Chicken Tikka Masala

I've been getting requests for this recipe for a long time. What amused me was the requests were mainly coming from ex Bahraini residents!! They specifically asked for the recipe of Chicken Tikka Masala served in Indian restaurants here. Many a times, I've heard from friends who left Bahrain is that they miss the restaurant scene in Bahrain. Though it's a tiny island, this place is filled with eat outs of all kinds, not to mention the endless list of Indian restaurants.

I'm not sure whether I've told you this before… if you see any restaurant in Bahrain with the words “international” or inter continental” attached to it, be sure it's a Malayali restaurant ;) After all,  who else have an international or inter continental presence like us Malayalees, right?

Anyways, coming back to this recipe… I did ask some restaurants for this recipe, but sadly they aren't very interested in giving out recipes like food bloggers ;) I kinda gave up the search and forgot about it.

Then the other day, I logged into Pinterest and the very first pic, I see is the recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala! It kinda called out to me and here I am. I did search for a number of Chicken Tikka recipes before trying this, but I liked this one better. The funny thing is when I searched for Chicken Tikka Masala recipes, most of the top listed recipes are posted in non Indian blogs or forums!! After all, this recipe is supposed to be a creation of some Indian restaurant in Britain and it's considered to be a true British National dish.

Now, I'm not very sure whether the below recipe is an authentic version or not. All I know is, it looked and tasted good! It's not spicy like the traditional curries, it's mild with well balanced flavours. It's a simple recipe, but a bit time consuming. It's a kind of recipe that you can make for a special occasion or when you are in a mood to indulge yourself in cooking. I'm sure you will enjoy this flavourful dish.

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