Red Velvet Poke Cake

So, it was my b'day last Friday. Another year older (cant help it) and wiser (I dont think so, but let's pretend that's the case). Tell me something… when you were growing up, did you take any major decisions on how to and how not to behave based on how the grownups around you were behaving. Like, if and when I get married, I'll be an “ABC” type of spouse, instead of a “XYZ” type, those kinda things, got it?

Anyways, among many other decisions, one such decision of mine was to always be graceful and not to worry about the increasing numerical value of my age. Back then, I was more like… age is just a number and it doesn't matter. Looks like in my case age and wisdom is inversely proportional!

Ok, that part hasn't changed, I still believe age is just a number and so on, but my only concern is just saying it out loud. It's all good in my head, but the moment I say it out loud, wait a min… I'm not able to say it loud, that's the problem. I suddenly feel tongue tied or words desert me when I've to say it and when I recover from that state, I'd start tip toeing around the subject, see definitely not wiser. But since I don't like to challenge age old saying and beliefs and also for your sake and my sake, let's just say that I became wiser by a pinch.

Wiser or not, I did bake a b'day cake for myself for a change. Usually, I don't bake cake for my b'day and also it's not a big deal, we both just go out for dinner some place nice and that's it. Since this time, it fell on a weekend, our friends came over for lunch and we had a great time. About the cake, it wasn't anything fancy in looks, but taste wise, it was a “killer” cake. Well that's the exact word our friends used to describe the cake. If you go through the ingredient list, you'll know why. It's just one of those recipes, where the ingredients do the majority of the work and you just need to facilitate it. I had a Red Velvet cake mix with me and was looking for an occasion to bake it. How I ended up with a box cake is a different story all together, but that led to this cake, so I'm happy.

Sadly, my cake pictures didnt turn out that well, but I'm going to share it with you anyway. Apart from this cake being sinful, the qty is big enough to feed a crowd. So it will be a while, before I bake this again and I didnt want you to miss this super dessert recipe. If you are planning a get together or a potluck party, this is a must try, trust me.

Click Here For Recipe…

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