Papaya Thoran

Here is a simple thoran that goes well with rice. Its been ages since I've had this thoran. I was looking out for some different veggies to have with rice and landed right in front of this. However it tastes almost same as cabbage thoran. Papaya thoran and kachimoru is one of my fav combo for rice.

Nothing much to write about it apart from the fact that, it is made with raw papaya, which is loaded with so much of health benefits. It seems papaya aids in digestion and if you browse the net, you can see the numerous benefits it offers. Check out this & this.

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12 thoughts on “Papaya Thoran”

  1. i too luv papaya thoran. but at my home instead of grating it, its cherandal-fied,like what u do with a coconut. n my mom also crackles some rice int( i am not too fond of that). this n chundum payarum is my favourite…

  2. How I wish you hadn’t said that-it tastes much like cabbage thoran..tell you what,I disliked papaya when I was young and amma used to feed me this thoran saying its cabbage thoran and I finished off the whole lot placed on my plate.My brothers still make fun of me due to this..bah!!I am not talking to you!!

    The plate looks really inviting though..!!

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