Pavakka Theeyal

Here is the recipe for one of the most sought after veg side dishes in Kerala.

Click Here For Recipe…

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  • Love your recipes. But lol on your statement there. Simply can’t think of this as a friend’s house. No friend of mine tries to stalk me (mariasmenu wants to track your location it seems!)

  • Hello Maria,

    Iam a kannadiga from Bangalore, Iam a hard core foodie!! i love to experiment. Since I don’t know many recipes in bitter gourd, except for the roasted or fried ones, I was always looking for one.

    During my last visit to Kochi, I came across this dish in the buffet and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was looking for the recipe today as I had some bitter gourd at home & i stumbled on your blog.

    Trust me it was a pleasure cooking & eating this.

    Thank you so much.

    Keep encouraging people to cook healthy & eat healthy though your blog.

    Lot of love from Bangalore,


    PS: My keralite friend thought it was not nice, but the curry should be dark brown in color, any tip.

  • Hi Maria,
    Firstly, i love the stories you write before the recipe. Tried the Bitter Gourd recipe since i love this curry did not steam it but saute the veg in little oil, as this is how my mom used to cook .

  • haii…mariachechi…

    am ur new fan.. this s the 1st recp i tried…i gt so much appreciation..its dedicated for u dr…. Can u please tell me the way to reduce the bitterness of pavakka

    • Thank you so much dear :), btw, please call me Maria..

      Add a little salt to sliced pavakka and keep for sometime. Then squeeze the pavakka nicely, this should help to reduce the bitterness.

      Hope it helps..


  • hello maria..

    You are doing an awesome work…i appreciate that…
    i am very confident in my kitchen now and that s mainly because of you..


  • Hi Maria
    All your receipes are excellent and very useful. I have one small suggestion. Please use all english words in your receipes. Some non english ingredients are difficult to understand and it took some time for me to find out what is Pavakkal.

  • Ok. I got it…. I know what it is but in mauritius have never seen it cooked this way. Will definitely try it, specially for my husband who is indian.


    • Hi Megan,

      Thanks for visiting this space :)

      Did you get a chance to cook this? Hope you liked it in that case. Btw, I’m just curious, what do you make with this in Mauritius? Hope you dont mind me asking….


  • Hey Maria,This is d best pavakka theeyal I’ve ever made,thanx 2 u..and I’m sure my hubby will b happy too coz he’s a pavakka freak..he loves anything with pavakka in it(unlike us normal beings,hehee)..hv recommended ur site 2 many of my family & friends.Keep up d cook work!!

    • Dear Sonia,

      Thanks a ton for your sweet comment. Nice to know that you liked the pavakka theeyal. Btw, its the first time I’m hearing that someone loves pavakka so much, great :) I also like it but not a big fan ;)

      Thank you so much for recommending this space.


      • Hi Maria,

        My question may sound stupid here but what’s Pavakka?
        I am mauritian and we do cook indian dishes and I may know pavakka under another name
        Pics are great. Have not yet tried your recipes but will real soon.


        • Hi Maria,

          I was reading about this recipe when I found your query that was left un-answered. Pavakka is an indian vegetable called bitter gourd. There are 2 kinds available.

          Hope bitter gourd may ring a bell for you.

          • Hi Riji,

            Thanks for taking time to post a comment here & also for clarifying Megan’s question :) I happen to miss some comments in between. I guess that’s what happened with the above comment.


  • HI ,
    I;m soumya frm with my newborn baby…life;s quite bzeee..but my husbnds keep demanding good authentic keralite food(husnds gets cribby..they feel we r avoidin them)so i make sure he feels good by tryin all u;r tasty recipies.Nice presentation.lovd u;r recipies( husbnd thinks that i;m a grt cook hehe)he says i have good kaiipunyam…cant tel him its all a magic!!!!!!!!..thank uuu!

    • Hi Soumya,

      First of all congrats on becoming a mommy ! May God bless your little one abundantly!

      Thanks dear for your wonderful comment. I’m so happy that you like the recipes here. I’m sure that you have good kaipunyam, after all recipes can only guide you :)

      I’m sorry about the delayed response, I’m on vacation currently & hence the delay.

      Wish you & your family a happy & blessed new year!


  • hi maria,looked thru u re blog…looks really yummy..tried out the caramelpudding…..nice……..was going thru the photos on the blog….saw a fish curry and a veg fry…but didnt c it on the list ….how do iaccess it?oh…by the way,iused tob in bahrain b4…lovelyplace,allae,miss it very much.

    • Hi Chi,

      First of all so sorry for the delayed response. I missed your comment somehow :(.

      Thanks for trying the caramel pudding, its one of my fav’s. For the fish curry check out the tab of fish recipes on the right side & for veg curry check out the vegetarian recipes tab. Hope you find it :)

      Happy cooking :)

      Once again so sorry for the delayed response.

      Wish you & your family a beautiful new year!


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