Eggless White Chocolate Mousse With Citrus Strawberry Glaze

Tell me something.. do you have a dress or may be an accessory that makes you look great, without you putting too much effort? I'm sure you must have come across people complimenting you about how you look and you say it's simply because of the dress you are wearing, may be the colour of the dress or the cut.

Ok, what I'm trying to say is… this dessert is like that magical dress. It makes you look and feel good with very little effort. Sounds great, right? I think the credit for this recipe goes to the ingredients. Sometimes you've a winning recipe just by choosing a good set of ingredients. This is just one such recipe.

The smooth, sweet and creamy mousse is well complemented by the citrusy strawberry glaze. Though I expected it to be rich and heavy because of the white chocolate and cream, it was surprisingly light!  Each spoonful of this dessert is a joyful experience!

Are you looking to impress somebody with your cooking skills? Look no further my dear, here is your answer :)

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10 thoughts on “Eggless White Chocolate Mousse With Citrus Strawberry Glaze”

  1. Hi Maria
    If am doing this for 6/7 families and need to bring over to another place how to carry on…Can I not set under individual bowls first and go there and layer up? How long this need to be in frigde after layering up

    • Hi

      You can set it in a big take away container like an al.foil container or plastic container, rather than setting it in individual bowls and changing it later. It will require min 3-4 hours in fridge.

  2. hi maria…
    i just love no-bake desserts. they are simple and easy to make and looks amazing. You know, in the pic, the color of the napkin is reflected, it looks like the Indian flag, giving us a thought that u made something to celebrate our i-day.
    I plan to make this soon.

    tres louis

    • Thanks Tres! I also love no bake desserts, they are so easy :)

      Yeah some others also pointed it out to me.. But honestly I didnt plan anything like that, it just so happen that I posted it on I-day…

      Hope you like it…



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