Uppumaanga Curry

The very mention of the word “uppumaanga” makes me nostalgic and my mouth water. Am sure that's the case with you too. “Uppumaanga” is a malayalam word for raw mangoes preserved in brine (salted water). As they are preserved in brine, they last for a very long time. I guess the most common recipe with uppumaanga is uppumaanga chammanthy (a sort of pickle/chutney). However at home we used to have this uppumaanga chaaru (gravy) for lunch.

A little background info about these mangoes…this time when we came back from India we had some weight issues (for the luggage & for us as well ;) ). We did all sorts of packing/unpacking to meet the weight requirements of the airline. After numerous efforts my father in law suggested that we should keep aside the uppumaanga. That time my mother in law said we should take it even if  we dont take anything else. She had her reasons…. these mangoes came from a particular maavu (mango tree), which was planted by Jose's grandfather. He passed away quite a while ago, so I haven't had the opportunity of meeting him. That moment seeing mummy's attachment towards those mangoes, I decided to bring them.

Many a times it is said that the fruits of your labor may not be enjoyed by you but by the generations to come, how true! Though I wasn't fortunate to meet Jose's grandfather, I was lucky to enjoy the fruits of his labor. May be this can be an inspiration for all of us.

Now coming to the recipe, this is a typical Kerala dish, with coconut based gravy and its a great side dish for rice. We always need a “chaaru” (gravy) for rice and kachimoru is the standard one. For a change, you can try this and trust me its really hard to resist anything with uppumaanga. You need to have it at least once to know what I am saying :)

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23 thoughts on “Uppumaanga Curry”

  1. Hey Maria,
    So i am writing this soon after having an awesome lunch with your Uppumaanga curry. So easy to make, i wasnt impressed tasting it soon after making yday. But just as you mentioned in the notes, the flavor settled in so well wen i took them out for lunch today. And instead of adding salt , i simply added the brine water while cooking the mangoes in the first place. Thank You Once Again :)

    • Hi Hazanath,

      Thank you so much for sharing your feedback here :) Happy to know that you had an awesome lunch with this dish.

      yeah, it takes for a while for the flavour to settle in. Adding the brine is a good idea, it will intensify the flavour of the dish.


  2. hi Maria ,

    i am a bachelor, staying with friends here …made this curry for dinner yesterday and had it for lunch 2 ….it was superb …felt like I was back in kerala for a while ….. :D thank you for this wonderful recipe !!!

  3. Hey maria..

    I saw many of them asking if they can make this with Green mangoes ( not the Salted ones)..You can but .. you can never feel the taste of uppumanga..

    But you can make uppumanga at home if you get green mangoes

    Steps as below.

    warm about 3/4th bottle of water ( boil it and cool to warm not hot)

    Cut the green mangoes to big pieces with the skin ( may be one mango to 5 pieces not smaller) in a bowl
    slit a few thai Chillies( kanthari mulaku) to the bowl
    Add a lot of salt ( Rock salt/Kalluppu is better..)to the bowl and mix.
    fill the mango, thai chilli ,salt mixture loosely in a bottle ( glass bottle or plastic bottle)

    Add the warm water and keep it closed atleast for a week

    shake the bottles once a day..

    voila .. you have made uppumanga..

    now you can make chammanthi/ gravy/ or eat it as such..

    you can put Nellika(gooseberries) also this way..

  4. Hi Maria,
    I am a regular visitor of your site.it seems really appetizing. Thank you very much for rendering this nadan dish. I really like uppumanga. it s giving nostalgic feelings,thank you very much

    • Hi Lekshmi,

      Really happy to know that you visit this place often, thanks a lot :)

      It’s same with me too, uppumanga always makes me nostalgic. Hope you will try this curry sometime and like it too.


  5. Hi Maria,

    I was new to ur site until one of my friends told me abt u 2 days before..But nw,its like i hav read almost half of the receipe within 1 day!!And i tried this uppumanga curry of urs..and cant wait to say that it was damn good!!( evn thought the receipe is similar to that of moru curry,it tasted very good with uppumanga).
    I really wanna try out ur other receipes too..
    You are doing a very good job..
    i hav a suggestion too..
    some typical kerala dishes missing?

  6. Smitha – thanks a lot dear :) the thought of uppumnaga itself makes my mouth water ;)

    Asha – dear, your pictures are amazing, you are really talented :)

    Divs – hope you’ll like this recipe.

  7. Looks tangy and yummy:):).I bought a few packets of Uppumanga chethiyathu this time from Society bakery.Just loved it,have to try out your recipe when I lay my hands on uppumanga next time:):)

  8. Hey Maria.. u made me droolinggg yaar…;) I can really feel the taste of Uppumanga (naattu mangayude uppum puliyum..hi..hi..) in my mouth and the aroma of that final tempering!!

    And the pictures… u’ve become an expert… Great Work Maria!!!

  9. hey maria..the pic itself is tempting..hey i was jst wodering whether we can use the raw mangoes..orelse how do u make it salt mangoes..do u jst put it in salt water or do u hve to add vinegar also..?


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