Kootu Curry – Onam Sadya Recipe

I told you a few weeks ago about upcoming Onam recipes here, remember? This dish is quite close to my heart, since it has my fav veggies Chena (yam) and kaya (Raw plantain). If you don’t count the prep work of veggies, this recipe is easy to make. I used frozen yam for this. I was using it for the first time and I’m pretty happy with it. Since it was already cleaned and diced, half my work was done!

Well, what to say about this dish.. it’s a typical Kerala veggie dish loaded with coconut :) If you havent tasted it yet, I recommend you to try this. I like the texture of this dish. It’s a mix of three different elements… you’ve mashed veggies in there, then the chana gives a small crunchy texture and the slight grainy texture from the coarse coconut paste. Somehow all this works very well to give a balanced dish!

Kootu Curry always give me a sadya feeling. If you are like me, who makes only a mini sadya and not the full fledged version, you can include this in your mini version for the “sadya effect” :)

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  • Firstly thanks a lot for beautifully demonstrating the recipe with stepwise pictures. It helped me a lot to surprise my kerala friends.

    Pics are drool worthy.. such a visual treat.

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