Garlic Butter

I'm not sure whether you also feel the same… sometimes after spending so much of time doing something, be it dressing up for a special occasion or rearranging your furniture or editing a picture you feel something amiss. You feel like it's not quite there, not yet perfect… do you get that feeling?

May be all you need is a small change, a tweak, like adding a dash of colour to your wardrobe or placing your coffee table at an angle or adjusting the lighting of the pic, but the impact of that minor change makes a HUGE difference.

Sometimes when cooking also, I feel the same. When everything is chopped and stirred and while I do the final taste testing, it still feel incomplete because the flavour hasn't hit the correct note. It can be perfected with a pinch of garam masala or a squeeze of lemon juice or a knob of butter! Ah yes… this is where butter comes in!

Both of us love butter, especially salted butter, plain and simple. I grew up on Borma bread and Amul butter, no wonder most of my school mates wrote in my scrap book asking me to eat less and referred me as their “unda” (round) friend. Well, I’ll tell you about that story later.

I used to make garlic butter once in a while, but this is the first time, I added Parmesan cheese to it. The sharp nutty flavour of the Parmesan does wonders to the flavour quotient of this garlicky goodness ;) It's like you have an all natural flavour enhancer, ready to use.

Why don't you make this butter and in the next post, I'll tell you how to put it to a great use. Deal? Meanwhile you can spread it on bread or use it for stir fries or just add to your pasta, soup or toast or omelette… the choice is endless. There is hardly any work involved, except for the washing of dishes.

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