Do you dream? Ok, I was specifically asking about dreams in sleep, because I know we all tend to day dream a lot ;) So, tell me do you believe dreams are signs?

I do dream a lot in my sleep. Sometimes they are happy, sometimes it's scary. Most of the time I remember clearly about the dream. I've noticed something… my dreams are very much influenced by my state of mind when I go to sleep. If I go to sleep in a good frame of mind, I end up having funny or happy dreams and vice versa. Jose used to say that at times I even giggle non stop in my sleep. I didn't believe him, so he recorded it one time to show me ;)

I also have lots of weird dreams which doesn't make any sense at all. Here's a sample one… I started the dream with Jose, his mom and me having a tea time chat. We are just chatting in general, after a few minutes, we are still chatting, but instead of Jose and his mom, I see Mohanlal and Kaviyoor Ponnamma (the actress who usually plays Mohanlal's mom in movies) in their place! The conversation still continued in full swing and I didnt feel anything abnormal about it, strange right? Well let's forget the fact that I used to be a biiiigggg Mohanlal fan during my childhood and wanted to marry him, but it didnt make any sense now…  because these days I dont mind marrying Ranbir Kapoor ;)  God help me!

Though I dream very often, food dreams are a rarity. So the other day I was a bit confused when I got up from my afternoon nap, nibbling something and wiping my hands on the dress. I almost felt the taste of the crumbs in my mouth and was dusting the powdered crumbs from my hand. It felt so real! I was eating maladu in my dream!

When I was truly awake, I wanted to have maladu. I was thinking, what caused this sudden craving for maladu. The culprit is my Facebook news feed. These days, most of my FB updates are about Diwali sweets!

Maladu is one of my fav sweets. Though Laddus are very common in Bakeries, Maladu is not so common. It's available only in select shops. Whenever I go to Cochin, I make sure to get a bag full of these and have it till I become sick of it! Though I rarely act upon any of my dreams (coming to think of it,if I start acting on my dreams, I'm sure Jose will chuck me out soon ;)) made an exception for this one and ended up with this Maladu.

If you've already tried Maladu, I'm sure you are in love with it. If you haven't tried it yet, please do try, I'm sure you wont be disappointed!

I got the recipe from Renu's blog. It was her pic of Maladu that made me drooling in my sleep ;)

Click Here For Recipe…

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