Manga Chammanthi

Hey, how are you?I know it's been a long long time…we have loads of catching up to do. Anyways I'm at Bahrain now. The thing is that I reached here last Wednesday & by the time I was ready to settle down, the country started unsettling. See, now that's what I call …perfect timing! I dont know whether you heard, but some unrest was happening here for the past one month. It got escalated last Sunday & now a state of emergency is declared for the next 3 months.

Amidst all the not so good news coming in, my positive energy signal is very weak. I guess our little chit chat should help me to recharge. Tell me what's happening at your end. All ok? Yeah..that reminds me, I got mails/messages from you asking about my India trip. I had a fab time back home. I was at home for around 1.5 months. I think I stayed at home for that long after a period of 8-9 years! So I did enjoy it & made most of it :) I did collect recipes, loads of them in fact. But I'm not sure when will I start trying it out. The current mood isn't helping me to indulge in experimenting new stuff.

Now coming to this recipe, chammanthi (chutney, though it's not the correct translation, its just to give you an idea) is very much a comfort food for me. What about you? Do you like coming home to a hot bowl of kanji & spicy chammanthi at the end of a long day? I do! I think that the recipe of chammathi varies from one home to another. This is how we make it at home & I love it. Now I've got 3 different chammanthi recipes for you, this is the first among the series :) Btw, are you on lent? In that case, do try this, it will definitely spice up your meal.

An update: We are attending this month's Kerala Kitchen, hosted by Magpie. I thought I will send this chammanthi as our rep, what say? Magpie, hope Ms. Manga Chammanthi impresses you ;)

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Here is the recipe…

Manga Chammanthi
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Manga Chammanthi

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Servings: 3 -4
Author: Maria Jose


  • 1 cup Grated Coconut
  • 1/2 – 3/4 cup Raw Mango (pacha manga) (chopped (adjust according to the sourness))
  • 1.5 tsp Crushed red chilli (refer notes)
  • 3-4 Small onion / Pearl onion (sliced)
  • 1/2 tsp Chopped Ginger
  • 2 Curry leaves (do not add more, it will give a bitter taste)
  • Salt (to taste)


  • Grind together all the ingredients, preferably without water, till all the ingredients are incorporated. Once you grind it, try shaping into a ball & see whether its holding the shape, then your chammanthi is ready :)


Try not to add water, but if your mixie doesnt cooperate, you can add a tiny bit. Also if you dont have crushed red chilli, you can use 3-4 whole dried red chilli. Do a taste test of the mango first to see the sourness & add accordingly.
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54 thoughts on “Manga Chammanthi”

  1. Hi Maria, Today I tried Chammanthi recipe. It’s comes out well…got good compliments from parents. Full credits goes to you only… Thanks for that.

    • Hi Surya,

      You are welcome :) Really happy to know that your parents enjoyed this recipe.

      Thank you so much for leaving a comment here!


  2. dear maria,
    thanks for the recipe…it worked out well…usually i never eat mango chamnthi,but this tasted special…so thanks once again..i love cakes ,pls put different recipes of cakes…

  3. Hi Maria,
    Your chammanthi looks sooo yummy. I tried making it with frozen grated coconut. But it had some water which I had to discard. I stay in the US and I am still trying to figure out which blender can do this kind of grinding without adding water.
    Thank you for your recipes. Excellent photography too :)


    • Hi Mincy,

      Thank you! I also use frozen grated coconut, but I bring it to room temp before using it. Indian brand mixie is the best for our kind of cooking. You can check out for Preethi, Kenstar etc;

      However if you are making chammanthi in mixie, in most cases, you need to add water, at least a tsp to get it mixed well.


  4. HI Maria,

    Since the monsoon have started I felt that it is the right time to have Vitamin C -Gooseberry. Can you tell me how to make nellikka chammanthi.I had it in a hotel in Kerala and it was yummy.

    • Hi Mariam,

      I’m sorry to disappoint you dear, I havent tried nellikka chammanthi yet. However I’ll keep it in mind.

      Hope you could find a nice recipe for the same.


  5. Hey Maria! Am so pleased to have stumbled across your blog though the Kerala Kitchen :) Your chammanthi looks awesome and splendid photography!! I do have a few recipes for chammanthi in my space, including this one. I’m glad I found you, one more member to your fan club :) Cheers!

    • Hi Nazia,

      We usually have chammanthi with kanji (rice porridge) or rice & curries. You can have it with dal also.


  6. Dear Maria,

    You are an INSPIRATION for those who are beginners as well as for long timers (like me ;):) Many of my lengthy procedures found ‘shortcuts’ in your blog. Your tried n tested attempts gave me a confidence to venture into those shortcut zones. Thank you so much.

    May I request u to please post a recipe for ”chammandi podi’ (the valiya ammachi types) :).

    Luv ya… tc

    • Hi Anilz,

      Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment dear :). It’s great to know that a long timer like you also find this space helpful.

