanks again for your recipes.

    • Maria

      Dear Anilz

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m so happy that you find the recipes posted here simple to follow :)

      Btw, I’m so sorry for the delayed reply, I was on a holiday, hence the delay.

      About making coconut milk powder using maggi, I normally use a standard measuring cup for measuring water.

      For 1 cup of thick coconut milk, I use 3 heaped tbsp of coconut milk powder + 1 cup water.

      For 1 cup of medium thick coconut milk, I use 2 heaped tbsp of coconut milk powder + 1 cup water.

      For 1 cup of thin coconut milk, I use 1 heaped tbsp of coconut milk powder + 1 cup water.

      About curdling of the curry, I havent cooked using fresh coconut milk. With the maggi powder I boil the stew always till the chicken is cooked and it doesnt curdle.

      Btw, if you are using a fatty chicken, while cooking the fat from the chicken will start coming out and it gives the impression of curdling. Just keep that in mind.

      Hope this helps & you will like the stew.

      Please do share your feedback, if you happen to try this.

      Happy cooking :)


  • elsa

    maria,please post a lamb recipe when u get a chance.thanks.

  • Sunith

    I tried out this recipe today and it turned out amazing@40ec5ffe4f639f70ca0ce1f21b1414e7:disqus 
     Tasted quite close to my mom’s version :)  I have shared your recipe on my blog.

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Sunith,

      Thank you! Its nice to know that it tasted like your mom’s preparation. Thanks a lot for posting it at your space.


  • Rose Sebastian

    Hi Maria, I made this dish when my uncle and family visited us and everyone loved it. Thank you for posting this recipe!!

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Rose,

      You are welcome dear! Great to know that the stew was liked by your family. Thanks for trying the recipe & also for posting a comment here :)


  • Rayaroth

    hi maria ..
     chicken stew is somthing new 2 me hop its tasty as its shown here..

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Rayaroth,

      Hope you get to try it soon & like it too. Its a mildly spicy coconut based gravy & it pairs well with bread & appam (rice pancakes).


  • Maria Jose

    Hi Bazeena,

    You are welcome. Thanks for sharing your feedback here.


  • Maria Jose

    Hi DSK,

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  • Naveen Susan

    thnx. tried this for breakfast with appam and came out really well. just the same taste as my mother makes

    thnx again.

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Susan,

      I’m glad that your chicken stew came out well & especially thrilled to know that it reminded you of your mom’s cooking :) Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback here.

      Wish you a happy new year!


  • Resmitarus

    Amazing stew . Just loved it and very easy to make

    • Maria Jose

      Thank you :)

  • Jerinjosep

    Dear Maria,

    Jst made this stew n tasted a lil bit ..the aroma was too tempting to resist :)  :) :) will have this with palappam tmrw . am sure this will taste even better tmrw.   You got us interested in cooking ( we were too lazy b4)  and hence regular visitors to the gym these days

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Jerin,

      Hope you had a lovely breakfast with appam and stew :) It feels really great to know that this site got you interested in cooking, thanks dear!

      Good that you are going to gym regularly, my visit is long overdue :(


  • Wwsher

    spicy stew ………… nice!

    • Maria Jose


  • Jose

    Hi Maria… Loving your site. First saw it when I decided to cook an authentic sadya for Onam. Since then, you are my first guide to cooking :) … This time it was Appam and Stew on Easter… Thank you and God Bless

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Jose,

      Thank you very much! Great to know that you find this site useful and this is your first guide to cooking :)

      Best wishes to you too…

      Take care


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  • Ramyacherian

    Hi Maria,  I had made this stew more than 5 to 6 times and every time i make everyone love’s it.I had shared this recipe to my sister even she said when she made everyone loved it.. sorry for late replay will be making the stew today…thank u so much maria for posting this recipe…God Bless U :)

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Ramya,

      How are you dear? It was a pleasure to read your comment :) Thanks for recommending it to your sister too…


  • Abhilash

    I have tried the chicken stew today and it turned to be disappointing. I have used the fresh coconut milk and after boiling the chicken, it has become curdy. Basic thump rule is never boil the dish once the coconut milk is added. May be you should mention in the recipe to use only the coconut powder.

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Abhilash,

      Sorry to hear that the stew didnt come out well.

      I havent mentioned in the recipe about boiling the coconut milk. Anyways, it’s always better to cook on low flame, if you use coconut milk. Also after adding thick coconut milk, keep stirring continuously. After switching off the gas, also stir for a few mins.

      Hope it comes out well next time. All the best!

  • Arun Prakash

    Dear Maria, Thank you So Much, I tried your Chicken Stew it came well in taste little loose gravy ( i have to feed all my friends they will come for week end special so my coconut milk is little watery)
    Seriously telling you are great, not just making the recipe, for sharing the same also.

    Thanks a ton :)

    • Maria Jose

      Hi Arun,

      You are welcome!

      Nice to know that you liked the chicken stew, thanks for trying it and also for sharing your feedback here :)



    thanks dear love u…………..

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  • Gautam

    Hi Maria,

    Couple of months ago I was looking for a Malai Kofta recipe and found yours by chance and made it. Absolutely everyone who had it loved. So i decided to try something else from your site. 2 Months down the line, I have made Pepper Chicken (multiple times on demand) , Corriander Chicken, Chicken Tomato Roast and Malai Kofta and all have been easy to make and even easier to wipe clean off the plate :)

    My next one on the list is the stew and i am sure its going to be a hit like the rest.

    PS: My wife has started calling me MariosMenu because I only make recipes from your blog.

    • Maria Jose

      Thanks Gautam! I’m glad that Google Gods took you here :)

      Hope your stew also came out well. Please do convey my regards to your wife too…

      Take care,

  • Leenu

    hi maria,

    i tried the chicken stew recipe few days back.. and my hubby loved it a lot!! thanks to u!! gonna try more of your recipes!! :)

    • Maria Jose

      Thanks a lot Leenu :) I’m glad the recipe worked out well for you. Hope you’ll like the other recipes too..