The Most Popular MM Recipes In 2016

2016 started great for me, blogging wise. I was looking forward to it, mainly because it was the the 10th year of MariasMenu. I had major plans about how I wanted to celebrate the anniversary with you.

Well, I never got around to it. If you remember, I didn't even do a special post on the blog about it. It was just  marked by a small post on Facebook and Instagram.

Honestly, I was overwhelmed! My social media feeds are  filled with food videos and photos. I thought it was better to stand back and watch the show rather than struggling to get onto the stage and being a extra in the background. I don't want to be the main act or show stealer either, I never was and will be. It makes me uncomfortable. So, where does that put me? I’m yet to figure it out ;)

I almost wrapped the towel and cleaned the kitchen for good, I thought I had a good run for 10 years and thought it was the right time to call it quits. But I’m still here! People who love and care for me didn't want me to stop, they didn't want me to walk away from something that I’ve invested a good part of my time and effort.

I’m still overwhelmed and I still am the same person who likes to watch a party from outside rather than being in it. But I’ve also decided to push myself to be in the peripherals of a party rather than watching it from the other side of the wall. Let’s see how it works out…

Having  said  all this, the site analytics of 2016 still gives me hope. A quick glance at the “popular recipes” of 2016, tells me people still want content and not just the fancy packaging. Don't get me wrong, I’m all for fancy packaging, as long as the content inside is worth it. A quick look at the following recipes, and you will understand why.

Majority of the recipes listed here are my earlier posts with some average or even below average pictures. But they worked out irrespective of their pictures. So, hopefully in this world of #instaeverything, there is still hope for me!

So, my wish for You and me in this New Year is “Dare to Hope”

Top Position:MariasMenu Recipes You Should Try...
1Meen Vevichethu (Kottayam Style)
2Restaurant Style Chicken Curry
3Pepper Chicken
4Beef Fry
5Green peas Masala
6Egg Roast
7Chicken Biriyani
8Vegetable Stew
10Kerala Fish Curry With Coconut Milk
Bonus #1Parippu Curry
Bonus #2Unniyappam
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