Chicken Masala Roast

It's been a few months since I've posted a chicken recipe. It's not that I didn't try any new chicken recipes in between. In fact I did try quite a few recipes. Well, you'll get to know about those recipes soon ;)

What attracted me to this particular chicken recipe is that it doesn't use coconut in any form, unless you count coconut oil. I've been getting requests for chicken recipes without coconut. This recipe ticks that column. Secondly it's a pretty simple recipe yet high on flavour. Though it has a rich masala, the taste of masala isnt overpowering. All the spices come together and blends so well to give it a balanced taste. Ok, that's it… I'm not describing it anymore. Why dont you try it yourself and see whether you agree with me or not ;)?

Recommended side dishes: Ghee Rice, Veg Pulao, Tomato Rice, Plain Rice, Roti, Puttu

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