Lemon-Glazed Christmas Wreath Cookies

Here is something for your Christmas goodie bag, to gift your loved ones. Perfect for the season!

So how's your Xmas preparations going on? All set for the holidays? Now talking about the holidays…we are leaving for a short holiday this week :) Hence I thought I will wish you in advance. We will be back before Xmas but I am not sure whether I will put be putting any post… I do have some recipes in draft, but its not apt for the season and since I'm already in the holiday mood, kitchen is kinda closed ;). Anyways, lets see…

We, Jose & myself, wish you and your loved ones a Merry Xmas!! May this season bring you happiness, peace & joy! Have a great holiday with loads of fun & yummy food :)

About the  recipe…I got it from a lovely book. The first time I opened the book, I landed upon the recipe of this cookie. I liked everything about it. The taste, texture & not to mention the shape :). I've already made 2 batches in a week's time.

Here is the recipe and hey before going to the recipe, did you see that green little wreath in the photo? That's my dear sis Ammu's contribution. Thank you dearie :)

Cookies before icing…

Christmas Wreath Cookies
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