Chicken Masala Roast

It's been a few months since I've posted a chicken recipe. It's not that I didn't try any new chicken recipes in between. In fact I did try quite a few recipes. Well, you'll get to know about those recipes soon ;)

What attracted me to this particular chicken recipe is that it doesn't use coconut in any form, unless you count coconut oil. I've been getting requests for chicken recipes without coconut. This recipe ticks that column. Secondly it's a pretty simple recipe yet high on flavour. Though it has a rich masala, the taste of masala isnt overpowering. All the spices come together and blends so well to give it a balanced taste. Ok, that's it… I'm not describing it anymore. Why dont you try it yourself and see whether you agree with me or not ;)?

Recommended side dishes: Ghee Rice, Veg Pulao, Tomato Rice, Plain Rice, Roti, Puttu

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38 thoughts on “Chicken Masala Roast”

  1. I tried this out over the weekend…i skipped ginger and added extra garlic…it came out quite good.its a quick win recipe.

  2. Hi Maria, Good Evening, gonna try this chicken dish. treat my family.give it my best shot, look so simple n easy.

  3. Hi Maria, its first time i post. but im really ur fan. I try whatever i can since i came to abu dhabi. thank u so much.

  4. Hi Maria, We tried this recipe and it was fantastic and super tasty!!! The instructions are very clear and helpful. Thank you!!

  5. I tried this recipe and the pepper chicken recipe and they both turned out so well. Thank you so much for your recipes, they are so precise unlike many other Indian recipes which I often have to adjust on a second attempt- makes it easy to recreate the great taste!

  6. i did a slight variation to your recipe… I crackled mustard seeds, then saute onion with tomato and added fresh curry leaves, Once the onion turns translucent, I added the marinated chicken and cooked for 20 mins. Finally garnished with spited green chilly and curry leaf… Wow… it was awesome… All credits are for you Maria… Thanks for sharing this recipe… :)

  7. Hi Maria
    This is Meenu here loved ur chicken recipe… Made this yesterday but with a twist of mixing this with the recipe of Beef roast… the end result was fab and guests went crazy !!! thanks a ton for posting this

  8. Hey Maria,

    How are you doing?

    I tried this recipe n it came out well :) thanks for the share…always loved ur presentation style…n m eagerly waiting for more chicken recipes .. ;) keep cooking :)



    • Hi Mahima,

      I’m doing good, thanks. How are you?

      Thank you so much for the comment. nice to know that chicken recipe worked well for you. If you like chicken recipes, keep checking this place, something special is coming up for chicken lovers ;)

          • Hey dear Maria :)
            SOMETHING SPECIAL…the special was really great….chicken e- booklet ..i loved it ..the piks uve added is so tempting tooo….n yeah…cant go off without telling about ur secret recipes….hehe..tho i didn’t try those recipes yet…i feel this booklet worth it….a big applause for you dear for all the effort uve put for that….IT IS AN AWESOME WORK :)


          • So you finally got hold of the surprise, eh? Thanks a lot dear for buying the book, appreciate it very much.

            Hope you get to try the recipes soon and like it too :)

  9. Maria…
    tried this recipe with a bit change. didnt do the final tempering. just made it without oil. but taste was awesome and we had it with idiappam… that was a perfect combo.. my family loved it. thanks a lot….


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