No Bake Eggless Chocolate Souffle

All set to welcome the new year? How are the preps going on?

I do hope you got a chance to spent some wonderful time with your loved ones. Thank you so much for sending me the wishes through mails and comments. I was so happy, that we were in your thoughts during this festive season. It was just the two of us here, but we had a lovely Christmas!

So before we go to the recipe, tell me how was 2013 for you? Good, bad, life changing…? I hope it ended on a good note for you, after all “all's well that end's well”, right?

Well for me personally, it wasn't one of the best years. But then life is all about ups and downs right? Anyhow I want to end the year with a thankful note. I'd like to think of myself as a person who is generally thankful for everything in her life, but something I noticed the other day reinforced the importance of being thankful.

Whenever we go for mass, at the beginning of the mass they usually announce any particular intentions given by people for that mass. Sometime ago I started noticing something… every week it's announced that a particular couple is offering thanksgiving mass. After that I got curious to see whether they are offering this every week and yes, without fail it's done every week! It's not like you are simply giving your name, it's paid for. Though it's a very small amount, it's not free.

Eggless Choc souffle
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Ok, let me make something clear.. it's not that we don't offer thanksgiving mass, we do. When something special happens, we offer a thanksgiving mass. It's not something we do on a regular basis, may be yearly once or twice. So when we attended the Christmas mass and heard their names it got me thinking, if these people have to offer thanksgiving mass every other week, they must be abundantly blessed! I started wondering what kind of blessings they might have received… can it be a major promotion at work, huge increment, a new house, blessings related to children like birth of  a child, their education, marriage etc etc; Do I sound anymore materialistic to you ;)?

Then it suddenly hit me… I was in the church last year attending Christmas mass and this year also I'm here attending the mass. The fact that I'm here for one more year to celebrate Christmas with my loved ones, isnt that itself a blessing? Is every other day when I'm able to get up on my own and do my own things without physically depending on anybody else, isn't that one of the greatest blessings of life? So now when I look at it, even if I offer a thanksgiving mass every other day, that isn't enough! May be you are doing it already, but as you can see I'm a bit slow ;)

Now coming back to our recipe, I thought I'll post a dessert recipe to mark the end of this year and welcome the new one with a sweet note. This is a no fuss, simple and easy recipe idea. It looks great, has a nice soft and smooth texture, it's light on the tummy and the ingredients are easily available. Also, I like my desserts not too sweet and this one suits my taste. I got this recipe from my friend Sonia, who got it from her friend Mallika, whom I've never met. A big thank you to both you girls for sharing this recipe :)

We wish you and your loved ones a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New year! God Bless!

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