      Since I always get it done from home, chammanthi podi recipe isnt something that gets into my recipe diary :) I will definitely try to get it but to tell you the truth, its one recipe, I’m not yet confident to try out …


  7. Hi Maria,
    Mango chammanthi looks so tempting. By the way do you have any connection with Karippas as some of my cousins are there in your fb regards rose

      • Hey, I am also from Karippaparambil What’s your grandma’s name and which branch? I belong to Domminivakkil branch
        My cousins are tessa, jopu, seena …..

        • Hi Rose,

          My ammachi’s name is Mary Chacko (Penamma). Thommachayan (Tessa chechy’s dad) & Eathamma aunty (Seena chechy’s mom) are my amma’s first cousins. My ammachi was K.T. Thomas (ex.MLA’s) sis.


          • Hi Maria,
            Now I understood. we have another relation to this family Thresiakutty elayamma (KTThomas wife) is my patenal grandmother’s sister.


  8. Manga chammanthi is my fav too!! Lovely clicks and presentation Maria!
    Nice to see you back Maria… Hope you both are safe and take care of your self dearie:).. will catch you on FB….

  9. Hi Maria,

    I am a secret reader of your wonderful bog. When the crises in Bahrin was aired on the CNN, the first one I thought about was you. Happy to know that you are safe. And please stay safe :).


    • Hi Jo,

      Thank you so much for your concern. Its great to know that you like this space :)

      Situation in Bahrain has improved, hopefully it will come back to normal soon.

      Thanks for writing to us…


  10. Hi Maria!

    I am writing to you from Hungary (Central Europe)…and I have to tell you that I have been a big, but silent fan of your site for long. I have been planning to comment on this or that recipe for long, but at the end it never happened.

    When I heard about the unrest in Bahrein I immediately thought about you and came to your site to see whether there was any news of you. As days and weeks passed, I got more and more tensed….since there was still no any updates posted. See, I did not know that you were on such a long holiday…

    I am glad to hear that you are fine and honestly wish it remains like that! Things are not looking bright there as we hear it on the news, so I completely understand your worries and mood swings! I wished I could have done someting for you… then I thought, maybe finally sharing my experiences about your site with you would cheer you up, even if for a few minutes only!

    I am Hungarian, but my husband is from Kerala, we have been married for almost 3 years now…and at the moment settled in Hungary. Even though we do not have kids yet, I believe that it is very important to nurture both of our cultures and traditions. I am also learning malayalam, but making very little progress only :-( you would definitely smile when hearing the few expressions I already know :-))

    Although my husband loves Hungarian dishes, I regulary cook Indian, especially Kerala food for him as well. I bought a cookbook in Kottayam, when I first visited home there…so for long that had been my source of recipes. My husband liked them very much, but always said that still they are not as good as the ones his mother or sisters used to make when he was young, still living at home. Well :-) You can imagine that as a young wife, altough he very much appreciated my effort still did not satisfy me completly :-P

    So it happened that I was trying to look for recipes online as well…and came across your site :-)

    If I remember correctly, the first dish I tried from here was fish molly… and imagine! my husband did not want to believe in his tasting buds after trying it!!! He said it was EXACTLY like those HOME flavours that he kept in his memories nostalgically :-)))

    All thanks to you Maria! :-))
    I just want to tell you, that you should always keep up your spirit and enthusiasm! In difficult times it is hundred-folds more important than in times of harmony!

    I’ll pray that you keep safe there and soon forget about any discomfort, tension, imbalance or fear that you might feel due to the unrest. I hope that things won’t get more serious…or if they do, then you can leave for home.

    Be brave Maria and keep up the good work here! See how many people are counting on you! :-))) we all need you here ;-))

    If you are curious, I could also send you some Hungarian recepies …I bet you do not have any in your collection YET!!! :-)))…and also tell you more about us, Hungarians :-))

    I know, I am just a complete stranger….but I hope you did not mind that I took up so much space here and used so much of your time with this lengthy letter, but this time I could not resist sharing what all I had on my mind.

    Take good care of yourself and your Husband!

    Warm regards,

    • Dear Bernadett,

      Hope you are doing good. Thank you so much for your support & comforting words. I was so thrilled & excited after reading your comment :) It indeed cheered me up. Thanks a ton for such a great comment & also for taking time to write to me. Never mind taking up space here, I love to read such long nice comments.

      I’m so honored to know that the recipes from here, helped in bringing back the nostalgic memories for your husband. I also admire you for taking efforts to learn a cuisine that’s completely new to you, hats off to you!

      And yes I’m curious to know about your recipes & It’s completely new to me. I dont have a clue about your kind of food. Please do send some recipes and also share about your country, traditions etc; when time permits.

      Thanks again for all your kind words. Hope to hear from you again..

