Veg And Non Veg Canapes – Easy Appetiser Recipe Idea

I was feeling too lazy to post this week. I've some posts in my drafts, but it's not complete. I was thinking… what I could post without much effort ;) and here is the answer. There is no need for step by step pics or detailed instructions. All you have to do is assemble a few things! It cant get simpler than that.

This is ideal if you are hosting a party for a large group of people or if it's a last min party and you really dont have time for elaborate starters. Forget all those reasons, this is something you can just pop in without feeling full or heavy. I'm not giving the quantities in the recipe. It basically depends on how many people you want to serve.

Shall we go and see how it's done? Btw, I got the non veg idea from here and veg idea from one of my friends, Mamta. Thanks Mamta for this wonderful appetiser :)

Click Here For Recipe…

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