Chicken Pasta

Before giving you the recipe I gotta tell you… My Italian food experience is very much limited to Pizza Hut & pastas from some Italian restaurants here. I havent gone through any Italian cookbook yet. But I guess if reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Italian food experience in Eat, Pray, Love can be considered equivalent to tasting some authentic Italian dishes, then I fit the bill ;) I dont cook pasta much at home. We used to have it somewhat regularly from outside. Now that we are trying (I just said trying) to reduce eating out, I cook it once in a while.

So here's my version of Chicken Pasta. You can use this recipe as a guideline and play with it to make as per your taste. I sometimes add Cajun seasoning or Sambal Oelek in the pasta, just to flavor it up. If you like your pasta to be flavorful and spicy, try it.

Click Here For Recipe…

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  • Hi Maria,thanx for this recipe…was yummy.I usually end up having dry pasta …but ur advice to add white sauce just before serving,helped…your white sauce was perfect,not too heavy ,and added a wonderful saucy feel to the I prefer a little bit of tanginess to everything,I added a small amount of tomato puree too while sauteing …Thanx a ton Maria….could u please also post an authentic North Indian or Hyderabad veg biryani…?

  • Hello Maria ,nice pasta dish. I have a small doubt. For the white sauce part by plain flour did u mean all purpose flour? And also the quantity which u have mentioned,will it be sufficient for 2 persons?

  • I made this recipe today and it was a big hit!! My 20 month old had it for lunch, dinner and later from his dad’s plate too. :-D gave some to my neighbors as well. Everyone just loved it!!! Thanks for this recipe!! Btw I’m also a kottayamkari! U go sister!!! :-)

    • Hi Neethu,

      Thanks dear! I’m really happy to hear that it was a hit at your place and the fact that your lil one liked it makes me more happy :)

      So we are neighbours, I’m from Changanacherry…


  • Hey Maria
    I tried out this recipe long back,but forgot to give my feedback.It was awesome.The only problem I faced was as a mallu we need a side dish for the main, so having Pasta alone for dinner hmm :) what can I have as sides for pasta ?

    • Hi Rose,

      Thanks a lot dear for taking time to leave a comment here, appreciate it very much :)

      hhmm what can we have as a side for pasta? how about some garlic bread? or may be some mushroom/chicken stir fry?


  • Hi maria..I make the white sauce with a little bit of fresh cream and some ricotta cheese  along with all the other ingredients you mentioned and it turns out very good.Adding fresh cream also helps in removing flour out of the recipe.But I must say,this is a rich one and when you want a little bit of indulgence you could try this..

    • Hi Prita,

      Thanks for sharing your version here. It sure sounds yum and of course rich too :) I’ll try it sometime when I’m in a mood to indulge ;)


  • Hi Maria…

    Hope all is well!!!!

    I have tried chicken stew and chilly chicken from your blog…It came out really well.I have just started cooking only in recent past and all your recipes are simple and tasty.

    Thank you so much!!!1

    Keep Blogging


  • this was my second try from your blog maria. it came out awesome,,, i think i messed up the sauce part a bit,, when i saw it thicken i added a little more milk and then a little more stock and again little more,and finally it was too much!!!! but that didnt stop us from licking out our plates clean :) and i used three pinches of mixed pasta seasoning, that had oregano, rosemary n thyme,,, It looked very pretty, and presentable, planning to make it again for my sister when i go home,,. My first try from here was chilli chicken, it was good n spicy n mouth-watering n (i should actually let my hubby type the adjectives here),, and now pasta,, came out really good, much better than i expected out of my culinary skills,,, i’m ready to whip out more from your blog,,, thinking of some egg recipe or today’s prawn recipe for lunch tomorrow :) Keep up the good work maria, each and every page, that i’ve gone through here shows your efforts into each recipe. 

    • Hi Fari,

      Thanks a ton for taking time to share your feedback here. Appreciate it very much dear :)

      Yeah it happens with white sauce… I also end up adding more milk & stock at times ;) I do hope you get to try other recipes from here & like them too…

      Happy cooking :)


  • Hi Maria… I tried out your Pasta recipe and it came out fantastic. Thanks a lot.. I was looking for a pasta recipe and yours is perfect. I will definitely pass it on to my daughter who is crazy about pasta…Cheers – Geeta

    • Hi Geeta,

      Thanks a bunch for the wonderful feedback. Its great to know that this recipe came out well for you. Thanks again, for recommending the recipe to your daughter. Hope she will also like it :)


  • Thank you so much Maria! I never knew how to make the white sauce, but following ur recipe, it just came out perfect!!! I made very little sauce thinking that if it does not come out right, i may just lose all my ingredients. Next time, shall send you an image as well! I used corn flour instead of maida. :)

  • Hi Renuka,

    Thank you! I also keep it in oven sometimes,depending on the time. If I’m in a hurry oven is out of the pic ;) Btw, adding nutmeg is new to me. I will try it next time :)


  • Hi Gayathri,

    Yeah it has a very nice flavor with the chicken stock and herbs. Ohh yes, Mrs Vannellis is our fav… its been ages I had their pasta :(

    Btw, how was your parents visit? Hope you had a lovely time with them…

    Take care

  • Hi Preethi,

    Hope you are having a great time. Please try it and let me know your feedback. Good to know that the chocolate cake is still running successfully at your place :) Have fun & enjoy your holidays dear!


  • hey…i tried out this today for dinner and it came out very very goood… and hubby just loved it. i was looking for a good pasta recipe for long…yaay i got da right one…thanks a lott. may god bless u!

  • Hey Maria,
    Since none of your recipes has let me down, I am surely going to try this one out once I get the ingredients. With the vacations on, it is constantly some new dish or the other and will definetly write after i have experimented with this recipe too…
    Meanwhile, I have lost count of the number of times I have baked the moist chocolate cake. It is a super duper hit with the kids and friends too..
    Regard to Jose and take care.

  • This looks like a great dish with the herbs and I like to use cajun seasoning.  The Bechamel sauce really ties it all together.

  • I absolutely love, love, love pasta & I’m sure gonna try this out right now, Maria!!! Thanks and one again stunning photography!

  • hi maria,

    all ur reciepe r too good to taste. I have just started visiting ur site. I ‘ve made beef fry(kallushappu style) and Kaya with beef curry. Its is too nice. Enjoyed cooking and tasting.

  • Nice and simple but sounds so flavourful..I luvvv pasta esp white sauce ones. Glad you havn’t added cheese.Have you tried Mrs Vannellis?? Though not gourmet,feel it to be pretty good for a fast food kind of an outlet..Will definitely be trying this one out..

  • This is a wonderful dish (especially with the cajun seasoning) and not difficult to prepare either.

    Thank You.

  • Hey Maria…Nice One… Usually when I make I put half of the white sauce and sum cheese on top of the pasta, and broil it in oven for like 5 mins….Urs seems to be a more healthy version, so have to try this…
    Just a suggestion if u add a pinch of nutmeg to the white sauce, it adds flavor to it…:)

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