Kalan – Onasadya Recipe

Onam is around the corner, right? You can expect some sadya recipes here in the coming weeks. Let’s start with one of my fav item in sadya, Kalan. Wait there is some correction in the previous sentence, my first and foremost fav item in sadya is payasam, especially jaggery based payasams. I’m craving some payasam as I write this, sigh! What about you? Do you have any favourite sadya dish?

Anyways, coming back to our kalan recipe… I like yogurt based curries with rice, may be that explains my love for Kalan. I think it has different versions including different types of plantain/banana and other veggies. I’ve used raw green banana in this recipe. You can also make it with medium ripe plantain (Kerala banana) if you like mildly sweetened kalan.

So shall we go and make this yummy dish?

Click Here For Recipe…

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    • hhmm, it’s primarily a yogurt based curry. However you can make it without yogurt, just add a little more coconut and add more water and continue the rest of the recipe.

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