Prawns Curry

Mr. Cold & Mrs. Cough visited us last week. Since they are very irritating guests, we weren't very happy to welcome them. But then, my husband always wants to play the role of a good host. So they spent most of their time with him. After one week of entertaining them with a full course of Augementino Antibiotico and a generous serving of Coughino Syrupo, he was bored! He decided to ditch them with his ‘gotta lot to do' signature thinking.  And that's how I ended up with the responsibility of entertaining them! Btw, did I tell you, this time also they didn't forget to bring some awful gifts… bags full of sleepless nights and dizzy days!

The  grapevine says that a new couple is checking out places in our neighborhood. The worst part is they are the best buddies of our guests, Mr. Sandstorm and Mrs. Finedust. It seems that they are very nosy people who are just waiting for a chance to get into your house. All in all, it's a tiring time for me. I'm pissed off with our guests and I'm expressing it in every way I could and I also made it clear to them that unlike my husband I'm not planning to prepare any full course meal for them. Hopefully, they will get my hint and leave soon.

Anyways, we'll ditch them for the time being and get into our business….cooking. I wanted a prawns curry with gravy and found this. Now… I'm not sure about the roots of this curry. At my place, we don't  use ‘valanpuli' (tamarind) in fish curry preparations, ‘kudampuli' (kokum) rules the fish recipes. We use valan puli  mainly in veg dishes like sambar & theeyal. However I was happy that I tried this recipe. It definitely was a new taste but a welcoming one! I got this recipe from Lakshmi Nair's cookery book, but I also saw a similar recipe in “50 Great Curries of India” by Camelia Punjabi under the name Malabar Prawns Curry. If you've any idea about the origins of this curry, please do share it here.

I need to confess one more thing… I took this picture sometime back, wasn't very happy with it. But now I don't feel like taking the picture again :( These days I'm developing a little bit of aversion towards photography. It's not like I love it in the first place, I enjoy it at times but not always. I do hope to update this with new picture sometime soon…

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43 thoughts on “Prawns Curry”

  1. Hi Maria
    I am new to the cooking world. Rather I was pushed into it. Well, I got married. ;) This is the first dish I made after the wedding with the prawns mum sent from Kerala. It came out amazing and my husband and his cousins are singing my praises now. Just wanted to say, Thank you! :) Looking forward to trying more dishes from your site. You are a huge help to budding cooks like me. :)

    • Hi Susan,

      First of all congrats for your marriage! I’m really happy to know that this is the first prawns recipe you tried and it came out well too..

      Hope you get to try more recipes from here and like them too..

      Happy new year!


    • You are welcome dear! Yeah I was a bit doubtful to try fish with tamarind, but after this recipe, I dont mind it :)

      Thanks for the comment. Happy to know that you liked it..


  2. hii maria,, the other day whn my hubby brght prawns, i thght wat to make this tym,i was fed up wth the usual pulavs and roasts,, thn i thght of the prawns curry here at ur place ,, whn in the ingredients saw jeera i was doubted wthr to make it coz i dnt like the taste of jeera but still i wanted to try coz i kno at ur site nuthng goes wrong, i trusted ur recipes anddd i was right it turned out wndrfull me and my hubby jz luvddd it ,,, thnkz a bunch dear :)

  3. Hi Maria,

    i have tried this recipe…must say….it was amazingly wonderful recipe…it was so so liked by every1…i always recommends ur blog to following it blindly.

    Thans for it…itz very gud and helpful specially for begineers like us.


    • Hi Div,

      Thanks a bunch dear! I’m really happy to know that you are trying recipes from here regularly and thanks a million for recommending it to others, appreciate it very much :)

      Happy cooking!


  4. Hi Maria
    I tried this today, was perfect! I have tried many of of your recipes and all have turned out well. Everybody has commended me on it. I sometimes modify it a bit, for e.g I add tomato to most meat curries although some of your recipes do have them have them as an ingredient. Whenever my husband tastes something naadan and yummy, he will ask “Maria”? :) Thank you, I live in Scotland and this brings us closer to home..well done!

    • Hi Anpu,
      Thanks a bunch for your wonderful comment dear :) I’m really happy to know that you try recipes from here regularly and the recipes posted here reminds you of home. Thanks to your husband too…


    • Maria,
      I tried this recipie and wow- delicious.
      Then few weeks back i made tuna cutlet and it came out really well.
      I even told my parents in India about your blog  :)
      Another thing that attracted me to this ‘comment’ especially is because Anpu lives in Scotland- My favourite place in the whole wide earth other than Kerala…I would love to visit there one time…You have no clue how crazy will i go when i hear about Scotland..
      You are lucky to be there :)

      • Hi Anne,

        Thanks a lot for trying the recipes from here. I’m glad you like them. Also special thanks for the comment :)

        I do hope you get to visit your favourite place sometime :) Best wishes! 


