Potato Pops

Now that I already shared the dessert recipe of my b'day party with you, here is the appetiser recipe. Coming to think of it, I always look forward to the appetisers and desserts, the most, in any party. I've a soft corner for short eats, that explains my love for appetisers.

I'm always on the look out for good appetiser recipes. Jalapeno Cheese Balls at Trader Vic's Restaurant is one of my fav appetiser. I started with that in mind and ended up with this. Ok, I've to tell you something.. this is not for faint-hearted. This is one rich and sinful appetiser, but I'm not sorry about it, for once! It will be a hit with kids and adults alike. This is one of the must try recipes, if you like these kinda food. Now, please dont tell me you dont like these kinda food, it breaks my heart, honestly..

This is great if you are entertaining a big group, you can make it in advance and just fry it up on the day of the party. I always get mails asking recipe suggestions for kids parties, this recipe works best for such parties and also if you are looking for some fried goodies to keep you warm during the pouring monsoon, look no further.

Again, I dont have the step by step pictures of this one, but it's a simple one. You can easily manage without the pics ;)

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  • Hello Maria, I tried potato pops and it came out good. Thank you so much. I reduced the quantity of cream as i had a feeling that it would not hold together otherwise. As you said tricky part was the frying as it tends to break easily. So i took it out while it was golden brown instead of dark brown.
    Thanks much once again

    • Hi Deepthi,

      Thank you very much :) Happy to know that it came out well for you. Once you get the oil temp correct, then frying part is ok. Also the chances of this breaking is high during the first few mins of frying. So next time, you can fry it till you get a dark brown, if you prefer that :)


  • Hi Rohith,

    Thank you so much for your confidence in the recipes here :)

    I’m sorry for the delayed reply.. I was away on holiday..

    You can use coriander instead of parsley. I do hope you get to make this soon and like it too..


  • HI Mitha,

    You are welcome dear :) Good to know that you found the recipe finally! Hope you egt to try it sometime soon and the recipe wont disappoint you..


  • i love this idea of potato pops..!! maybe its because I love t combination of potato, cheese, butter, cream, garlic… & also maybe coz I have all the ingrediants at home & can’t wait to get home to try it :)
    Thankx Maria for this one! You are as amazing as your recipes!

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