Carrot And Tomato Soup

Did I tell you we went to Kerala, for a short trip? Yep, we were there for 12 days. Though the trip was very hectic, we had a great time with family.

A few days away from the routine has it's magical effects, now I feel refreshed! Weather in Bahrain also helps. It's a good time to wrap your fingers around a hot bowl of soup and cozy up in your sofa.

This soup is the first thing I made after coming back. You know how it is when you go home, it's always food, food and more food. So we wanted to give a rest to our tummy and eat something light.

I like my soup to be a bit creamy and not too watery. The flavour of the soup is also good, with a small hint of cardamom, the tanginess from tomato and a light sweetness from the carrot. The fried small onion gives a nice crunch to the soup.

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10 thoughts on “Carrot And Tomato Soup”

  1. Hi Maria :)

    Though I have breezed through your site a couple of times,never really tried out anything until I got married and moved to UAE….n I must say I love MariasMenu <3 ..can't imagine what I would have done without this!!..also a big Thanks for listing out what brand products u have used so that we dont get confused over the variety of each products available in supermarket.

    I tried this carrot tomato soup and we loved it!! Thank You <3

    • Hi Krishna,

      Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback. Really happy to know that you find the site helpful. Yeah, I try to list the brand name, since I get queries about it :)

      Happy New Year!


  2. I sorta done this but didn’t pre cook the veggies before putting it into a slow cooker, thinking it would all cook and melt down nicely! wrong, it taste awful and is just mashed up, lumpy veggies – is it because i didn’t pre cook the veggies before blending them down? Can i save it?

    • Hi Rhea,

      I’ve never tried this recipe without precooking, but I guess it wont be great if it’s not cooked. May be you can try heating the mashed up veggies for sometime and see.



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