  5. HI Maria..

    Your blog is fantastic..reminds me of the movie, Julie & Julia…thats my favo movie…

    I prepared the Prawn curry & Prawn fry and its zimply superb…Thumbs up..

    One quick clarification with regards to the coconut milk in the Prawn curry. Should take second milk and first milk like ordinary fish curry or cook prawns in first milk..

    Keep up the gud work…Looking forward to new recipes…God Bless..

    Asha Paul

  6. hi maria

    this is my first post in your site. tried the prawns recipe. it was yummy. my mom never adds cumin in non-veg dishes and i was curious to find out how it would taste (we usually add fennel/perumjeerakam). This one came out good. Thanks… luv your site. i just cant decide which recipe to try next. all of them seems yummy. good pictures too…

    • Hi Febi,

      Thanks a bunch dear for trying the recipe and also for the comment. I’m glad that the curry came out well for you. Hope you will like other recipes too. Please do share your feedback if you try them, would love to hear from you :)


  7. Hi Maria,
    Lovely collection of recipes.

    In the Malabar region (North Kerala), we do not use Kodumpuli. We use the normal tamarind that is used for Sambar and Theeyal (Valan Puli as you called it). In the Kannur/Tellichery area, we usually do not add coconut milk. Instead we make a fine paste of coconut and cumin seeds with or without curd and add it to the gravy.

    Here is how we make it in Kannur.

    • Hi Ritz,

      Thank you for sharing the details here. I’ve made a malabar fish curry before using ground coconut, it was nice. Adding curd to fish curry is something new to me :)

      You’ve some nice recipes in your space, all the best for your blog!


  8. KS – Thank you :)

    Rachel – ;)

    Yummy Team – Thanks and yep I’m good :)

    Thanks Nitha

    Divs – thanks…yeah the guests left us finally!

    HC – thanks and me too hate long pills…and about taking pics, I agree with you.

    n33ma – great to know that you liked coriander chicken curry.

    Abraham – thanks. Hope you’re feeling better now.

  9. :)
    the dishes, Augementino Antibiotico came all the way from clinico pauloso, after an online consultation?
    my son’s adenoid is somewhat being treated that way by him!

    • I struugle to understsnd the fact that some drs prescribe antibiotics after online consultation, without seeing the patient .
      Most of the time cough /cold etc are viral infections and can get better on its own without any antibiotics.
      As a doc myself , I would never be comfortable in prescribing antibiotics for cough /cold especilally after an online consultation.One can always argue and say history is the most important bit , but not for cough/ cold.I havent come across many drs who would prescribe antibiotics without listening to the chest . , atleast here in the UK .

      • @ceena,

        we are in agreement doc!

        the doctor in question here is a person close to us, from who we draw supplimentary faith from, in medicine.

        and it was written in a lighter vein..

        maria, what say? :)

      • Hi Ceena,

        I understand your concern very well. I believe you wrote this with reference to the above comment by Aajan & myself.

        Let me clarify something. In this case we did the online consultation with none other than my Father in Law, who is an ENT Surgeon. My husband has a case of allergy and as his dad and doctor my FIL knows the exact symptoms and situation and prescribed the medicine.


  10. Hey, what sort of tamarind was used? The one used in Sambar or the one used for fish? It looks awesome and cant wait to try it . I love shrimp….

    • Hi liz,

      As I’ve mentioned in the write up, I’ve used the sambar tamarind for this recipe.

      Hope you’ll like this recipe…


  11. Hey Maria

    Hope the guests left u guys … Anyways GWS … and take care …

    This puli that u used is which we use in sambar .. right??

    Nice recipe … and BTW the photo is good yaar …. have to make this next week … wish i could dig into that photo … he he he .. am feeling hungry as I am typing this. Its 11 in the night here in Germany right now … Good Night … :)

  12. Looks delish and I think using coconut oil makes a wonderful difference.
    I did try the Corriander chicken and it was delicious.Thanks for sharing.

  13. Hi hi i loved reading the post,. Augementine that is what we get also and i hate it as it is a long pill..
    I know the feeling,t hese days i think i am glad when i finsh takingthe pic of the dishes , latley i have the feeling, i enjoy cooking, but the trouble to take a good picture is too much work.

  14. Loved reading through the write up..hope you got rid of your guests..if not,get well soon!!

    I found the picture quite appealing though!!

  15. Hi Maria,

    Hope u r fine now. Wow what a description abt ur guests :)
    Nice receipe looks yummy, will definitely try this weekend :) Can u plz post receipe for Ney Payasam, have been trying to get a gud one for a long time :(



    • Hi Nima,

      Thank you and we both are feeling better now.

      Btw, did you get a chance to try this recipe?

      About ney payasam, sorry dear I dont have a recipe with me. We usually make parippu or pal payasam at home, so this is completely new to me.

      Anyways, If i come across any ney payasam recipe, will send it to you..


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