      Take care…


      • Dear Maria,

        I was so excited to see whether you would reply to my comment and was so happy when I learned that you did! :-)

        ….yet it took so long for me to get back to you and send a message to you again. I am honestly so sorry for that! Even though I thought about you so often, I did not get the chance to have a little spare time to do what I feel like. Nowadays I’m working a lot hence I completely abandoned all my hobbies (including cooking – btw. would you believe that some 2 years ago I also started a cooking blog…but due to lack of time failed right at the beginning! :-))
        Hope it will change one day… maybe once I’ll be staying home with kids for a while.. though people keep saying that it is only a myth that you have time when you get a baby :-))

        I have been planning what all to share with you, but then I thought maybe this is not the best forum to discuss that all, since others might not be intersted in all that :-P

        You have my private mailing address in your system, so if you are interested, we could carry on through different channels :-))

        Now I am off to look around for some nice prawn recepie on your site :-))

        So much looking forward to hearing from you again!
        Take care

        • Dear Bernadett,

          Nice to hear from you again :) I was wondering whether you got my reply….

          Dont worry about the delay in replying n stuff, I can understand :) Its nice to know that you too had a blog. I do hope that you get time to start working on it again. Best wishes for that!

          Now that you have planned what all things to share with me, you can mail me @ Hope to hear from you…but if you’re busy with work, its ok. Take your time & mail me when you are free :)

          Btw, did you find any interesting prawns recipe here? Would love to know your feedback, if you tried any recipe…

          Take care & hope to hear from you…


  11. hi maria..
    hapy to c u bak in action!though i am not a very big chammanthi fan my hubby is a die hard fan of the combo kanji n chammanthi :) and so i love to make it…after all it’s super easy na wen u hav frozen grated coconut…so gonna try it soon for our next kanji session!!
    evn a chammanthi hater wud droooooool over ur pic,kya shot hai!!!the rice around is giving it a wonderful efect!

    • Hi Shemi,

      How are you dear?

      Yeah, as you said wen you have grated coconut readily available, its super easy :) Hope your husband likes this.

      Nice to know that you liked the shot :)


  12. So glad you’re back Maria! Love your blog and wonderful treasure trove of Kerala recipes- they have been a dinner saver for my family as well as so many others :) Can’t wait to see the cook book!
    Oh and such a yummy chamanthi! Must try it with my current favourite whole wheat moru dosas.

  13. Adipoli maria…love the shot!…me too love kanji and chammanthi…and this one absolutely made me drool….reminds me i havent had kanji in a while now:(….all kanji haters @ my home is teh reason….i wont feel like cooking for myself…..hope all’s well on ur side…T.C..

  14. Hi Maria,

    I see that I am the first to comment! Great to see an update on your blog after such a long time. Maanga chammanthi is one of my favourites as well but it’s so difficult to source raw mangoes in the UK, which is where I live, that I’ve never ventured to try it out. Look forward to the two other recipes that you’ve promised! I’m sure the inertia is a passing phase and you’ll be back to regular blogging soon. :)

    Take care,

    • Hi Simi,

      Thanks a lot for your comment :) Btw, one of my readers from Delhi wrote to me that she makes manga chammanthi with amchur when fresh mangoes are not available. May be you can try that.

      I’m also hoping to be more active with blogging.


  15. Maria,

    Manga chammathi ente fav anu :), I am awaitng you other chammanthi recipes too ketto :)
    Keep safe and blog more :)

  16. So good to see you back in action Maria!!Love chammanthis of any kind,made a chumanulli chammanthi yesterday night with kanji and relished it.Got to get some pacha mangas for this one!!

    Take good care of yourself!!

  17. Hi maria,
    I am a gr8 fan of ur blog. Before comin across ur site, i wudnt venture at all in the kitchen n was very apprehensive of movin 2 UAE wid hubby n kid,far away fm my mom n mom- in- law. I know it sounds ridiculous:-) Ur blog came to me as a mighty revelation dat cooking can actually be fun n easy at the same time.Thanks a lot dear! My first dish was vatteyappam n it was awesome….den came the carrot cake wich was so good dat my
    hubby was thrilled by all the comments fm his office colleagues( i had baked it 4 his b’day as a surprise). I truly owe u a gr8 deal.
    Dats y was worried 4 u n ur family as i heard of dis unrest in bahrain. Glad 2know ull are safe. Will keep u in my prayers .Hoping dat dis unrest settles soon. Pls do continue wid ur gd wrk. Tc n God bless!

    • Hi Ginu,

      Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment. I’m really honored to know that this little space helped you :)

      Thanks again for trying all those dishes & I’m really glad that it came out well.

      Things are slowly getting better here, hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

      Please keep trying the recipes & also share your feedback. Would love to hear them.

      Happy cooking :)


  18. wow. so comforting food it is.
    glad to know that u had a nice stay at home.
    waiting for more posts from u
    love you maria

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